Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Light Spectacular

We headed to the last night to see the light spectacular. It was pretty neat. The boys enjoyed it. They loved seeing all the animals lit up and then to see santa at the end. Quite an enjoyable evening.

Today, Santa came to town early on the fire truck. He happens to make a stop directly in front of our house. It was raining so it wasn't the best of condtions. Colin was in a mood but other than that is was happy. That is, until Santa and the firetrucks tried to LEAVE. Can you say meltdown?? All three threw a fit because they wanted him to stay. We had to drag them inside crying and screaming for Ho Ho. They calmed down after I lured them to the Christmas Tree and gave them each an ornament to entertain themselves.

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Christmas starts early at the Lawrence household. Grandpa and Val are coming for dinner today to celebrate Christmas since we won't get to see them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It sure is difficult around the holidays when your parents and inlaws are both divorced. There is just not enough time in each day to see everyone. We love seeing all of our families but sometimes it is just not feasible especially with three small children.

We are so looking forward to Christmas morning. The wonder in the boys eyes will be just unbelievable. As it is every time they see the tree it's like they are seeing it for the first time. I have always loved Christmas but nothing compares to Christmas with your children.

Friday, December 21, 2007


The most beautiful word I ever heard. Today, Cormac said the word turtle as clear as can be. This is his first two syllable word. I wasn't too sure he even knew what a turtle was! He didn't even leave out the "T" in the middle. NOt only is this his first two syllable word but this is the first time he has ever said a "T" sound. Here is a video I took of him tonight. He wasn't too interested in chatting because he wanted Frank to chase him. You will hear him say turtle and Mom (my favorite, of course!)

I also finally got the tree up. No small accomplishment with three 20 month olds! I took a video of the boys seeing it for the first time. They were pretty excited. If given the chance I am sure that frigin' tree would be destroyed in a heart beat. So far, they have just taken a few ornaments off.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An Inspirational Holiday Party

Remember I just posted about leaving the house and counting six shoes, six sox, three coats etc? Well for the first time ever we left the house with only 5 shoes. When we got to the party Ciaran only had one shoe. Of course it would happen on a day when we were going to a party and meeting a ton of people. Oh well, my guess is it won't be the last time that happens. Anyway, on to the day. We went to Cormac's school today for their Christmas Party. Frank went with me and the boys. We had so much fun. We danced and sang and ate cookies and colored. This was really our first event at the school. All of the children are soooo amazing. You can't tell the difference between the hearing impaired/deaf children and the hearing children. The teachers at the school deserve so much for giving our children the knowledge to learn to listen and speak. They are exceptional people. This was the first time Frank had an opportunity to see the school. Most of Cormac's therapy is done at home but we go once a week for a group class. All of these children are such an inspiration. I hope Cormac remains friendly with his classmates so he will always know people who are like him. Now, on to the important information. Cormac is suddenly having a bit of a language EXPLOSION! Yesterday with Joan, his teacher of the deaf, he said sounds he had never said before. He said "duh, duh," he has never said a D before. He continued to say "La, La" and sing for her. He said Oen for Open. It was just marvelous. He is also starting to use "jargon" as Joan calls it. He realizes that words are different and he can't just say one syllable for them any longer. For example, he saw a strawberry. Now, he obviously can't say strawberry but he made a long noise that sounded like strawberry. He even said an "S" for snake. This is a very hard sound for a newly hearing child to make. He has also perfected the "f" noise. I think that has a lot to do with Colin. Colin loves to make the "f" noise and fly. In our house it is monkey see, monkey do! When they are all wrecking the joint, not so good. When they are teaching each other to talk, pretty awesome. I feel so lucky Cormac was born at a time when this technology exists. I strongly believe he was put on this earth because he is going to do AMAZINGLY great things in his life. I also believe I was chosen to have triplets because God knew Cormac needed built in language models on our house. They all play such an intricate role in each other's lives. I cannot imagine them not knowing each other. They have such a bond amongst them I can't describe it. Before Cormac could hear he seemed to be a little disconnected from his brothers. He missed out on the action because he wasn't aware things were going on around him. I think the greatest change I have seen is in the dynamic of the boys relationship. He is no longer on the outside looking in. He is right there in the middle of the the mayhem three 20 month old boys can cause. For this I will be ever greatful.

Here's a little video from the party.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two escapees in one day...

No, it wasn't any of the kids. Yesterday morning I let the dogs out on the front lawn. We have an electronic fence so they won't leave the property. A few minutes later I go back and Dutchess is GONZO. I can't see her anywhere. Now, I know anyone who knows us assumed it would be our world traveler, Duke. But just wait... I am home alone with the boys so a search and rescue mission is not about to happen. She has no tags on her because Duke rips them off. I had no choice but to leave her. I called the police so they knew who she belonged to if she was found. About an hour later I open the front door and she is standing in the middle of our street. I called her name and she came right home. I think she realized how good she has it. Being out in the freezing cold is not fun.

I don't know why the electric fence is not working. But I will find out. I decide that's it, no more dogs out front. Only in the back where there is a fence. I thought I was safe. That afternoon I let them out and in the time it took me to pee Duke was gone. He dug a whole and left. I swear at this point I was going to kill both of them. I can see Duke in the woods behind the house. Having a jolly good time. He sees me and takes off running 600 miles per hour to avoid capture. I was trying to lure him with carrots but he wasn't falling for it. The boys were napping so I go outside in the freezing cold and try and get the little shit head dog. I couldn't go far becasue I was not about to leave the kids. I fell twice on the ice, had to climb our 6 foot fence and he just kept running. Finally, he went into my neighbors yard and trapped himself in the corner. At this point I was throwing the carrots at him in hopes of slowing him down.

Frank comes home and what does he tell me??? Oh, I unplugged the dog fence and forgot to plug it back in. At that point I wished I had a few carrots to throw at him!

Monday, December 17, 2007

"The Lord smiled on you three times...."

This comment was made to me yesterday by my UPS man as he delivered boxes in triplicate for Christmas. I don't think anyone could have put it better. I honestly agree with him and just loved that he said something so thoughtful.

His nice comment got me thinking about all the comments I have received since having triplets. I should have just printed out cards to hand to people with the answers to the questions I KNEW were coming. Most people ask the same questions over and over. For some reason strangers feel the need to make comments to you all day long whenever you leave the house. Now, I get it. Most people don't see triplets that often. I usually am pretty good about it. But when a ten minute walk turns into an hour it starts to get annoying. I just need to get home and not answer a million quesitons on some days. Most people are nice but not always.

I have had a ton of nice comments but also a ton of negative comments. "The Lord smiled on you three times" is up there with the nicest comments. The worst comment I ever received was from a woman working at the beach. She started off by saying she had so much "pity" for me. I didn't even realize she was talking to me because at that moment my sons were all smiling away in their stroller looking forward to playing in the sand. I told her "I don't need your pity. I am so lucky to have my family." She followed up by saying: "If I were you I would have committed suicide". And SHE WAS NOT JOKING. She told me she had two sons and they were too much. I answered her by saying I am sorry you feel that way about your family but I love my boys and would never change it.

If you have nothing nice to say why interrupt my day to share it? If you think my hands are full then why do you feel the need to block my way while I am grocery shopping with three babies in tow? Just keep walking.

I often get asked what is it like to have triplets? I never have a good answer. To me, it is normal. I know nothing else and want nothing else. Do I think people with one baby have it easier? Maybe, maybe not. I really never compare. (Well, maybe when I just want to "run" out of the house. Six socks, six shoes, six mittens, 3 hats later. There is no such thing as a really quick exit!!)

I can't tell you how many people say the could "never do it". I am not sure exactly what "it" is. But to me all I am doing is being a mommy. Something I always wanted and knew I would do. Did I think I would have triplets? Nope. Am I happy I have triplets? YEP! I wouldn't change it for the world.

Just rambling today.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cormac 3 /12 months post activation

This is Cormac 3 1/2 months post activation. For those who don't know, Cormac was born profoundly deaf in both ears. He recieved bilateral Cochlear Implants on 6/21/07 at 14 months old. He was activated on 7/23/07 and 7/24/07. In this video I am covering my mouth so he can't read my lips. As of December, Cormac understands about 200 words. He has also started talking. He is one smart little cookie! (by the way, he said "ookie" yesterday for the first time!)

I took this video a while ago but did not post it becasue I was not keeping up the blog. Cormac understands around 200 words at last count. He knows the entire alphabet (which he can also sign a lot of ) and he knows his numbers 1-5 and signs those as well. He is already starting to talk. He has a few words but my favorite is Mom. Not too shabby for a 20 month old who has only been hearing for not even 4 months!

Each day the gap is getting smaller and smaller between him and Ciaran and Colin.

We got our tree

Ciaran, Colin and Cormac's newest cousin, Corinne went to meet Santa. Here is her picture. She lives in Texas so we haven't met her yet. But we are counting the days until we see her.

First we went out to dinner with the boys. They were so well behaved in the restaurant. Nothing fancy, just Fuddruckers but they loved it. When I went to get the drinks I was walking back to the table and Frank was sitting with the three boys. They all looked so darn happy and were giggling and smiling. I actually got choked up when I looked at them. I mean, I am one lucky woman to have such a wonderful family. I think we were only asked once if they were triplets. The restaurant had a carosel inside. They were too small to go on but we sat near it and they were all signing horse. At one point they were all dancing to the Christmas carols. Makes you realize what Christmas is all about. Children and miracles. My three certainly are my little miracles.

Colin and Cormac were pointing out all the letters they know and saying or signing them. Colin can make the sound for all 26 letters of the alphabet. (I think that is pretty impressive for 20 months old) Ciaran can do almost all of them. Cormac knows all the letters if you ask him but only can say the "M","A", "E","I","O" and "H". But he is getting there.

We decorated outside of the house today. Nothing over the top. Just a few lights and some adorable snowmen I found at the Country Cottage. The boys saw it tonight when we got back from dinner. They loved it. We picked out a beautiful tree. It is now in the living room. Hopefully, I can decorate it tomorrow. I don't know what the boys will do with the tree.

Friday, December 14, 2007

We have Strippers in the house!!

When I went to get the boys out of their cribs yesterday morning. Cormac was TOTALLY naked and peeing out the side of his crib. When I put him to sleep he had on a onesie, diaper and pajamas. He has the happiest grin I had ever seen. Colin had managed to get half of his pj's off and his diaper. All I know is thank goodness they didn't poop! What a mess it would have been.

I got a good laugh out of it. This morning everyone was dressed. Needless to say, I don't think they will be wearing those pj's again.

Christmas is coming

Christmas is almost here. The boys LOVE Santa. They all say "Ho, Ho, Ho". They all ran up to him and no on was afraid. Cormac was really taken by Santa. He was just fascinated. I plan on uploading some pictures of them with Santa.

Ciaran and Colin are really starting to talk more every day. Cormac is right along with them. He isn't too far behind considering he only started hearing on 7/23/07. Today at Costco he said "ookie" for Cookie. I nearly fell over!

We are going to get our tree tomorrow. I wonder how long it will actually remain standing if we let them in the room??? If you look up teamwork, I am sure you will find my three looking back at you. (and that is for good and naughty!)

I am so looking forward to Christmas. I have always love it but now it just means more. I have three miracles running around the house. NOt to mention the miracle of the Cochlear Implant.

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I am new to this whole blog thing so please be patient while I work out the kinks!