Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Friday night we took the boys to their first baseball game. We were given free tickets to the Jackals game by my sister. I think in total their were close to 50 people in the group. I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring the boys and see how they did at the game. It was a beautiful night. The seats we had were right next to a big field of grass. My boys spent most of the time playing on the grass and weren't that interested in the game. Ciaran actually sat next to me for a while and watched. He had lots of questions and I told him the "rules of the game". We used it as a wonderful language oppotunity for all the boys. Lots of new words for Cormac to experience. Jackal in particular! The mascot was running around and Ciarna kept calling him a camel. We learned a new song "take me out to the ballgame".

They mostly did this all night....

Cormac did cheer on the Jackals...

Ciaran found a baseball....

And Colin quickly confiscated it...

And what's a game without some ice cream?

All in all it was a really good time.

We left for the beach on Saturday morning. It's not Memorial Day Weekend in NJ if you don't go down the shore! We had to bring Duke with us this time and the boys thought it was hilarious that Duke was coming in the car with us. Usually, he would stay home with Duchess and we would have someone take care of them. But with Duchie girl gone we took the big dope with us.

Here is the big dope, Duke. He was reading a Dora book :)

My kids just love the beach.

We couldn't of had a better weekend.

On a side note, Cormac had no problems hearing me on the beach. We left his implants on since he wasn't going in the water. Even on Sunday when it was really windy he did so well. Never missed a trick. The beach is also filled with language opportunities. He can name just about every animal that lives in the ocean. By far his favorite is when the parasail boat goes by. He LOVES to see the people up in the parasail. You couldn't pay me to do it! I have a feeling he will be doing it as soon as he is big enough. I'll let Frank go tandem with him and keep my feet on the ground!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Five things I love about Motherhood...

Ok, I was tagged on another blog to name 5 things I love about Motherhood.

1. Going into the boys room first thing in the morning. They are usually all happy and smiley and still groggy. Nothing better than seeing three perfect little faces and hearing them say "good morning, Mommy" which is usually followed by "you're my best friend". Melts my heart every morning.

2. Watching their little minds at work and the look of pure enjoyment they get when they "figure it out". No matter how small the accomplishment it is gigantic in their eyes.

3. Seeing them with their Daddy. Sometimes I will look out in the backyard and see Frank out there with the three of them. He might be pushing them on the swings or play baseball or more than likely looking for bugs. It's those moments when I realize how blessed I am in life. It's when I say to myself "this is how life is supposed to be".

4. Getting to watch the bond between my children. This is a bond that cannot be put into words. But when you are around them you can almost reach out and feel it. It brings tears to my eyes. I try to give them all the "individual" time I can manage but I usually wind up with "where my brothers at?" and while they love to be with me they really LOVE to be with each other. They are truly and team!

5. Being given the gift of raising a deaf child. I am living a life of miracles. My boys are miracles. Cormac was given a miracle when he was given the ability to hear. I get to witness this every moment of my life. I truly believe I was chosen for a reason to raise Cormac. It has changed our lives forever. We have met more wonderful people and had such amazing experiences. Our lives are richer for it.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. We are heading to our first baseball game tonight and then off to the beach for the weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Three little Poopers!

Potty training is in full effect in the Lawrence household. Unless you have tried to potty train three at once you will never comprehend the madness this entails. We are doing VERY well. As long as I put them on the potty to pee we are good to go. They tell me if they have to poop. Baby steps. HOWEVER, it's half hour project every time one has to go. They all take off their pants and all three are on the potty at the same time. Let me tell you, I never knew the three of them could stink up a room so quickly. They are like poopers on demand! I dont know how they do it. But today was a good day. They just went down for a nap and we have not had one wet pull up today. And we were out all morning. Cormac goes on the potty at school. Ciaran and Colin, well, they want to go in every bathroom at this point. Public restrooms are a whole other animal I wish I could avoid. Not about to happen at this stage of the game. When will I be brave enough to leave the house without pull ups? Dont know. It will come eventually. I honestly think they will be all done by the time baby girl arrives. Nice.

We are into week 5 of Cormac being in school. He is LOVING it beyond belief. After those few days of crying he has never looked back. Ciaran and Colin have settled into their preschool for 2 days and look forward to it as well. They are all growing up into quite the little men. Three three year olds with very different minds and personalities can lead to some challenging days. We are taking it a day at a time. It's weird because most days are fine. But then you have one that really knocks you for a loop. Makes you wonder who came and possessed my children and when are they leaving (LOL). Luckily, they are few and far between.

Cormac's language continues to improve. Each day he says more and more and his clarity is really improving. He has more complex language recently. Before he started school I was so always worried about making sure I did SO much with him in a day to concentrate on language. Knowing he is at Summit 3 hours every day really takes some of the pressure away. WHile our house is always focused on language and we continue to use the Auditory Verbal approach, I don't feel the need to overwhelm him with it like I did in the past.

Cormac is starting to tell us if he can't hear with one of his implants. This is a big step. The other morning only one ear had a fresh battery so I knew he was only hearing out of one ear. I asked him and he was able to tell the difference. This is great because we want him to be able to tell us if his equipment is not working.

We are approaching Cormac's two year hearing anniversary (6/21/09). Can't believe it has been two years. We will celebrate it again with cake. It's such a memorable day for our family. It also happens to be my sister Trisha's birthdday.

Our days are so busy now that we transport Cormac to school in the mornings. It seems we don't have time to do too much. Thank goodness for our backyard. They love being out their playing. Usually entails finding worms and bugs and getting very dirty but I have learned that boys equal dirt. Nothing you can do about it. It all washes off and the enjoyment they get out of it is worth it.

Have to download the camera from our class trip to the zoo and Uncle Bill's 70th birthday party.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Belly Pictures

Ok, I am only posting this because SO MANY people have asked me about the difference in carrying triplets versus a singleton.

This is me at 31 weeks pregnant with triplets:

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This is me 31 weeks pregnant with a singleton:
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I delievered the boys at 31.5 weeks so I never got any bigger than I did in that picture at 31 weeks. As for this pregnancy, I plan on cooking her to the end so I am sure I will continue to grow.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

So yesterday was a wonderful day. First thing in the morning I was wished a Happy MOther's Day by my three beautiful lil men. They proudly gave me their cards and plants they made for me in school. Daddy did a great job and got me the Flip Mino. My children will now be videotaped every second of their life! Actually, it's really great for catching those spur of the moment moments. It's turns on in second and records instantly. Downloads to the computer in a flash and I can create movies.

I am really excited because I love to document Cormac's speech progress and with this I will be able to record so much more of his speech. Now I will be carrying my camera and my Flip everywhere I go!

I hosted a party at our house. It was exhausting but worth it. The boys LOVE having their cousins over along with their aunts and uncles, meema and pop pop and grandma. They played HARD for many hours and were so tired. They slept late this morning. I had to wake them up or we wouldn't have made it to school in time. This afternoon we ALL took a nap including me. They went in at 1pm and didn't wake until close to 5pm. I slept from about 2:30-5pm. What an awesome way to spend the afternoon.

My Mom and Richie came over along with both my sisters and their families. Grandma Uncle Cormac were here for the celebration too! Uncle Cormac was in charge of pushing the boys on the swings. You should have seen what a nervous wreck he was while doing it! My kids have no fear and just keep saying "higher, higher". He was freaking out!

I waited a long time to be a Mom. Now, having three, well almost four children, I can't believe how lucky I am. My boys are so sweet and good. They make every day enjoyable. I always imagined what it would be like to have a family of my own but honestly, my real life surpasses any dreams I ever had. I am truly blessed and I count my blessings every day. I have learned in life not to take each day for granted. I try and enjoy each day to it's fullest. Not always possible but I make the effort. At least on Mother's Day we get to focus purely on the love we have for our children and our Moms! I hope you all had a great day.

We only had one set back the whole day. One of Cormac's T-mics from his implant was lost in our yard. Can you say needle in a haystack??? I have searched for hours between yesterday and today. I offered a reward to my nephews if they found it. No luck. I have no idea how the thing would fall off his implant. Very strange. I guess it's a good thing it's only the mic and not his entire processor. But still, it aggravates me to death because I KNOW it's our their somewhere and am sure it will turn up some day in the future.

Ok, now for the pictures.....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Geez, are we busy!

The past three weeks have been insane. With Cormac starting school (he just finished his third week) we are out of the house each morning by 7:50am. We don't get home until 1pm. The honeymoon period ended and by day 8 Cormac was very upset going to school. Heartbreaking for me to see him so upset. The good thing? By the time he walks down the hall to his class he has stopped crying. BUT the last two days there have been NO TEARS. He is back to old happy self who said he won't cry any more. He truly loves school and talks about all about his "friends" at school and what they do each day.

Colin and Ciaran have been going to preschool two mornings a week right down the road from Cormac. Ciaran has loved it from day one. Colin proudly boasted that "he cried the loudest" on his first day. Funny thing is none of them are crying for ME! They are crying for each other and want to go to school together. He doesn't cry any longer. They are only in two days a week so I get two mornings free a week. The bad thing is I am almost an hour from home so I can't go home and do anything. I have to occupy my time on the road. On the other three mornings I have to occupy three hours with Ciaran and Colin. Can't wait until September when they can go together. What relief it will be for me to see them all together!

Needless to say, we are all tired! I am getting closer and closer to having the baby. I will hopefully have her on June 25th or June 26th since I get to pick the day for my C-section. It's so weird to be out and about pregnant. I never had the opportunity to be out when I was pregant with the boys. Strict bed rest doesn't permit it. SO MANY people talk to you about having a baby. I guess I never realized it. On the other hand, when they hear it's my fourth and I have triplets the expression is usually the same. They all look at me like I am nuts! But that's OK with me. No one ever said I was normal, did they?

We have so much to do before she arrives and I have no idea how it will all get done. Her room is still our play room because the basement is not done yet. I am starting to freak out a little bit. I know, I know, the baby doesn't need a room when she is born but I would love for it to be complete. The basement is at the priming and painting stage so we are close to being done.

Our weekends have been filled with Communions and parties. I guess it's the time of year. Last weekend we went to three communions in two days.

We have Mother's Day this weekend. Next weekend is a birthday party for Uncle Bill. The boys love all these get togethers. They lil party boys! Hmmmm... I wonder who they take after?

Here are some pics and videos from our busy last few weeks!

Cormac on his first day.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lots of videos...

Be prepared for video overload. I will write an update of Ciaran and Colin's first day at school later. Just wanted to share these videos.

As a reminder, Cormac has been hearing now for 21 months. He is profoundly deaf in both ears and wears bilateral cochlear implants.

Here is Cormac talking about Comets in the sky.

Colin with his new PSEG truck getting the word "retired" confused with "really tired"!

Ciaran and Cormac counting in Spanish

Colin and Cormac reunited after Cormac was at school.

Ciaran and Cormac reunited after Cormac was at school