Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a week!

Last Monday, April 20th, Cormac started Summit Speech School for preschool! He is going just mornings until the school year ends. He will attend mainstream preschool in the fall with his brothers with support services from Summit. I don't know where to start about how it went.
The first day I dropped him off I was by myself and didnt have the boys with me. I was so nervous and scared and wondered how he would react. I brought him in and he walked away without a worry in the world! I went to my car and cried! I know, silly, but he seemed so small walking away from me with his new Diego backpack. I was able to come back inside and observe him in class without him knowing. I watched for about 1/2 hour. He joined right in Miss Margies' class. My heart swelled with pride as I watched him join a small group of children he never met and join right in.

He participated right away and asked lots of questions. He was thrilled to be able to show off pictures of his family. He even told them "Daddy's name is Frank!". I was just amazed to see him all on his own. Here was my deaf son on his own to make his needs and wants met and he was able to do it! When I returned to pick him up 3 hours later he could not be happier. He was thrilled to see me but didn't mind one bit being at school. The rest of the week went just as well for him. He continues to look forward to school and has been getting wonderful reports from his teacher and his SLP.

I drive him every day and Ciaran and Colin come with me. It's sort of crazy in the morning. We have to be out of the house by 7:55 to get him to school by 8:45am. I then need to find something to do for the next three hours. Since the school is about 50 minutes from our house it makes no sense at all to go back home. Shopping every day while it would be great is not feasible :) Needless to say we have all been tired and a little out of whack for the past 10 days. Doesn't help being 7 months pregnant either!

The funny thing is Colin get the most upset about leaving Cormac. I thought for sure Cormac would get upset but he jumps out of the car and says "see you later, brothers!". Colin cries every day and says he want to be deaf and get implants!" He also says "I just want Cormac back!". Too adorable. On Friday he was crying and I said "it's alright, Colin, we will pick him up soon". Know what that little bugger said to me? "Mommy, I'm not Colin, you dropped the wrong kid off!" I nearly wet my pants with laughter.

Ciaran and Colin really want to go to "big boy school" and I was lucky enough to find a place to take them 2 mornings a week. They will start on Friday. That means I will have 6 hours to myself a week. Granted, I won't be home and will have to find something to entertain myself but I don't think that will be a problem..... I already know I am getting a pedicure on Friday!

I hope they do as well as Cormac going to school. I am worried about COlin because he has some issues when I leave him. BUT they have both been asking me everyday "did you find us a big boy school yet?. I can't believe I will all three of them in school. It's so sad to me but on the other hand I can tell it will be so good for them. They will love it and Mommy won't know what to do with herself.

Let's see.. What are some things they have said or done lately to crack me up?

Apparently, Cormac was making a collage at school. Out of nowhere he looks over at the girl next to him and says "Olyvia, you are very, very beautiful". Look out ladies...

I was at my Dad's place and COlin found a PSEG model work truck. He was in love. I told him "unlce Bill worked there until he retired" He says a little later "uncle bill worked there until he was tired and needed a nap". Really, not too far off (LOL) by the time we retire we are tired!

Ciaran's personality has changed the most. He is so funny lately. He is also very into making sure he is the "best" boy. I have NO problem with this!

I have some pictures from Cormac's first day at school and a video of them reuniting after. I have to download them still.

I also gave my speech at Summit Speech School's fundraiser. More to come on that. It deserves it's own post. The boys STOLE THE SHOW!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our time has come to an end....

(this post was written back in the beginnig of April. Never got to publish it because of all that has gone on in our family for the last few weeks)

I am sad today. With the boys turning three on Monday, Cormac ages out of early intervention. He has been enrolled in EI since he was suspected of having hearing loss. He will now be part of our local school district.

His teacher of the deaf, Joan, came for her last session yesterday. I cannot express in words what Joan has done for our family. I have seen Joan three days a week for over 2 years. She came to the house twice a week for an hour of therapy and she was also Cormac's teacher when I took him to group class once a week. I can't think of many people I see three days a week other than Frank and the boys (well, maybe my Mom). Joan has given Cormac his voice. She has taught him how to listen and hear. She has given him the tools he needs to be all he can be. She has taught Frank and I what we need to do to make sure Cormac is a successful user of his implants. She showed up every week and managed to keep Cormac entertained with her "bag". Cormac's first words when he saw her were "what's in Joan's bag?" He always knew she brought fun things. He never realized he was learnging the entire time.

Joan was here when he made his first sounds. SHe celebrated with us when he finally said "aaah ahhh" for an airplane all the way to yesterday when they had a conversation with each other. Her skills and kindness will be remembered forever. We will miss her terribly. Thank you, Joan, for all you have done for our family.

We will also no longer be going to group. This is also said for me. ONce a week I would take Cormac and while he was in class I was able to sit and talk with the other Moms in the group. And the occaisonal Dad. Miriam led the group. The education we received from Miriam as well as other parents was priceless. I strongly feel I would be lost if I did not participate in the parent infant program. I love being part of Summit Speech School and hope to continue to attend anything we are allowed to attend! I want Cormac to know other children who have hearing loss. OTher kids with cochlear implants. I want his brothers to know other children who are like Cormac. I want Cormac to see the alumni who return and are successful, happy people.

I guess this is just another transition in our lives. While it is sad, it is also happy. Cormac is moving on to the next stage of his development. He is no longer and "infant". He is a three year old and ready for his next challenges.

But I want to make sure to thank all those who have helped us in the past few years through the parent infant program and early intervention. We would not be where we are today without all the wonderful people we have met along the way.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Recently, someone referred to my as "lucky". It got me thinking. What does it mean to be lucky in life?

I couldn't get pregnant for almost two years. It was a daily struggle and emotionally draining especially since there was not one reason why we couln't conceive. When I do get pregnant I get pregnant the first try with medication (no IVF) and wind up pregnant with triplets. It was not an enjoyable pregnancy emotionally. Full of what could go wrong and waiting for something to go wrong. BUT we wound up with three perfectly healthy boys. So, lucky, right?

We then find out Cormac is deaf out of nowhere. Now that can't be lucky, right? But we were lucky enough for him to be born in a time where moderen science has changed the lives of deaf people. He has defied every odd and is just your typical more than happy three year old, lucky?

I get pregnant out of nowhere with a fourth baby. We then find out she has a cleft lip (and won't know until she is born if she will be deaf). Once again, not an enjoyable pregnancy emotionally. NOt going to be easy when she is born and has to have surgery at 3 months old BUT we are looking at best case scenario for you lip, lucky?

My Dad just passed away so suddenly at only 66 years old BUT because of him I know what a great man is today. I know the unwavering love of a dedicated father and grandfather. I know the look of pure joy when your father looks at you and your children with so much love in his heart and I am lucky to have experienced it. I also got to enjoy him for 37 years. Yes, I would have loved another 30 or more with him BUT some people don't even get 37 years.

We struggle financially and it's not easy. But I get to stay home and be with my children. I have a husband who works tirelessly to support us. And not once will he ever complain about it. I am lucky to have a husband who is so similar to my father in many ways.

I can name countless people who get pregnant have all healthy children who don't require surgery for implants or for cleft lips. People whose families don't experience tragic losses. But are they the lucky ones? I don't really know. What I really think is it might not have anything to do with luck. It just might be we are all chosen for different reasons. I was given my life because maybe I was the one who could take it in stride. I look at the "bad" things but somehow underneath the bad there seems to be something good that came out of the situation. There are many whose lives are much more difficult and many whose lives are much simpler but I wouldn't change my life because I know it all has a purpose. SOmeday that purpose will be clear.

So, are you one of the "lucky" ones?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three Years Ago Today (well April 6th)

Our lives were changed forever in a way that can never be described unless you have lived it. It was by far the happiest day of my life. Ciaran was born at 11:41pm, Colin at 11:42pm and Cormac at 11:43pm. Three minutes for three miracales to happen. Ciaran and Colin both weighed the same, 3lbs 14 oz and our "big" guy Cormac weighed in at 4 lbs 1 oz. To hear the three of them cry at the each entered this world was music to my ears. To see the look on Frank's face as he watched this miracle occur was priceless. I can just remember him saying "Jenny, you did such a good job!" I still cry anytime I recall that moment (like at this very moment).

I never knew my heart was big enough to have so much love for three little men. In an intstant I knew this would be the greatest accomplishment of my lifetime. Nothing would top being a mother. I still feel the same way three years later. The joy and happiness my children bring me is not measurable. Waking up each morning to the three of them is so much fun. It never gets old. It's always an adventure. I know most think three at once and are glad it me and not them. But I can guarantee you if you lived one day as their mother you would feel differently. I have never seen this as challenging. I think I might be the exception to the rule. Frank and I are both exceptions to the rules when it comes to our relationship. The odds of divorce for parents of multiples has been listed as high as 80%. This is so strange to me. To us, the opposite has happened. It has made us better. It has made my love for him stronger. To see him as a father brings me pure pleasure. To see the boys' faces light up each and every time they see him, well there really are no words to describe it.

Now, to my sons.

Ciaran, lil ree ree, you are by far the most loving child. You have grown into a very talkative little boy. You are always by my side and are the cuddler of the crew. You tell me at least 100 times a day I am beautiful, smart and the best mommy. It never gets old! I can listen to you all day. You also have quite the little temper on you. You love when Mommy and Daddy are proud of you and often say "I like to make you happy". Your little face just makes me smile. You have tons of energy and love to run and play.

Colin, ollie, you are hilarious. You are also going through a very stubborn stage at the moment. Cute for about a second then, not so cute :) Your smile takes over your entire face and makes your eyes twinkle. You love to eat. You have a fascintation with mittens, hats and at the moment knee pads. At any moment you will be wearing mittens, a helmet and your knee pads just playing around the house. You will also sleep with them on. You are a lil' joker too. You really make me laugh.

Cormac, mick mack, you are sweet. Your spirit radiates from you and people around you take notice. You have accomplished so much in your short life so far. I see no limits on your abilities. You love to sing and dance. You love to write and color. You are smiling 99% of the time. You are loving and caring and don't have a mean bone in your body! You also like to joke around. You are a hard worker and your persistance pays off.

My life could not be better. I could not have three better sons. I am lucky to have three happy, healthy children. We count our lucky stars every day. Not many people get to experience a life like mine. I only wish everyone could just enjoy one day in my shoes. The laughter, the tears, the love, the beauty, the happiness, the temper tantrums, the hugging and kissing, the cuddliing. This age is priceless and I can never get it back again. I plan to try and enjoy every minute I am honored with!

Colin at birth

Cormac at birth

Ciaran at birth

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And then we turned ONE...

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All three...

Another year and we are TWO!


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Finally WE ARE THREE!!!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

So much to say but just can't right now

I started a wonderful post about the boys and planned to post it on their birthday (april 6th) but our family experienced a horrible unexpected loss on the boys' birthday. My father passed away very unexepectedly. He was only 66 years old. So, it looks like there will be a delay in posting for a short time. I will also post a tribute to my Dad in due time. I will also finish up the birthday post for the boys.

Keep us in your thoughts as we try and go through this most difficult time.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

NEgative comments

Frank and I had some errands to take care of yesterday so we decided to take the boys with us last night. You know, one big happy family...

I had to return something to Target and we had to go to Fortunoff to look for a gift. We were in Fortunoff. I was pushing Cormac in a cart and Frank was pushing Ciaran and Colin. I was strolling through the jewelry department when a sales person approaches me. She points to Cormac's ears and says "how did you know he needed hearing aids?" I always love the opportunity to tell people about the wonderful miracle of cochlear implants so I say "those are actaully cochlear implants. We found out when he was born he was had failed a newborn screening. We followed up and it turns out he was deaf". Before I could say more she says "well, maybe if you didn't do that to him he would have heard you". To say I was surprised by the comment is to put it mildly. I was also angered by her comment but reminded myself quickly most people don't have any experience with hearing loss or deafness and lack of knowledge can often lead to comments. My answer? "well, if we hadn't done this he wouldn't hear you talking about him at the moment. He is profoundly deaf and would have heard nothing his entire life and wouldn't be talking up a storm as we walk through the store". (about 1 minute before she talked to me Cormac had just pointed to a figurine of Mickey and Minnie and said "Mom, look it's Mickey and Minnie and Minnie is wearing a tiara" yes, he said that entire sentence and said it clear and perfect and people standing around us understood him perfectly!) The kind sales lady says "do you really think so?" I guess doubting he was deaf and we made him deaf? I don't know. I say "I don't think so, I know so" and walked away before my blood boiled and I knocked her out!

DId this woman actually think you could "outgrow" profound hearing loss? I am not sure.

This is my first experience with negativity regarding Cormac's implants. The funny part is I always thought it would come from perhaps someone in the deaf community who thought I shouldn't have implanted Cormac. But for someone to be almost seem like they were accusing me of "making" him deaf, well, I was shocked. I have only come across people who are so supportive and amazing about his implants.