Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'll leave you with some of my latest quotes....

This morning Colin takes his "you know what" and sticks it through the flap on his underwear and says "Hey, this is my penis pocket!" To which Ciaran responds "Are you kidding me? (with the perfect inflection)

Ciaran told me yesterday "Mommy, I love this baby so much. Do we get to keep her forever?"

Cormac came in from outside and says "Mommy, I forgive Colin for squeezing my eye and he is still my best friend in the world." To which I said, "How exactly does one squeeze someone's eye?" He wanted to demonstrate but I declined.

I will be boarding a plane to California bright and early tomorrow morning. I am heading to mentor training for Advanced Bionics. I am very excited to meet lots of online friends in real life. Very exciting. On the other hand, I am a little nervous leaving the whole clan at home without me. I have such guilt about missing one little moment of their lives. Frank will be hanging with the kiddos tomorrow. HIs Mom and my Mom will watch them on Friday while Frank goes to work. I will be home on Sunday. YIKES!!

Someone asked me if I was going to write a book with all the things my kids say. Have to say it's not bad idea. "The things you never think your children would say..." I could collect quotes from other parents. It would be a good gift for expecting parents, don't ya think?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Log Cabin

We picked up this log cabin off of Craigslist. I should have known they would spend more time ON TOP of the than inside :)
This is one of my favorite pictures ever. Just look at the love on Colin's face as he looks at Cormac.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Any bright ideas?

Calleigh is doing phenonenal. Her lip looks just amazing. It gets better everyday. It's only been two weeks. She is just moving along. We also got some more good news. She has Kidney reflux. It was grade 3 out of 5. This would indicate surgery would be needed to correct it. We just went yesterday for her ultrasounds of her kidneys and bladder. Her left kidney is showing NO reflux and her right kidney is only showing trace. It could not have been better news. Calleigh doesn't really catch breaks it seems. If it can go wrong it usually does with her. But she finally caught a break! It seems the reflux is correctly itself. Now, we just have to get her acid reflux gone and she will be good to go! I am assuming she will come off the daily antibiotic she has been on to prevent kidney infection but we will wait to see what the doctor says next week.

She has also made great leaps in her motor skills. She can sit on her own for a while. She can roll over in both directions. She is totally making huge strides. To put in in perspective. A month ago she was showing the skills of a 4-5 month old in her motor skills (she was 8 months at the time). Today she is at about 7-9 months and she is 10 months old. I realize she just wasn't given the opportunity to develop her motor skills due to her surgeries and not having access to belly time and sitting in a chair. My underlying fear that she has something else going on with her has seemed to ease. I still worry but now when I look at her I see she is just catching up. She is so smart and alert. She just had a hard time teaching her body to do what she wants it to do. Her body was focused on healing for so long that her development was secondary. Now that her body is healing it can focus on developing and she is flourishing. :)

I am looking for some advice and ideas about Cormac for the summer. He is in school until June 20th. I am not sure what services he will receive over the summer because I have yet to hear back from the school district. Considering they just shot down the school budget I can just imagine where the cuts will come. It's so frustrating when a town doesn't put education first. The future of your town and country depends on the children in your town. How can people NOT understand this? So aggravating.

Anyway, I need some inspiration. I need some fun activities I can do with all the boys that focus on language and hearing. I am in a rut and could use some bright ideas from all you wonderful folks. I use The listening room ideas. But with the nice weather we are outdoors much more.

Cormac has decided he wants to read. We were playing blocks and building towers and the blocks have letters on them. I put together the word POT. I said what does this say? He goes PPP OOO TTTT , you know made the sound each letter makes and then said "Oh, pot!" I switched the P to H and he did it again and said Hot. I am pretty sure this is the start of reading, right?? We read ALOT in this house. I mean sometimes like 20 books a day! I guess it is paying off. Lots more to update and I will when I can.

I am leaving for California a week from today....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Suture Removal Tomorrow

Calleigh is supposed to have her sutures removed tomorrow. I say "supposed" to because it requires general anesthesia again. She has a cough and a bit of a runny nose. I explained this to the nurse who called at 4pm with her instructions. We have to be in the hospital by 6:30am. Which will require us leaving the house by 5:30am. They said I have to come and the anesthesiologist will make a determination. I just know it will not happen. UGH!

Melanie, things have gotten a lot easier recently. I would have never thought of lighting a fire last year with three just three year olds. But three who just turned four (someone asked how old the boys were I think the Brights) are a big difference. You will be amazed at how much easier certain things get. BUT they also get their own opinions and attitudes so with each thing that gets easier there seems to be something that gets frustrating!

I have a lot to talk about regarding actual hearing loss but have not had the time to do it. I have found some great websites, the AG Bell Convention and my trip to California for Advanced Bionics. In time I will get to it.

I forgot to mention the boys turned 4 April 6th! I am still in shock. WHere did the time go? I have some pictures and videos of the Spiderman filled celebration. Promise to post more later.

Monday, April 12, 2010

All is well

Calleigh is the most amazing baby to ever grace our planet! The surgery wound up taking about 5 hours total. First she had the bronchoscopy and when the ENT was done the plastic surgeon took over. She really never cried. Today she really isn't too swollen and you can really see the difference. She has a different smile now and it has been sort of freakin me out. Her cleft was so tiny that when she smiled it disappeared and almost looked like a litte dimple. Plus it was so wide. Her smile is just as beautiful but different now. It is a weird feeling to alter your child's appearance. I know it had to be done and wouldn't change it for the world.

This is her in the recovery room. They wound up doing a little work in her nose so there is some yellow packing in it. The stiches look nasty and she is swollen but pretty good considering how long the surgery took.

We go back in to the hospital on Wednesday for suture removal. SHe has to be sedated again but it's the only option.

As for triplet news. Let's see.. I'll leave you with a few of my favorite quotes from the last few days.

I was brushing Colin's teeth before bed on his birthday. He says "wait, wait, Mommy, I have to tell you something". I was thinking it was a stall tactic. He says "mommy, you are my best friend and I had the best day for my birthday" Insert cruomg mommy. He says "mommy, those are happy tears, right?" Love that kid.

Last night I was reading our Bedtime Blessings for boys book and it was teaching about unselfishness and sharing. I ask the boys "can you think of a time when someone was unselfish and shared with you?" Cormac says immediately "My girl, Kennedy, shared her sand box with me" His girl?? Really where on earth would he hear that phrase? Not in our house but obviously it is incidental language! I nearly peed my pants.

Ciaran, well what is there to say about Ciaran. He is a trip and a half. He learned to wink. Yep, not blink, he has mastered winking. And he knows how to use it! I can see the ladies falling to pieces at him. Those slate blue eyes, dark hair and long eye lashes add to that the dimples and a wink. The girls don't stand a chance!

We had our first marshmallow roasting in the yard this weekend. Lots of new language. It was the perfect night to light a fire in the chiminea (how's that for a new word!). To say they had a blast is an understatement.

What a difference a year makes. Last year I would have been freaking out with a fire in our yard. This year they get it. They are old enough to understand to stay away from fire. They understand it hurts. They cooperated and had fun. I was able to sit and hold Calleigh while they just did their thing with Dad's help. I think they each ate about 10 marshmallows a piece!

Today we learned some interesting words:
wood chipper
stump grinder

Can you guess what was happening at our house? We had four trees taken down. The boys have been fascinated by it since this morning. It has taken all day. The big tree in the back was a monster. Our yard which is already pretty big looks ginormous (another new word LOL).

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Calleigh is in surgery

Calleigh`s surgery is underway. It started around 9am. The bronchoscopy was complete by around 9:45 and she was given the all clear to start the lip repair. The bronchoscopy was done to make sure she didn`t have any breathing issues like after her colostomy reversal when she stopped breathing twice.

The plastic surgeon said her part will take about 3 or 4 hours. The called from the OR and said she is doing great so far. When the plastic surgeon saw her scar on her belly from the colostomy repair she called from the OR to ask permission to inject the scar to reduce the redness and flatten it out. Her scar is a keloid (sp?) and this will make it flat instead of raised. We agreed and are thrilled they can do something for it. We didn`t even know they could do anything.

That`s all we know now. I`ll update when = can. We should be home tomorrow.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

With Calleigh's surgery being cancelled and hopefully happening this Thursday we decided not to go anywhere for Easter. Better to stay away from people and when I say people I mean germs! It was nice to be home by ourselves and just relax. We started out with the a 6am wake up call by Ciaran and Cormac crazily yelling the Easter Bunny had come to the house. Maybi it was those bunny footprints leading out of their room that tipped them off....

The bunny prints lead to the goods......

Which made for three happy boys.....

We headed to the park to ride skooters for a while. And then we headed home and cleaned ourselves up...

That's my mom and step father with the kids.

My Mom hasn't been home on Easter in 4 years. She has a time share in Aruba and it always falls around Easter. Since she was heading out bright and early this morning she came over for Easter dinner. It was nice to be home for a small holiday for once. No pressure to be anywhere. Just lots and lots of fun with our kids. They had a wonderful day. We spent the last of our day outside playing with our "easter egg chalks".

Love how he says "no, mom, I am writing my letters" Like "DUH" to me.

And the boys making fun of Daddy....