Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Who are these masked men???

We were playing with Playdoh tonight and Frank makes the boys masks. Cormac calls them glasses. But as you can see they get the biggest kick out of it! 
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A new outlook, well sort of...

I decided this morning when I woke up today was going to be a better day. I would not let breakfast set the mood for the day. They will eat if they are hungry. If not, well, then they won't eat. I gave them their milk first thing this morning while I put away their laundry. We played and then the time came to go downstairs for breakfast. I mentally reminded myself if they got crazy the meal was over. End of story. No second chances. I might have given myself the upper hand because I bought these new oatmeal breakfast bars which are less messy but what can you do. Everyone sat and nearly finished their bar. Close to the end I could tell chaos would soon begin and I called it quits. A nice HAPPY breakfast.

We ventured to Costco for diapers and wipes. When don't we need diapers and wipes??? We had a monumental moment. I got all three out of the car and they all stood and waited and we all held hands and walked across the ENTIRE Costco parking lot into Costco to get a cart. This is a HUGE advance for our gang. Normally, I have to go get a cart and bring it back to the car and put them all in before going inside. My big boys are finally getting it. It may seem like nothing to most of you but to me it's a huge event.

While at Costco a woman approached me to ask about Cormac's implants. I was TOTALLY prepared for this woman to blast me because she was hard of hearing (I could tell by her speech). Low and behold, this woman tells me she has bilateral implants. SHe received one ear 3 years ago and the second ear about a year ago! She was so sweet and nice and was so excited to know Cormac was able to be implanted so young. She wore hearing aids her entire life. She was probably in her 40's. She told me how GREAT her life has been since she was implanted. While it was tough to get used to at first she says her life is so much better. She can talk on the phone, hear in crowds and doesn't get lost in the background noise. I just LOVE when I randomly run into someone who has such a wonderful story to share. Her name was Maddie and before we left Cormac said "Maddie" for her and she was just blown away. Just reassures me the decisions we made for Cormac are the best possible decisions.

We went to get my Mom to go pick up her car and stopped at the park for a while. They had a blast. Of course, there was one spot on one slide with water and Ciaran knelt right in it. We had lunch in the car. Yogurt smoothies and some cheese and crackers. (Second meal of the day, stress free!!!) I think I am on to something!

It is now 3pm and my children should be sleeping but Ciaran and Colin are having a party. God bless Cormac, he is blissfully sleeping through all the mahem. They can party all they want but they will stay in those cribs until close to 4pm.

One more meal time to tackle today......

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's just one of those days

Let me see. It started out fine. The boys slept until almost 7:30. We played a little while and then went down for breakfast. The last few days mealtime is just a disaster. It really can ruin the day especially since we need to do it three times a day. I swear these kids are on hunger strikes. They won't eat anything. I made them scrambled eggs. Let's say Duke and Duchess were thrilled this morning. I didnt even give them milk before hoping they would be nice and hungry. My plan did not work.

I cleaned up the kithcen and vacuumed and mopped the floor brought the boys upstairs and got everyone dressed for the day. We had to be at art class by 10am. They seem to enjoy art class and today we painted. And when I say painted I mean they painted themselves, each other, their clothes. Ciaran even had paint in his ears. Ciaran was really into the painting today. He has some very strong ideas of what colors and what he wanted to paint.

There are other children in class who sit and paint. Not true of the triplets. I can't figure out if they are just younger. Or if they had one on one help like the other kids if it would be different. I guess I will never know because I will never have a one to one ratio. THis saddens me more than anyone realizes. I think some of the frustration during the day is based soley on the lack of one to one interaction. SUre, I know most other children don't have two other children to play with all the time. I know they are happy but it just makes me feel like maybe they are missing out on a lot of what toddlerhood has to offer. They don't get to run around when we go to the park because I am usually by myself. They don't get to walk through the zoo because I can't watch them all. I want them to have as normal a life as they possibly can but some things are just not possible. I have started using the monkey backpacks and I can hold the tails. This gives them freedom but I am not too sure how I feel about "walking" them.

Anyway, I got off the topic. We came home and had to have baths because of the amount of paint on them. We got dressed in new, clean clothes. We had lunch. Again, a source of frustration. I have adopted a new rule. Once the lunch gets out of hand and food starts getting dropped on the floor the meal is immediatly over for the offender. I think they should learn quickly that food is for eating and not for playing. I just can't take the disaster three times a day.

So, just to recap, between 7:30 and 12:30 this morning I changed 9 diapers, undressed and dressed the boys twice, gave them a bath, fed the breakfast and lunch, mopped the kitchen floor once and vacummed it twice. Oh, yeah, and somewhere in there I managed to get them all in the car and take them to art class.

All in a days (well really a 1/4 days work) Lord knows what the afternoon will bring!

Here are the future Picasso's!!
All three. If you are wondering what they are doing? You can't see but there is a cat that comes in the art studio. They love it. Not so sure the cat loves it.
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo on Friday was a HUGE success. I have not been there since I was a child so I was almost excited as the boys. Trisha, Dan and the kids joined us. We saw Penguins, Sea Lions, Puffins, Red Pandas, Polar Bear and Monkeys just to name a few. You really forget you are in NYC while walking through the zoo. THat is until you get back to the parking garage and have to pay $60 for 2 1/2 hours of parking! We let the boys walk most of the time. This was one of our first attempts at giving them more freedom. Since Trish, Dan and the kids were with us we had extra eyes and hands. Ciaran basically walked the entire time holding Christopher's hand. They were both so good together. Cormac stayed with me most of the time and Colin, well, Frank was the lucky one with Colin. He was of problem child for a small time. When he wanted to go one way and we were going the other he would just let his body go limp and Frank had to carry him and he was not happy. This didn't last too long and all in all I have to say they were amazing.

Cormac fell in love with a big orange fish. I swear, he didnt' even want to see the penguins. He just wanted to look at this big fish. He was literally squealing with delight. You can see his face in the picture below.


Daniel was the photographer for the day. He did take some time out to climb like a monkey
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I loved the polar bears


Here is the family shot

The triplets and their cousins

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our first crush!

I started taking an exercise class that includes the boys. It's called Stroller Strides and is an awesome class and I don't need a sitter to exercise. The instructor has a daughter, Leila, who comes with her to class. We saw her on Monday and for the rest of the day Ciaran kept saying "Leila". (with a big grin on his face!) He saw her again today and I tell you, that kid was making eyes at her and flirting! How does he know how to do that at 2??? I am in big trouble in the future. Look out, Ladies, here comes Ciaran! At dinner tonight I was asking the boys to tell Daddy what they saw at the zoo. Cormac proceeds to say he say "monkeys, peacocks and penguins". And Ciaran, what does he say???? Nope, he didn't name one animal. He says "Leila" again with a shit eating grin on his face! It was adorable.

We are off to Central Park Zoo tomorrow. Can't wait to see the Polar Bears and Penguins.

Frank reminded me today of something I hadn't thought about in several months. When the boys were little we always stuck to the same routine. Bedtime was at about 8:00. We would give them their last bottle and sit in the rocking chairs with them at 7:30. One of us held two and the other one. We always watched Wheel of Fortune! I don't know why but we did. I miss those times when we were still able to sit in the rocking chairs with them and snuggle before bed. It is no longer an option. They have too much energy. We no longer watch the Wheel. But I wonder if it rubbed off on them. They have known the alphabet for as long as I can remember!

We now read books before bed but we sit on the floor since the all want to sit on my lap at once! Just another memory I never want to forget. Seems like each day I have one of those moments.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Devine Intervention?

Let's start by saying someone is looking out for us. I will rewind to Monday and fill you in on the details. Monday Cormac decided to dip one of his magnets/microphone for his implant in chocolate pudding. Note to others: this is not good! It stopped working completely. Being the prepared Mom I am (haha) I got out his spare, called Advanced Bionics and ordered another. At the next meal time I went upstairs to use the bathroom. I mean I was gone less than 2 minutes. I come back and both his magnets and coils are GONZO. I ask his brothers/co conspirators where the magnets are and Ciaran quickly points to the floor right at one. Great, one down, one to go. I find both coils. I cannot find the other magnet. How far could it have gone? They were strapped in their high chairs in the kitchen. I begin the search and after an hour give up. Cormac will have to hear with only one ear until the backup arrives on Tuesday. Frank gets home and looks high and low. Under the dishwasher, under the stove, under the table, under the high chairs, under the cushions. I mean EVERYWHERE I had already looked in hopes I somehow missed it. Oh, by the way, to replace the magnet is $350. They must be made of gold and I just don't know it! Frank has not better luck than me. Meanwhile, I am waiting for the delivery of the new magnet so Cormac can be in stereo again. No delivery. THis is odd since they always arrive overnight. I call back and they say they don't have any and they are backordered??? WHAT??? How do you not have a part when it means a kid can't HEAR??? Luckily, Cormac has two and could hear from his other ear. But not the point. I was really pissed. His teacher comes on Tuesday and she also looks. None of us can figure it out.

Well, today I walk down into the kitchen right before dinner. And wouldn't you know, sitting out in plain sight right on the bench is the FRIGIN' magnet? You couldn't miss it if you WANTED to. How the hell did this thing miraculously appear?? There is no way three people looked for this thing and missed it. Frank said God was looking out for us and sent it back. I don't know who did it but I am so freakin' happy. Cormac was back in stereo this evening and trying his hardest to dip his magnets in yogurt. We avoided the disaster this time.

I am sure these magnets will be lost umpteen times in the future. I am sure the will take more baths in pudding but I highly doubt this will ever happen again!

I tried posting this video after our zoo trip last week but it didn't work. I think this is working. The boys are showing off their dance moves:

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sweet Nothing in my ears

This movie was on last night on CBS. It was a Hallmark movie about a hearing man who married a deaf woman. They had a baby and he was born hearing but lost his hearing when he was 6, I think. The father decides to look into a Cochlear Implant. The deaf Mom, who has two deaf parents is totally against it. A lot has been said about the movie today on many websites and blogs. Here is my take on it:

I thought it accurately displayed how most of deaf culture feels about an implant. They do not know the facts and think their culture is being taken away by implants. They believe we are damaging our children when we implant them. That we are ashamed of them and are trying to fix them. I, for one, do not think Cormac is broken. I never tried to "fix" him because he is still deaf. Sure, he can hear me when he is wearing his processors, but he is still deaf. He has to work hard to learn language and speech. I believe 90% of deaf children are born to HEARING parents. What are hearing parents supposed to do? Not communicate with their child? Not offer them every oppotunity to be part of our family? Have him only be able to "talk" to deaf people, who by the way, we don't know. Am I supposed to submerge myself into the deaf community when I am not deaf?

I thought it did NOT accurately display the Cochlear Implant side of the story. I think the two women they showed with implants were both implanted late in life since they still had a deaf voice. I think they did not show one child who was implanted and is a success story. I think by not showing the other side it only continues to make the deaf community think Cochlear Implants are not successful. Hey, I am not saying all children who received implants have perfect speech. Heck, I don't even know if Cormac will yet. But he certainly seems on his way.

All in all in came down to the fact that this is a personal decision that needs agreement from everyone involved. I cannot imagine if Frank didn't think he should have an implant. But then again, Frank is not deaf so why would he feel that way.

For those that think parents who implants their children are monsters, I wonder if the same can't be said about those parents for NOT implanting their child and offering them every oppotunity this world has to offer.

Just today, Cormac said so many words I can't even believe it. We were walking through the zoo and he said "llama" and "peacock", well actually he said "blue peacock". And I am not the only one who understands him. Others with me who do not even know him can undertand him. People are amazed when they find out he is deaf. (yep, i said deaf, because he still is) At CVS today he named red, yellow, blue and purple for the cashier. She was amazed and didn't even know he had am implant. SHe just said she can't believe a kid who just turned two knew all his colors and could say them.

I could go on all night about Cormac's accomplishments. I could tell you countless stories of other children who are success stories with implants. They are fully mainstreamed in school, traveling abroad, speaking more than one language. The possibilities are endless for these children who were so fortunate to be born in a time of amazing technology. Yes, not all will be as successful but with the hard work these kids and parents put into it I think most will. I see it everyday with my own eyes. Not just with Cormac but with his classmates who also have implants and are successful users.

And the greatest of all???? Just about an hour ago, I put the boys to bed. And you know what I heard??? "wuv you, mama". And it was Cormac saying it. Makes it all worth it.

Pudding Gone Wrong

You can click on any picture to make it bigger.



And the messiest but happiest eater on the planet, Cormac

Well, gone wrong for me since I have to clean it up! They loved it. They thought they were mini Picasso's! They were carried directly to the tub after eating and were not allowed to touch anything. Believe it or not, I got Cormac's shirt clean and it is not ruined!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Egg Heads!

Friday, Ciaran woke up super early so I went in and gave him sippie with milk so he would go back to sleep. By that time he had woke up Cormac and Colin. So, I gave them all milk to by some time. I forgot to zip Cormac's crib tent and he tried to get out unsuccessfully and has a huge black and blue in the center of his forehead. Saturday, I take them to my nephew's baseball game. I was by myself but my mom was meeting me their so they wouldn't run onto the field to hug their cousin. I let Colin out while I was waiting for my mom. In about a half second he ran, tripped and his forhead broke his fall on the pavement. I picked him up a second later and it was already the size of an egg and black and blue. I was freaked out at how quickly it swelled and turned. So, now I have two with giant black and blues on their foreheads and we were going to go for 2 year pictures this week! I guess I will reschedule.

I guess I should just wait for Ciaran... They say things happen in threes!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Triplet Talk

With so much thought going into language in this household I wonder if the triplets actually talk their own language or do they just repeat incorrect words since they are hearing them from each other?? Sometimes they say things to each other that to me might as well be Chinese. They will look at each other and laugh like they understand this language. I am not sure they are really communicating. They all have certain words they say incorrectly. I understand these words because I spend all day with them. Does that mean I speak triplet language? I don't think so. I just know "bopel" means open. I know "uns" means sun. I know "mitmee" means mittens. They can all say the correct words instead of these nonsense words but they continue to say the nonsense words. I never say them back but repeat the correct word they should be saying. I figure some day they will start using the correct word, right?

Cormac had an amazing session with Joan today. He seemed like he was in "show off" mode. He said so many words. Words I had never heard him say before. He was even saying phrases like "want that" "your turn" and "cut celery" (we made ants on a log as an activity) I see him make this amazing strides and it just amazes me. I worry so much because I know he needs more one on one time with me to practice but it is just close to impossible. Will I fail him in the long run? Will all this be for nothing because I am not doing my share? This is what goes through my head daily. I try to make every experience of every day a learning to listen experience. It is not an easy task. Sometimes you just want to make eggs and feed them. Not take 15 minutes to describe every little step. "mommy is cracking the egg" Mommy is stirring the eggs" Mommy is pouring the eggs in to the pot. The pot is on the stove. I don't think anyone realizes that this is how our everyday life has to be. It is exhausting on some days. I am not complaining, trust me. I see the results and he is just flourishing. But the self doubt is still there. Am I smart enough to do this? Am I capable? These thoughts also ran through my head the entire time I was pregnant. How can I take care of three babies? How will I feed them? Dress them? Take the out? Well, two years later it all is still well. I try to tell myself it will be the same for Cormac. I am doing everything to the best of my ability and will continue until I no longer have to.

Not sure why I am feeling like this today. But Oh well... Ciaran is crying. Gotta go. Nap time is over!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can I have a moment, please????

It's been two days of non stop action. I guess I can rest when I am dead. Monday started with my Stroller Strides Class at the zoo. After pushing around 150 thru the hills of Turtle Back Zoo it was home for a quick lunch and naps. I had to steal Colin from his room and bring him for his 2 year well visit. He is doing great. He is just under 3 feet tall and about 28 pounds. Pretty good for someone who started out at 3 lbs 15oz and 16 1/2 inches long. SOmewhere is there I prepared Chicken Quesadillas so they could just be popped in the oven because I had a dentist appt right at dinner time. Off to the dentist, back home to clean up after dinner. The boys went NUTS for the quesadillas. They were calling them "dillas". They ate like little piggies. After they went down for the night I was off to Target for some last minute items we can't live without. For me, that was EL Fudge Cookies. For the boys, it was milk we needed for them morning!

Tuesday starts out with Art Class. I decided to walk to the bank first and then go to class. They were very wild today at class. Why are my kids the kids throwing the soil out of the planter? Today I considered joining a new family for a few days. Mealtimes, so far, have been a mess. More food all over the kitchen than in their mouths. Time outs every two minutes for poor food manors. Right now they are all in their cribs but Ciaran and Cormac have their well visit today at the pediatrician so that is what we will do this afternoon.

Wednesday, Cormac goes to school so we are up and out by 9am and gone until lunch. All I want to do is sit down for just a minute but I realized the house doesn't clean itself and the laundry, try as i might, does not wash and fold itself.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Torture Daddy Day!

Frank went to a Bachelor party last night. I think probably his last since everyone at the party was married except for the Bachelor. Anyway, it was a nice affair. Boat ride around Manhattan, food, drinks. Not your typical beer and strippers! I was so happy for Frank to go out and socialize. He doesn't really ever go out and he deserves it. That said, I tried to explain to him no matter what condition you are in on Sunday, the day must go on. Ciaran, Colin and Cormac don't understand "Daddy has a hangover". He was gone on Saturday by 2:30 in the afternoon. He crashed at a friend's house and arrived home at about 8am this morning. He has looked and smelt better! Well, he gets home and he wants to sleep and rest. HA HA HA! I said, sorry, but that is not happening. I have been on my DEATH bed and he leaves for work and no one is there to say, "go lay down, I will take care of everything". So, we went to the mall, you know loud, bright lights are great for a pounding head. Colin got his hair cut. Oh, the screaming.... We went to the play area with about 20 other kids running around.... You get the picture. We had some lunch and headed home. All four of them are now sleeping while I ponder what else I can torture him with!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wolf Birthday Party

Here is one of the wolves:

Today the wolves celebrated their birthday at The Turle Back Zoo. A little bit of useless information: All wolves are born in April. Strange but true. Anyway, Frank and I took the boys to the zoo for a the celebration. It was like a summer day today. We are members of the zoo and go frequently but it always seems new for the boys. Since the boys all howl like wolves I was hoping to enter them in the howling contest but it was scheduled for later in the day and we had to come home for naps. (By the way, it is 2:39pm and yes, I know where my children are today. They are napping away unlike yesterday!) They also have pony rides at the zoo. Since Ciaran is a horse freak we knew he would be more than eager to go on the pony. He was yelling "ney, ney" over and over again and trying to hop the fence to get to them. Did I mention this kid LOVES horses? For some reason they do not allow the parents to walk with the children. They have a trainer. I knew this could be problematic for Colin. He would want me to go with him. And sure enough, he want so badly to go on the pony but he wouldn't go without me or Frank. So, no pony ride for Colin. Cormac was chomping at the bit for his turn. The trainer asked if he would ride the "bigger" horse. I said I wasn't sure but she could try. Ok, she puts Cormac on this GIANT horse. He looked like a peanut on it. His smile was so big he couldn't contain himself. He loved it.

Check out Cormac. How little does he look??

Our future equestrian, Ciaran

We met the zoos mascot, Myrtle the Turtle. I always think the boys will be afraid but they always seem to prove me wrong

We also fed the sheep. This was their first time and it was pretty funny. They giggled every time the sheep touched their hands.

Frank is going out for the first time in a lOOOOONG time and won't be home until late tonight. I am sure tomorrow will involve a hangover. But like I said before he left, no matter what you do tonight, I know for sure, the boys will be up bright and early tomorrow looking for YOU! So keep that in mind while you drink another pint! I think we are heading to Daniel's baseball game if the weather holds out.

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's 2:45pm, Do you know where your children are?

I know where my children are SUPPOSED to be but for some reason they are not where they are supposed to be. Right about now they should be almost 2 hours into a 3 - 3 1/2 hour nap. But instead I have three children in their cribs laughing, playing, talking and jumping. Doing everything but napping. There is no crying so I will let their little butts stay in there until it's time for the to "wake up". I think it is my own fault. They are always in cribs by 1pm or even a little earlier. I was out this morning with them and we didn't get back until 1:15. Then came the EXPLOSION and I mean EXPLOSION. Cormac pooped like nothing I have ever seen in two years of diapering three boys. It was everywhere. It was literally coming out the top of his onesie in the back. By the time I dealt with the poop situation and changed the other two it was closere to 2pm. I think I missed the window of opportunity. This is the first time they have ever skipped a nap while at home. A few times they have skipped a nap if we are out and about or traveling. Not sure what the evening will hold. I am sure they will be very tired by 7:30 tonight.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things I KNOW about each day

Each morning arrives and I wonder what I will wake up to for the day. I never know what kind of day it will be. Will it rain or will it be sunny? Cold or warm? Busy or slow? All these are unknown at the start of the day. But each morning when I wake up there are certain things I know for sure. I know Ciaran will always be awake first. No matter what. I know Colin will start chattering away and talking to his fireman. I know when I walk in the room even though Cormac can't hear me yet, he will know I am there because he can feel me. I also know he will be either laying down or sitting up but FOR SURE he will be sucking on the first two fingers of his right hand. I know Ciaran will ask for milk almost immediately. I know Colin will be the first to ask to get out of his crib. I know they will each be picked up and give me a giant kiss. I know they will ask where Daddy is. I know they will run down the hall like their littes asses are on fire to get downstairs to get some milk. I know they will go through the living room and dining room like a small tornado and all the cleaning I did the night before will be forgotten. I know one of them (and it could be any one of them) will climb up on the bench in the kitchen and turn the light off in the kitchen. I know they will ask for Duke and Duchie. I know they will make a huge mess in the kitchen when they eat breakfast. I know Ciaran has to have first pick of the sippy cups and plates or he is not a happy camper. I know I will change at least 15 diapers. I know I will dress them and have to redress them because they get dirty or they like to take off some of their clothes. I know each day I will be hugged, kissed and licked, yes, licked countless times and it is never enough. I know the noise level in our house will reach ear bleeding levels. I know the majority of the day I will hear the best three little laughs I have ever heard. I know I will also hear the loudest three screams I have ever heard as they fight over a toy or whatever. I know we will play alot. I know I will hear "wuv you". I know I will hear again "where Daddy". I KNOW I will be asked for crackers at least a million times if not more. I know I will have to make lunch and put them down for naps. I know I will somehow squeeze in doing the laundry and cooking dinner and cleaning the house during their nap time. I know when they wake up from their nap and once again it will be Ciaran who is up first it will sort of be the same as the morning. "where's daddy? More Milk" I know when I tell them Daddy is home they will nearly kill each other trying to get to the window to look out for his car. I know once they see Frank in the driveway they will yell "Daddy" and get so excited you can practically feel it. I know they will run to the stairs to get down so they can go to the door and tackle Frank. I know from the moment Frank is home until he is asleep he will spend every moment he can with them. I know we will all eat dinner together as a family. I know after dinner Frank will put on Animal Planet and the boys will watch it with him for a while. I know when it is time for bed the boys will ask for their blankets to be put on them about 10 times and keep pulling it off so we can put them back on. I know I will do it a few times and then tell them it is their last chance or they don't get a blanket. I know our days are filled with fun, laughter, excitement and sometimes tears and tantrums. I know I will clean up the house and get ready for the next day. I know the next day will start just like the day before.

I also KNOW I would never change any of it not matter what I was offered.

There are many unknowns in our day and I look forward to them but I really love "what I know".

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our birthday Celebration

We had a party for the boys on Saturday. It was supposed to be cold and rainy but we lucked out and it turned out to be a beautiful day. We kept it small this year just about 25 people. We had some food, some drinks and some yummy cake. The boys, once again, received beautiful gifts from everyone. We can't thank everyone enough for their generosity.

On Sunday (their actual birthday)we took them to Imagine That! Children's Museum. They had a BLAST! Our only problem is Colin wanted to stay in the fire truck forever. He would NOT leave it. Frank finally had to just grab him while he cried. He was yelling "Eeww eee, Eeww eee( that is the sound he makes for a fire truck). But within a minute he was fine playing in a giant sandbox.

All in all we had a wonderful weekend full of fun. I still can't believe they are two. We start an art class tomorrow. Should be interesting. I am sure they will be a MESS. I'll be sure to bring the camera.

Here is a slideshow of pics from the party and the museum the next day.

PS The shirts with their names are from Don't forget to check out the website

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to US!

The boys are TWO today! I wanted to take some time to really remember what each of them is like at the moment. So, here it goes:

Ciaran Thomas exactly one year ago on his first birthday

Ciaran is a cuddler. He is the first to want to sit on your lap and snuggle. He is determined and head strong. He has a little bit of the devil in him. He may be small but he is mighty. He has something about his face that just makes me smile. When he smiles his eyes disappear. When he laughs it sounds nasally. He loves horses and books. He is smart as a whip but will not perform if asked. He likes to do things on his terms. He likes to be wrapped like a burrito when he goes to sleep at night. He loves the bath. He talks the clearest of the three at the moment and can say anything. He understands jokes and really "gets it". I believe he will be a real ball buster when he grows up. He is the quickest to get mad and also the quickest to just give you a hug for no reason at all.

Colin Francis at his first birthday

Colin: The best word to describe Colin is Jolly. His smile and his laugh are contagious. His laugh comes from so deep in his belly and he loves to laugh. His smile takes over his entire face. He is a joker. He is the biggest but the most sensitive. He loves to figure out "how things work". He can open any door, unlock any baby lock. He loves to do things for me. He is totally into trucks right now. He also loves his books. His favorite words at the moment are Yellow and Dirty. He loves to take a bath but doesn't really like the water over his face. I believe he just might be the class clown when he grows up. Colin is kind. Colin is so smart and will gladly share his smartness with anyone who asks.

Cormac one year ago
Cormac: I think the best word for Cormac is sweet. Everything about him is sweet. His smile, his laugh, his personality. He misses nothing. He only needs to be told something once and it is committed to memory for life. He is good for running across the room and hugging for no apparent reason. He loves airplanes and ducks. He also likes to read. Baby Signing Times is his obsession. He will watch any of the videos over and over and he can do EVERY stinkin sign in all the videos. He is like a sponge always soaking in his surrounding. He has a giant heart and you can tell already he loves deeply. He is kind and gentle. He LOVES babies. He wants to kiss and hug them. Oh, and I forgot Duke. Duke and Cormac have a special bond. None of us get it but the two of them understand each other. He is a performer and loves to peform for all. I think when Cormac is older he will be a natural leader.

None of them like when the other is upset. If one is crying the other two start saying "boo hoo" and acting upset. They love each other and it's apparent. They have different relationships with each other. It is fascinating to watch the dynamics of these relationships develop over time. Before Cormac could hear I think he was a little on the sidelines of this "triplet" dynamic. Sometimes I would get so upset because it would seem he was being left out but in actuality it was he just didn't realize Ciaran and Colin were doing something. Now they are a true threesome. A force to be reckoned with. I know they will fight and probably want to kill each other at times but I also know they will NEVER let someone else go near their brother without a fight. They are extremely loving towards each other and kiss and hug a lot. They also get mad at each other. Ciaran and Colin are the first to realize when Cormac's implant has fallen off and try their hardest to put it back on. They are and always will be his greatest teachers. He learns every day from them by having built in language models. They learn every day from him that their is nothing you can't accomplish. Some day they will understand Cormac is deaf and I know they will be his best support system. The three of them will always have each other's backs.

I marvel each day at how lucky I am in life. We may not be rich or have it all but we have a house FULL of love and laughter. I couldn't ask for more. These boys are the greatest gift I could have ever asked for and I never dreamed it could be so good. To know when I wake up each morning I go into a room of three beautiful smiling faces just waiting for their "Mama", well, that's enough to just bring me to tears. I try and not get caught up in our busy life and take time to enjoy the moments. They will not be small forever. They will not let me hug and kiss forever so I better do it while I can. But what I hope they do know is that no matter what, I will love them forever. Nothing could ever change the love I have for them.

I started this post on 3/17/08 since I knew it would take a while. In the past few weeks this boys have really started talking. They know every letter of the alphabet, numbers 1-10 and colors red, yellow, blue green and PURPLE. Purple has become a "tickle" word in our house. If you say it, you get tickled. They find this so amusing and will just run up to me and say "purple" to get it started. Cormac particularly loves this game. To our amazement he "gets it". He knows it's a joke to say the word. This is an accomplishment noticed by his teacher. Deaf children in general have a hard time learning when something is said one way and means another. They learn the words more literal meaning and it takes them sometime to pick up slang or jargon.

I think back to the day I found out about having triplets. Most people said "did you freak out?" But I really didn't. I was pretty calm and from the moment I was pregnant never had a negative thought. Not even when I went into labor more than once and they hooked me up to Magnesium causing me to feel worse than words could ever describe. I literally had no control over my eyeballs and wanted to vomit the enitre time. I just kept thinking I know these boys are going to be fine and WHATEVER is needed I will do. I also remember being about 31 weeks and going into labor again and thinking. "I don't know if I had handle Mag again for the 3rd time" But then in the next breath told the Dr. "ok, do whatever you need to" Luckily, I didn't need it because it was stopped on it's own. I never knew I could love Frank more than I already loved him. I have always known what a wonderful man he is and his love for me is unlimited. But for what he had to endure while I was pregnant and never complaining once, after watching him when each baby was delivered and him managing to not only videatape but also get a still photo! and never ever leaving my side once, my love and respect for him has only deepened. These last two years have been a lot of fun. Alot of marraiges are weakened by births of multilples. I have to say ours has only gotten stronger. He is an outstanding father. His sons love him. One of my greatest joys is to see his face and theirs each day when he comes home from work. They run and just attack him with hugs and kisses. It is a memory forever burned into my brain. Something I never want to forget.

I know this post is long and sappy but hey, I think I deserve a little sappiness once in a while!

I will post again with pics from their party and our birthday adventures of the day

Friday, April 4, 2008

Such a great day

just wanted to share what a great day we had today. I know we vent a lot but I like when people share their happy moments as well. We left the house bright and early and went over my sister's house. The boys played like crazy with their cousins. I took them out to lunch by myself and they were so good. By that time it was time for nap. They took a 3 hour nap while I iced their birthday cakes. Frank and I took them out to dinner tonight because with all the party prep I just didn't have it in me to cook another thing. Plus, the house was just cleaned this morning and I didn't want to mess it up! We went to TGIF's and you know that look you get when you walk in with multiple toddlers? The waiters and waitresses seem to get nervous. We had the sweetest waiter who just love the boys. He was hi fiving them. They sat at the table and ate like such big kids. No crying no fussing. They just talked and laughed. The waiter even said these are the best kids I have ever waited on! We came home and watched Animal Planet and they all sat in one chair together and snuggled and kissing each other.

They are so good when we go out to eat. They love sitting in the high chairs at the table. They love seeing all the people.

Granted, not all days can go like this but I wanted to take time to remember it!

Maybe it's because I feel them growing up so fast I am feeling a little sappy. But it was such a nice fun day. A great way to start their birthday celebration.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

All in a days work, right?

As I type this it is 2pm. It is also nap time. So, here is what I did so far today. The boys woke up early today which thru me off a little. They were up and out of cribs by 7am. We laid in my bed and drank milk for a while and then it was time for breakfast. While they ate their French Toast and made a mess with syrup I made a homemade pot of sauce. Upstairs for diaper changes and dressing for the day. Back downstairs to play for a while and I managed to mix up the filling for the two trays of lasagna I have to make. Joan came for Cormac so I sat with them for 1 hour. When she left it was time for lunch. While the ate their meatloaf and mashed potatoes I assembled two lasagnas. Upstairs for diaper changes and off to nappy time. I go back downstairs and made two trays of sausage and peppers. Somewhere in there I also made a cake. The second cake is in the over at the moment and I will bake the third as soon as cake number two is finished. Off to a great start today. Who knew all that could be accomplished in a few hours. I also managed to never leave the kids alone for more than a minute. Oh, I forgot I also gave Ciaran a haircut this morning. It's all about multitasking!

Ciaran haircut was my first attempt at giving them a haircut. Not sure what possesed me to do it this morning. I think it was pretty successful. Except for one spot when he turned his head quickly. But since we normally spike his hair you can't really tell. I am afraid to do Colin's since his hair has a part and I don't want him to look ridiculous. I should have waited until after the party but Ciaran's hair was so long and there was no time for a stop at the barber. Cormac is still sporting the buzz cut and will continue to do so.

What are all the preparation for? The boys second birthday party is on Saturday. We are only do a small party with grandparents, Godparents, aunts and uncles (of the boys, not ours)and cousins. Of course, it still is about 25 people.

I also managed to roast a chicken and make potatoes for dinner. It is now 6:20 pm and dinner is done. The boys are enjoying applesauce for dessert. They will be in bed in a little over an hour. That's when I will head out to get the few last things I need. NOw I just need to ice three cakes to make them look like animals.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Six Arms are hard to keep an eye on.

My Mom and I took a ride to PA today to do a little shopping at the outlets. Of course, the boys were along for the ride. They were their usual cooperative selves. We went to a few stores and my Mom bought them a bunch of clothes for their birthday. We had lunch and all the while I had to keep watch for those six little arms and six little hands reaching out of the stroller for whatever was within their reach. Now, I might mention their reach is WAY LONGER than you would think. They can contort their little bodies into positions in the stroller that would do Cirque de Soleil proud. The day went off without a hitch UNTIL I decided I just HAD to go into JCrew. I should have known better. It was now nap time and the boys were getting restless. I couldn't fit the stroller in the back of the store so I park them in a "safe" spot and tell my Mom to watch them while I run in the back of the store. I was literally 5 feet away! Within 2 minutes I hear the loudest CRASH and it sounds like breaking glass. Now, who else would be breaking things in JCrew in the middle of the day if it was not one of my chilren? I run over and realize my "safe" parking spot was next to a table that (at stroller eye level, not my eye level) had GIANT glass containers filled with headbands. I assume the draw was too much and Cormac just could not resist the headbands. He pulled the whole thing off the shelf and when it landed it hit the wheel of the stroller and shattered all over the place. After I realized he was not hurt or bleeding I helped clean up the store! That was our cue to leave and we called it a day. (Well, I did manage to buy two T-Shirts first and then quickly left the building!) I think the boys fell asleep in the car before we pulled out of the lot. Luckily, it is a long drive home and they got some rest.