Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, November 26, 2012

What I have learned since Sandy

Hurricane Sandy or Super storm Sandy whatever you want to call her was a devastating hit to The Jersey Shore.  I love the shore.  I have spent every Summer of my life on the beach and now I am a permanent resident.  My love for all things Jersey Shore is endless.  Most of my best memories involve the shore.

I have learned plenty in the past month.  Here is some of what I have learned:

  • You can survive without electricity better than you think.  You also can't believe in 2012 electricity can actually be out for so long.
  • It's the lack of heat that gets to you.  Being cold is just not fun. 
  • Generators are a must have for all humans.  I mean it.  All homes should have one.
  • Verizon Fios works even in a Super Storm.  As long as you have a generator you can hook up a TV.  Sure, Frank works for Verizon, but I have to give them some serious props.
  • My kids are pretty darn good in a crisis.  They were so good during all of the chaos and being out of our house.  Honestly, they never complained once.  It made things way easier.
  • The boys are now card sharks.  Seriously.  They had never played cards before the storm except for the occasional Go Fish.  We are now very good at many games.
  • The Advanced Bionics car charger is awesome.  Just plain awesome.
  • Having your entire family sleeping in one room is not good for sleeping but great for cuddling and telling funny stories.
  • My faith in the goodness of people has been restored by the outpouring of support in every way possible.
  • Our community is one tough little town.  People have suffered great losses but I have seen nothing but positive attitudes from everybody.
  • My decision to be part of St. Rose has proven to be priceless.  The St Rose family is just plain amazing.  They came together to get things done for those in need.  From finding them places to live, to clothing , to food.  You name it and it was accomplished.  It will continue as long as it is necessary and I am proud to say I am part of that family.
  • I have been living the life of a single mother for nearly a month.  Frank's work schedule is crazy and will continue to be for the unforeseeable future.  He has been staying at my Mom's house since she lives much closer to his work.  He is on forced 12-14 hours a day seven days a week.  The overtime is awesome but you can;t put a price tag on time with your family.  It takes its tole on everyone involved.  To hear your son say to his Meema on the phone "It's just not right to Skype your Father on his birthday.  You are supposed to see him" can reduce you to tears. 
  • Seeing piles of people's belongings along the street is very sad.  Trying to explain all of this to small children is difficult.  They say kids are resilient.  That is my hope for all those families who have lost so much.
  • Not having access to the beach or Ocean Avenue made me realize how much time we actually spend up there.  We ride our bikes there.  We play football there.  The beach is our backyard.  I find it nearly impossible to believe we will not be allowed up there for almost 9 months. 
  • Mandatory evacuation with four kids and two dogs is not simple.  You realize quickly what is most important.  The first thing I packed (after humans and dogs) was all the Advanced Bionics equipment  and our FM System.  It is a lot of stuff when you try and pack it :) I put it in a bag along with my laptop.  I would have fought someone to the death to protect that bag!
  • Our life is not always simple or easy.  We have had our share of struggles.  I keep to the attitude of "it could always be worse" and it will be OK.  I think this thought process has gotten my through some really tough moments in the past six years.  Most of the people who I know have lost so much share this same outlook.  It is amazing to see and it makes me smile.
I pray we never see anything like Sandy ever again.  I know our town will be back better than ever.  I hope someday all those impacted by Sandy are able to once again to see the beauty of The Jersey Shore.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Superstorm Sandy has made it nearly impossible to update my blog.  The kids were off from school for almost three full weeks.  We were not in our house for a while.  I have lots to post about the whole experience and will once things get a little more normal.  This coming week we only have 2 1/2 days of school for the holiday.