Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Most wonderful time of the year..

I love Christmas. Always have and always will. I love the decorations. I love the holiday spirit. I love putting up a Christmas tree and sitting in the living room with just the Christmas lights and relaxing. I got married on December 13th because I wanted to have a Christmas wedding. Now, being a parent, it puts a whole new spin on Christmas. It makes me enjoy the holiday even more. To see the wonder and amazement in their eyes. To see how excited they were to celebrate Jesus' birthday. Well, it's just awesome.

Our holidays went wonderful. I hosted Christmas Eve at my house. We had no oven but we made it through just fine. The food was wonderful. The company was great. The kids loved being with lots of cousins. The only fly in the ointment was sickness. Calleigh and Ciaran were both sick. Ciaran had his first fever ever in his life! Four years and eight months old and his first fever. It knocked him out. He wanted to do a lot of cuddling. Calleigh went to bed Christmas Eve before 7pm. She missed most of the night. Lord knows how she slept through 20 adults and 11 kids in the house. But she never made a peep.

Santa came over on CHristmas Eve and handed out one gift to each child. The boys found Santa sleeping in Ciaran's bed. Cormac with a look of pure shock and joy said "Hey, Santa, what are you doing sleeping in my brother Ciaran's bed?" Santa said he was tired after climbing in through the window.

Christmas morning was a dream. The boys all came into our room to cuddle as usual. It took over an hour before Ciaran said "wait, didn't you say Santa was coming last night?" Once he said that it was all over. Down to the living room we all went. Their faces were priceless. They didn't even receive tons of presents but were thilled. They had all been asking for the same gifts since October and never changed their minds. Ciaran wanted "hulk toys", Colin want "Ironman that says "I am Ironman and walks" Cormac wanted "the whole box of toy story friends from Target and a Cinderella doll". Santa also brought them each a Buzz Lightyear tent, sleeping bag and backpack along with lots of other fun stuff.

New Year's Eve we spent with the boys' BFF Kennedy. It was her birthday so we went to a birthday/New Year little celebration at her house. The boys'LOVE Kennedy's house. I think they would move in if given the option! I beleive Kennedy wouldn't mind them living there either! We had a great time. We were home by 8:30pm and neither me or Frank saw the New Year! We are both sick too.

On New Year's Day we were invited to a party at Frank's cousin's house. My Mom watched the kids overnight at her house. This was the first time since I had children my kids would NOT be in the house when I woke up in the morning! Frank has been alone in the house because I go away with the kids in the summer to his mom's house but this was a first for me. I was excited and freaked out all at the same time. I knew they would be fine with my Mom.

When I told the boys they were going to sleep at my Mom's house Ciaran said "Where are you going to sleep? I said "home in our house" Colin says "All by yourself?" I say "no, Daddy will be with me". He says in a very silly cute voice "That sounds a little bit like a date to me." Then he says "Hey, wait, that sounds like a SLEEPOVER date" I was cracking up. He is really a funny kid.

The kids did great at my Mom's house except for the sickies coming back. As of today, Januay 3rd, Ciaran has a double ear infection and sinus infection (his first ear infection in his life_, Colin has one ear infected and a sinus infection (his first ear infection too) and Cormac has an ear infection and a sinus infection. This is Cormac's second ear infection. Needless to say they are not so happy. We started antibiotics and am hoping they get well quickly.

For some reason none of the boys can say "happy new year" They all say "happy new hear". They all can say the word year but when it comes out together they say "hear". They have been up to their usual funny selves with the commentst they make. As my friend, Evelyn, said "keep adding them to the book". This blog is my book. I plan to print it for the kids when they are older. So, here are a couple of the latest.

Ciaran was only in his underwear and goes running up to Colin rubbing his back against his Colin and says "Colin you are so hot from your fever come here and keep me warm"

Ciaran kept saying the word "ritado". I had no clue what he was talking about. I finally figured out he meant "taco". I have no idea why he thought it was "ritado" but who knows what goes on in their little heads.

Ciaran says to me "Mom, what is diarrhea?" I say "why do you want to know?" Ciaran says "Because I think I have it" He was right!

Christmas morning after Cormac opened all his gifts he said "Mom, Santa is the best man EVER!"

Calleigh is a full time crawler. She will pull up to standing but is not cruising or walking yet. I REALLY want her to walk. She is getting stronger every day. SHe is very funny and loves to laugh. She also has a BAD temper. I mean bad! She slams her little hands down on her tray to her high chair if we don't fee her fast enough. SHe isn't talking much except for about 3 or 4 words. She UNDERSTANDS everything. She signs "more" and "all done" She eats more than the boys at this point. No joke. For breakfast she ate a full size yogurt, cottage cheese with fruit (not a kid size) a cereal bar and then two pancakes!

We are hoping for some big changes for her in the next few weeks. We have to follow up with cardiology, neurology, endocrinology this month.

Here are some photos from the holidays.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Story...

The boys were chosen to be The Three Wisemen at the school play. Keep in mind it is Pre K 4 so the kids are little. Everyone had a part to play. It was so adorable. Too cute for words. My Wisemen were perfect.

Ciaran was Balthasar. Colin was Melchior and Cormac was Gaspar. They each had a line.

Ciaran: I am Balthasar. I bring Frankincense.
Colin: I am Melchior. I bring Myrrh.
Cormac: I am Gaspar. I bring Gold.

All three said their lines. All three sang all their songs in the show.

To say I was proud is an understatement. My heart swelled with pride. I cried. But they were tears of joy. Tears of pure love. I know they worked so hard to learn all the songs and their lines. Not to mention the amount of people who were in the audience. All the parents, lots of grandparents, aunts, uncles.

I was very worried about the performance. The Thanksgiving Show was very overwhelming for Cormac. Ciaran and Colin did great at Thanksgiving but Cormac never looked up once. He held his head down. After the show he wouldn't even be part of the feast. It was so out of character for him. I was so surprised. His teacher even called me the following day on Thanksgiving to make sure he was OK. She is the sweetest teacher and I was touched she called to check on him.

So, I was concerned we would have a repeat performance but he was back to his usual charming self. Singing and dancing. Saying his lines. Looking straight out into audience and giving it his all with a giant smile on his face.

Their teacher said to me today "First I want to thank you for having triplets and second I want to thank you letting me be their teacher". Sure made me feel good.
She was so excited to have tripets be the Wisemen. We are the first triplets she has ever had in her class.

I've said it before but when I look up at my three miracles all together it overwhlems me. It makes me happier than I ever thought I could be in life. To see Cormac, my deaf son, up there like any other kid in class is my dream realized. It's the reward for all HIS hard work. I remember sitting in a rocking chair with Cormac when his "profound hearing loss" was confirmed. I kept thinking "what do we do?" "How can this happen to us?" "Will he be ok?".

I know the answers now. He will be just fine. He IS just fine. He's just one of the boys. Ciaran, Colin and Cormac can be anything they want to be. Nothing can hold them back.

Monday, December 20, 2010

When I grow up....

Today we talked about what we want to be when they grow up...

Cormac: I don't want to be an astronaut any more like Buzz Lightyear. I want to be a doctor. Me: "what kind of doctor?" Cormac: "A veternarian"

Ciaran: "when I grow up I want to be a Cowboy. I want to be a Daddy but the kind of Daddy that can be a cowboy too."

Colin: "I don't want to be anything" Ciaran: "You said you want to be a fireman" Colin:" Not anymore. I think I just want to be a husband!"

Have I mentioned how much I love these kids of mine? Every day is an adventure. Some days they drive me nuts. But even when they drive me nuts they still make me laugh and smile.

Christmas is almost here. We are counting the days until Jesus' birthday. The boys love to tell the story of Christmas. I can't wait until Wednesday to see them as The Three Wisemen!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

How do you decide?

The boys currently attend a private Parochial Preschool. They are in PK4 which means next year is Kindergarten. I can't even believe I am typing the word Kindergarten. Now comes the decision of where do they go to school. We have two choices: our public grammar school or they can continue at their private school. I LOVE their school they are attending. I would love for them to continue their education in a Catholic School. Both Frank and I attended Catholic School. But what to do?

What I want is what is best for the kids. Cormac will still need services and receiving services in a private setting is a WHOLE new ballgame once they start Kindergarten. Your home school district is no loger responsible for services. It moves to the county level at that point. I almost feel like I have to choose the lesser of two evils. If that makes any sense at all. I feel like my decision will determine Cormac's future!

I keep remembering his Teacher of the Deaf telling me how well he is doing. And how he won't need many services in the future. I feel like I am not really sure how the private school will do with following an IEP because I was "told "legally they don't HAVE to do it. I was not told this about our school. I have only heard positive about our current school. I have been told they work with the county and will write an IEP.

I think I am going to go to our public school for an IEP for Kindergarten and also have the county write an IEP. Try and see what either has to offer.

I am trying to get in touch with other families who have IEP's in private schools for their children. Anyone know anyone? Please feel free to have them contact me. I have reached out to Summit Speech School and I am confident I will get contacts from them as well as guidance on our decision.

I seriously get sick to my stomach over all of these decisions. Some days I wish we were just your typical know 2.1 kids, no triplets, everyone hearing, no baby who had to suffer for a year...but then we wouldn't be us and I REALLY LOVE OUR FAMILY!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pitch and Throw Grasp and Know

Synonyms. That's what we are currently working on in our house. Might seem like a older concept for four year olds but they really get it and are loving it. It came about because I realize many people use different words than we do. You know I say couch and would never say sofa. I stay mix and not stir when baking cookies. Cormac's TOD and I were talking and she tells me if he doesn't know a word or something she was working on (a rare occurence!) and a the words she mentioned are words I don't commonly use. So, with that I headed to the library and took of ""Pitch and Throw, Grasp and Know...what is a Synonym" The boys are loving coming up with their own synonyms.

Ciaran of course said the synonym for "toot" is "fart". Can't argue with the truth!
Cormac had a great one of "Tornado" and "Twister". Colin asked "What's a synonym for opposite? and I told him Anotnym. He is very proud using that one. It now goes on all day. And we are using so many new words. I have to pick up a pocket Thessaurus because I can't always think of words. It has been good fun for all of us.

Ciaran has taken a sudden interest in writing. He was always the least interested and preferred playing dinosaurs but I have spent hours with him this week letting him sound out words and him writing them. He gets so proud of himself. All three are really wanting to read. Cormac is reading some. He read "no turn on red" the other day in the car.

We are on huge drawing and writing kick. I have literally gone through a ream of paper in the past few days. The draw everything. Turkeys, me, Frank, Pop Pop in heaven with Duchess, each other, Santa, under water scenes with all ocean animals, they draw their friends from school. It occupies them for hours. I have no complaints.

The boys were chosen to be the The Three Wisemen as their Christmas show. I can't wait to see it and am praying they cooperate and don't get stage fright.

Calleigh is like a new child. She is everywhere! Crawling pulling to standing. Playing with toys! She is stacking, sorting, dropping. Her PT was here today for the first time in 2 weeks due to the holiday and she couldn't believe it. She said when she evaluated her about a month ago for her review she would have put her at 7 months. Now she would put her at 13-14 months!!! She has mastered crawling so next week we will start working on cruising. She is already pulling to standing all day long so it won't be such a big jump. But the best part of Calleigh is her personality. She is funny. Just a funny kid. She finds humor in lots of things and likes to laugh. She know when you are being silly and appreciates it. The best thing about the boys right now? IT's how they act around Calleigh. If you ever witnessed the way they react to her EVERY morning. You would cry. It would warm your heart and you would wish you could see it every day like we do. She loves them and is going to be wild....I can just tell.

Here she is on the move last week. Listen to the end and she says "I did it" after she pulls herself up

Our first visit with Santa for the season. First of many!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blatant Brag Post

I took Cormac to see his teacher of the deaf today. She has been working with him since September. She said he is doing amazing and is "the poster child for early intervention and early implantation"! She said she forsees no problems with Cormac in his future. She observed him in class this week and said he is one of the brightest kids in the class. He is involoved in everything and is the first to volunteer. She said lots of kids with hearing loss will wait to see what others do before participating but not Cormac does not. She said even when his FM system was broken he did not miss a trick. He just paid more attention so he didn't miss anything.

She also said some kids who are doing really well at a young age tend to struggle a bit when they hit 3rd grade or so because they need to start with complex thought process. But she said Cormac already used a complex thought process most other 4 year olds aren't capable of using. She does not foresee Cormac having an issues long term. She says as long as we continue with what we are doing by the time 3rd or 4th grade comes he will probably just need monitoring to make sure he is where he should be. Can you say AHHH??? (and an FM system)

As if my day wasn't grand already we headed to the library and on the way out met a very nice man who just happened to be a psychologist who speciaized in people with hearing loss and was fluent in sign language. He says " I see you daughter (no, not a typo. He thought he was a girl. LOL) has hearing loss and wears implants." I say "yes, he has profound loss bilaterally" And he says "and look at how amazing he is doing" (Cormac had walked up to him and said "excuse me, is it ok if I pet your dog" and then asked him the dogs name and what kind of dog he was and also told him we had a dog.) He told me in the last few years he has changed the focus of his practice because he is realizing his sign language probably won't be necessary because of how kids like Cormac are doing. "They are growing up just like other kids without any delays and don't feel self conscious"

To hear this about Cormac is awesome. I already know he will be fine but it's sure is nice to hear professionals tell you he will be fine. Makes me so proud of him and all his hard work.. Makes me know Frank and I did something right! Makes me also wonder how Frank and I produced a kid as smart as him (LOL_).

So, with all that good going on I didn't let the lady at the Burger Kind drive through ruin my day. I was in desperate need of the largest Diet Coke and with four kids in the car running into a store was not appealing. The logical choice would be the drive thru. I figure I can even get the kids a healthy snack of apple fries. She swipes my debit card and tells me it's not working. The magnetic strip must be broken. I say well can't you enter it manually? Really?? She says "sorry,no, I can't do that" WHAT?? WHAT??? And this was the assistant manager. But I went somewhere else got my caffeine fix and all is well witht he world! This working overnights is seriously making me even more addicted to Diet Coke!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I kept a journal before I started this blog. I was not good at keeping it updated but I wish I was. I came across it this weekend and was scanning through it. I read this entry to the boys and they got the biggest kick out of it. Especially the part when I told them all the nicknames I called them.

May 29th 2007 (they were 13 months old and Cormac was not hearing yet)

Here is what I wrote:
Asof today Ciaran is running, Colin walks like a drunken sailor and Cormac will take a step or two.

Ciaran is the talker of the family. He says cracker, Dad, ball and makes the cutest monkey noise you ever heard.

Colin says Dad and duck. Ciaran also says duck and they both quack. Colin can moo like a cow. Colin says thank you. Ciaran said Pop Pop a few days ago.

They understand everything and know most of their body parts.

Cormac can't hear yet so he doesn't have any verbal word recognigtion however he understands some signs. Dad, horse, dog, baby, eat, more, cow)

I am waiting for his surgery. It cannot come fast enough. He so wants to talk.

He can sign baby, more and eat. He has been waving for months and also blows kisses.

Here are some of their nicknames..

Cormac: Big Mac, Cormy warmy, pea, Cormac the keg (he was short and stout when he was born)

Ciaran: Ceery Weery, Ciaran the cat(his cry sounded like a wounded cat), peanut and little man

Colin: Collie Wally, Bruiser, chub chub, big man and super chunk

Ciaran has a nasally laugh.

Colin has the funniest giggle. and is so ticklish.

At 13 months you are all wearing 18 minth size clothes

In the morning I can hear you all babbling to each other in your cribs. It's the sweetest noise a mother can hear.

Sometimes Cormac sleeps later. I let Ciaran and COlin wake him up. They toddle over to his crib giggling and rub his arm or back to wake him since he can't hear them. Cormac wakes up with the biggest smile when he sees his brothers.

The boys play well together. Colin is a little rough and steals toys.

Below is a little conversation I had with Cormac just yesterday. He really does crack me up.

Cormac: "Mom, what' the letter of the week at school this week?"
Me: "I don't know we can look it up?" Oh, it's "F". Can you think of words that start with "F"?
Cormac: "Fire, fairy, funny, fruit, flag football, finger, foot."
Me: "that's really good cormac. How about I say something and you try and guess the word?"
Cormac: "OK"
Me: "A turkey is big and ?? I was thinking he was going to say fat because they have been singing a song at school about a big fat turkery. But Cormac said "feathery" I was pretty impressed. A turkey is feathery. Not sure if that's really a word but it starts with "F" for sure!

When Frank was putting the boys to bed the other night I heard Colin tell him "Mom, will be in my heart forever because she is my best Too sweet that boy.

Today was Frank's birthday. We all went out to dinner. He wanted us to go as a family. My mom and Richie met us along with my friend Maritza and her daughter Kristin. It was a really nice evening. The boys could not have behaved better. Calleigh just smiled and ate everything in site. Now you know the night wouldn't go off without a hitch, right? Colin had just finished his meal and we were waiting on the adult food. He was coughing a little and I could just tell something was wrong. Mother's just know. I said "he is going to throw up" I started walking him to the bathroom while holding a napkin to his mouth. He puked in my hand and in the napkin. He also puked again in the bathroom. He was so good and didn't get upset. I have no idea why it happened and he isn't sick now. He seems just fine. He even managed to eat some cake. But it added a little excitement to the night!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Helpful computer game

We rarely play computer games. Mostly because I really don't need three little people taking over and eventually breaking the computer :) I found this game and it has turned out to be such a great listening game. Cormac LOVES it and he really has to listen in order to win.

It's called Hide and Seek with Milli (it's from the nickjr show Team Umi Zoomi. You have to find where she is hiding and following the clues she SAYS. It uses great words like "behind" "next to". So, it's all about listening. It's been a hit with all three kids. I am now going to search for some more games.

Anyone else have any games they like to play on the computer?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Two ears are better than one....

I can attest to this from our real life. When Cormac is down an implant it is evident the second I talk to him. I can tell instantly. It is also so much harder for him to locate sound. He has to look around to see where the sound is coming from. With both, that never happens.

Helping To Hear: Cochlear Implants x 2 | Neuroscience | Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just some cute videos

THis was taken over 6 months ago.

Calleigh being her cute self.

Cormac singing the song from Princess and the Frog.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Expressive Language

Here is more from the little notebook I found....

Expressive language 4 months post activation:

Momo (more).
"I" for light
uh for up
Ah Ah Ah Ah for airplane (all you parents of implanted kids know this sound!)
He He He for Monkey noise
Hop Hop Hop for rabbit but he didn't put the "P' on the end
ooo ooo for choo choo
ow for meow for cat
rubs belly and says "mmmm" when eats

Then I wrote "he has approximations for words that are hard to write down" Certain sounds can mean many words.

You should see the big jump he made in 4 weeks in December.

I will put the rest up in future posts.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Found this...receptive language

While searching heaven and earth to try and find my misplaced passport and social security card I came across a notebook I was keeping for Cormac. It was labeled "receptive" on the front and "expressive" on the back. It lists the dates of when I wrote it down and how far past activation. I forgot I even kept this notebook. How I forgot I don't know but I thought I would share some of it. I have been asked lots of times by Mom's of recently implanted children when he started saying certain things. At this point I can't even remember! Three years later and it seems like a lifetime ago.

Might be boring to read but I want to get it down so I can remember later on.

Cormac had no access to sound prior to activation. He was profound in both ears. As described to me "He couldn't hear a jet engine if he was standing next to it". Hearing aids did not give him any benefit. By the time he was activated he understood a good 200 signs and could do about that many as well. It was easy to confirm he understood a word because he would sign it when we said it.

Activation July 2007
Receptive language 11/2007:

bye bye
pop pop
ring around the rosey
row tow
knock knock
stand up
sit down
get me
I love you
wash hands
baby signing times
chomp chomp
open your mouth
so big
all done
take a bite
peek a boo
thank you

I think it's about 160 words. Not too shabby for 4 months post activation! I think he could sign about 85% of the words on this list.

When I thnk back to what he did in such a sort time it is nothing short of a miracle. We are so blessed to live in times of such amazing technology.

I also have his expressive language 4 months post activation. I will do it in the next post.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Please take a second and vote for Cormac for The Gap Casting Call Fan Favorite! Wouldn't it be awesome to see an ad with a child with Cochlear Implants!!! It only takes a second. VOTE EVERY DAY! I am way behind on getting this out and it looks like some people has astronomical amounts of votes (i am thinking they are very computer savvy or hackers!) Please tell everyone you know!

Click here to vote

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness and Random comments from boys.

On Sunday we went to eat to the diner. Ciaran has been asking to go for a few weeks to go the diner for grilled cheese and fries. There was about a 45 minute wait for a table and I thought for sure we would over stay our welcome after waiting so long. Luckily, that was not the case.

Anyway, we were sitting at the table. Calleigh in her high chair munching on Veggie Straws. The boys and I were playing a game. I was describing something and they had to guss what it was I was describing. (Go figure, I was playing a listening game!) An older gentlemen walks over to our table. He had to be at least 70 or so. He says to me and Frank in the lovliest southern accent (remember we are in NJ) "I just had to come over here and tell you what a beautiful family you have. You are all so truly blessed to have such amazing children" I had never seen this man before. He proceeded to tell us a story about a family he knows who has 14 children and he thought by looking at us we would do fine with a whole lot more! I believe Frank choked on his burger at this point. LOL

What a wonderful way to start our day. It was so sweet of him to come and talk to us. And he didn't even realize the boys were triplets so it wasn't a multiples moment. It sure made Frank and I feel very fortunate.

On another note, I took Cormac today to try and figure out the mystery problem with his FM System. We went to Summit Speech School. We have not been there is so long. We still get our itinerant services from there but was haven't visited in a while.

While waitng to be seen by the audiologist the Principal was walking through the lobby. He comes over to say Hello. Cormac brought an Ariel doll with him and he tells him "This is my Ariel doll. I have another one at home who lights up but she isn't working right now because the batteries are dead". He looks at me and smiles and says "I can see we are suffering from a huge language deficit" LOL!

The audiologist told Cormac his teacher from last year had a baby. She showed him a picture of the baby. The baby's name was Christopher. He tells her "That's the same name as my cousin. And the same as Christopher Columbus. He discovered America when his boat went "boop" and bumped into it." She was cracking up.

Colin told me the other night when he gets big he wants to marry me. I said, OK. Ciaran says I want to marry mommy too. Colin says no, you can marry Dad. Ciaran says in his best sarcastic voice "Colin, Dad's not even a girl. What is wrong with you!" Cormac then says he wants to marry a girl "who looks just like Barbie" HMMMM...

Friday, October 8, 2010

A little Sad

Yesterday, I stood outside of the boys' preschool waiting for them to come out. The door opened and Ciaran was the first in line. I saw him and it shocked me a little. He looked so big and grown up. Standing there in his jeans and Nortre Dame jersey with his green fall vest. I swear for a second I didn't even recognize him. How can this all go by so quickly. Doesn't really seem fair to me. Why do we only get such a short time to be with our children before they have to grow up and be part of the real world? At that moment I wanted to take them all home and lock them up forever....

Then he came running at me yelling "Mommy" holding his latest school creation and I realized he might look grown up but he is still my baby. They are all still my babies. They will always be my babies.

Take time today to really cherish all the time you have with your children. Before you know it they won't want to run and jump in our arms.

Monday, October 4, 2010

PreK 4

We started Pre-K 4 on September 20th. I can't believe they are already in Pre-K 4! Next year is Kindergarten and I am NOT emotionally ready for them to be gone 5 days a week for full day. I really wish it was only half days. Maybe we can move before it starts. Seriously...

This was taken on the first day they went but it wasn't their "official" first day. They only went for an hour.




The official first day

So far school is great. We have a wonderful teacher. We are having issues with Cormac's FM system. He uses a wireless system and wears a different hook (I connect) on his implant and the teacher wears a michrophone. It's wireless and when she talks he can hear her. I am not even sure he needs it but that's another issue. There are two teachers in the class and one is the same as last year. She is noticing he doesn't seem to be hearing as well and is asking for things to be repeated more than usual. Great for him for having the advocacy skills to ask when he can't hear but not the ideal situation for him. I noticed over the weekend he seemed to be asking "what" alot. I am thinking it's a mapping issue that came up quickly. Hoping to get him to the audiologist ASAP to have a look.

Cormac's teacher of the deaf has been awesome. She has been working with us on trouble shooting the FM. She's so proactive which is awesome. Part of our problem is we don't have an IEP which should include and educational audiologist but that's a whole other story. Luckily, Summit SPeech School can also work on his FM in the mean time until we can get him mapped. Another reason I so love that place. They are always willing to help and always have an answer.

We also started Flag Football. It's pretty funny and they totally don't have a clue. Not just my kids. All the kids. But Cormac scored his first touchdown yesterday. I wasn't there to witness it. Go figure. I miss one thing in their lives and he scores a touchdown. He also gets so pissed when they grab his flags. I keep telling him that is the whole point so maybe he should run faster :) Ciaran is fast and is the one who keeps gettin his flags. There is no contact allowed but my three are used to tackling each other. So far, they have not tackled a stranger!

Calleigh is doing amazing. She has finally started to feed herself. This is a pretty big milestone. She is also clapping and pointing. Two more to check off the list! She is trying her hardest to crawl and can go in reverse but still not quite forward. However, she is trying. She no longer pitches a fit when you put her into a crawl position and she gets up on all fours all by herself. Her personality is so hilarious. She is sweet as pie but is living up to the red headed temper stereotype! We are continuing her therapies and hope in the next few months she will be walking around.

I celebrated my birthday the end of September. The boys told me they wanted me to have beautiful, sparkly and glittery shoes as my gift. They came through as you will see in the picture below! I also received Hello Kitty slippers and some Halloween socks.

That's my cake. It says "Happy Birthday Beautiful Mom. We love you"

Notice the shiny shoes. They are actually Steve Madden and I love them. Yes, there is an extra child in the picture. That's my beautiful nephew, Michael. He is in love with the boys and wanted to be in our family photo.

Calleigh at flag football.

I am also attending The Annual Mainstream Conference hosted by The Clarke School. Cormac's TOD told me about it and since I can drive to it I am planning on going. I hope to work out the last of the babysitting details this week. Praying it all works out and I can attend.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Things that make me smile...

I was thinking about all the things in my life that bring a smile to my face. Not just the obvious, but the small things. So here is a list:

It makes me smile when Ciaran calls Rice Krispe Treats "rice christmas trees".

It makes me smile when Calleigh smiles. Her whole faces changes and she reminds so much of Colin..

It makes me smile when the boys sing "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz"

It makes me smile when I play hide and seek with the boys and they just can't stop giggling. They are by far the WORST hiders in the world.

It makes me smile when Ciaran calls me "Mamma" even though I know I am being played.

It makes me smile to look into my yard and see all three boys on the glider together making up stories of where they are traveling.

It makes me smile to see Calleigh trying to crawl. And I also smile because she is such a little Diva sometimes.

It makes me smile (even though I pretend I don't think it's funny) to watch the boys "moon" each other. No, I never taught them that but my Mom is for sure to blame.

It makes me smile when Cormac puts me in a head lock when you sleep with him as his way of cuddling.

It makes me smile that Colin loves to talk at night in his bed. It's more reminiscing than talking. He has the best memory ever.

It makes me smile that Ciaran is such a little boy with such a big attitude. He can be so disagreeable at times but it cracks me up for some reason.

It makes me smile Colin and Ciaran still can't say the letter "L" cause it's so darn cute.

It makes me smile Cormac can says a PERFECT letter "L" and constantly tries to teach them how to say it right.

It makes me smile that Ciaran calls "candy' "tandy" even though he can say the letter "c". It's some sort of mental block.

It makes me smile how much of a little lover Colin is to people.

It makes me smile to hear their little conversations.

It makes me smile to hear their belly laughter.

It makes me smile how they will defend each other to the end against others but will quickly sell out another to me!

It makes me smile when they call their father "cranky Frankie" (I am guilty of teaching that one!)

It makes me smile they said for my birthday they want to buy me sparkly shoes with jewels on them and a fancy dress to go with it.

It makes me smile to hear the boys voices when they talk to Calleigh. They use a total different voice and it's adorable.

It makes me smile to peek in on them when they are sleeping.

It makes me smile that they choose to be together but have no problem being apart.

It makes me smile that the love little girls to play with them.

It makes me smile to hear Calleigh "talk". She has such a deep voice.

It makes me smile that Calleigh has red hair.

It makes me smile my kids are the "commando kids". I had to wrestle them into underwear to go to school.

It makes me smile that Frank has no chance against Calleigh. Can you butter??? I can just see him forking over his credit card in a few years.

It makes me smile to think that my house might actually be less cluttered some day.

It makes me smile because I love that clutter because that means kids are in the house.

It makes me smile when I put the song "hey soul sister" on in the car and Colin and Cormac sing it word for word. But the expressions on their faces when they hear the first beat is priceless.

It makes me smile when Cormac sticks his tongue in his cheek when he is up to something.

It makes me smile that everything that happens is an "accident" according to Colin.

It makes me smile when Colin says something and then says "no, Mom, I was just kidding you".

I think I could go on and on but these are the ramblings I came up with today....

So, what makes you smile?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Over three weeks!

I think that's the longest I've gone without updating the blog in a long time. CHalk it up to us just enjoying the rest of our summer. The boys still didn't start school. They went today for an hour and I stayed with them. Seemed so silly because every kid in the class had been in preschool before. Monday marks their "official" first day. You know, the day of pictures with me and Frank with giant back packs on their backs. The day they get to wear the shirt they picked out. Start praying to the UPS gods the third one arrives by tomorrow or it's going to suck. One of the downfall of having triplets...hard to find three of the same clothes in the same size. Obviously, by looking at my pictures I have mastered it but this one couldn't be found and had to be ordered.

Cormac will not have the same Teacher of the Deaf this year. She is still from Summit Speech School. I met her briefly last year and she is great. She is also very proactive and likes to keep me involved. I always like that. We are meeting tomorrow to go over his FM system and make sure it is up and running for Monday. I honestly never learned anything about it. If I am being truthful I really feel like I was the worst CI parent ever last year. WIth Calleigh being so sick I feel like I was out of the loop with his Teacher of the Deaf. Not like me at all. I guess we were at a place where I KNEW he was OK so I let myself focus on Calleigh. Many guilty sleepless nights have come from it. Cormac, however, is no worse for wear.

This is a new year. A new start. Calleigh is so much healthier. She doesn't have as many doctors appointments. No surgeries are in her future so I can get back to a little normalcy. As for Calleigh, she just had her 15 month well visit. She weighed in at a whopping 18.5 pounds and is 26 inches long. She's a little firecracker. She might start Kindergarted in an infant bucket car seat! But you know what? I don't care. She is starting to crawl and pick herself up to standing. She is babbling NON stop. She says Mama, Dada and hat. I am waiting anxiously to see what she will call her brothers. When the boys were little and couldn't say each others names they called each other "Ree Ree" (ciaran), "ollie" Colin, and "mick mack or mimick for Cormac. I still call them those names because they are so adorable.

We are starting Flag Football next week. Should be interesting. I can't wait to see them play. They have no clue how to play so we shall see. They are all excited.

We spent the last few weeks literally at the beach. We didn't come home for about 2 weeks came home for 5 days and spent the weekend after Labor Day away with friends at a different beach. The boys had their first sleepover since we were all staying in the same house. Kennedy is their best friend and she loves them. They love her even more. Not to mention their little brother, Jack. Ciaran is his idol! She call the boys the "chiplets" instead of triplets. I said they sound like a rock band. "kennedy and the chiplets" I guess when they are older she will have to decide who she loves best. As of today it's Ciaran, however, Colin says he is marrying her. They are 4!!!

Lots of pictures to come very soon.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5 years and 8 months...

You wondering what that number is? It's not the age of any of my children. It's not an anniversary. It's not a countdown. IT IS WHAT CORMAC SCORED ON HIS ANNUAL EVALUATION AT NYU!!!!!!!

Here is some other information. At the time of the test his actual age was 4 years 3 months. His hearing age was 3 years 2 months. So, you see where this is going? Not only is he scoring above average for his HEARING AGE he above average for his ACTUAL AGE. This is compared to typical hearing children. Not hearing impaired children just you run of the mill kids in the world.

We are so pleased, thrilled, happy. Insert any word you can think of for happy and relieved and it will complete the sentence.

Not much time to write being on vacation and all but just wanted to share :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I mention alot how much the boys talk. And when I say alot I mean constantly. Never ending. Not a second of quiet. For some reason in the car it's more questions. Here is a conversation I had with Colin on the way home from picking up Frank's car at the mechanic.

Colin: Mom, did you make the "hey, soul sister CD" (I just bought him the new CD by Train because he loves the song soul sister"

Me: No, hunny, I bought it.

Colin: Where did you buy it?

Me: At a store.

Colin: What store?

Me: K-mart

(Ciaran quickly says "Mom, what is K mart?" I quickly answer him "it's the store with the Big K we drive by on the way to the parkway"

While answering Ciaran Colin asked:

Where in the store did you get it?

Me: I got it in the music section

Colin: Oh, but what part of the store?

Me: I don't know. THe part where they sell CD's

Colin: When you went in the store did you go left or right?

Me: Colin, I really don't remember. I just went to the music section.

Colin: Was it in the front or the back?

Me: I think it was in the back.

Colin: Oh, well that's my favorite song. Did you buy it because I really like it?

Me: Yes, COlin I bought because I knew you liked it.

Colin: Can you put the song on?

Me: sure

Cormac: I don't want to hear the "hey soul sister" song. I want to watch TV.

Me: We can watch TV after we listen to the CD.

Cormac: Nope, I am taking my magnets off because I really don't want to listen to it. (I watched as he took both magnets off and entered into a world of silence)

Me: Ok. At least you have options.....(Sometimes I think he has it WAY better! DOnt' you wish you could turn off your ears every now and then????)

This was all in under 30 seconds. I am not joking. And it is continuous for the entire time we are in a car. No matter how long the ride :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today we went to play at the park. I decided to keep the boys home in our house for a week to let them regroup. Being at the beach all summer is wonderful but I think they were yearning for some down time with their own stuff. It's been a great couple of days. They are napping better and seem to love being home with all their gear. Their imaginations are wonderful and with access to all their costumes the games go on for hours.

Here was a Wow moment for me today at the play ground. I don't know what they are called but most of the play grounds have them. You talk into it and on the other side of the play ground some one can hear you. You can talk back and forth. We never used them before not sure why but today the kids decided to try them out. Honestly, i wasn't sure how well Cormac would hear it. It's kind of muffled and echoey (is that a word???). To my pleasant surprise, Cormac had an entire conversations with Colin and myself. He didn't miss one word and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Another reason I take my hat off to Advanced Bionics! Just when I think I have seen it all....

On the home front. I found out the head of Special Services for our district has left his position. I am not sure what impact that will have on us. We have our services in place for the next school year thankfully. I am waiting to learn who has taken over the positiion. I plan to contact them shortly just to touch base with the next in line.

Calleigh had a follow up cardiology appointment this week. Her VSD is closed. Great news. Her ASD is still 7mm. Seems small when you think of it but it's not considered small when it's your heart. Fortunately, the hole doesn't cause any issues. We will continue to monitor her every 4 months over the next couple of years. If it doesn't shrink or close it will have to be surgically corrected. Not worried about it now. We have a few years.

Calleigh finally fed herself a bottle! She has been capable of it for some time but refused. THe last day she has decided to hold the bottle. I think I waited her out long enough for a bottle. She really wanted it and I wouldn't give in. I know, I know, mean Mommy, but this little girl is a little lazy! There is always someone to give her what she wants.

Oh, how could I forget!! Her first word.....HAT!!! She has said it several times now. I have been wearing a baseball hat a lot and she gets a kick out of it. I have hear Mama about three times but not consistent. SHe has perfected Dada and even Daddy. (traitor LOL).

We continue to use our every day life as a learning and language opportunity. Just yesterday I had to explain the oil spill in Louisiana to the boys. I made a pretend ocean in a tupperware and poured some oil on top. I explained what happened and how it effects out ocean, wild life etc. (currents, skimmers, pumps, Louisiana, shrimp, BP- just a smidge of the vocabulary.) I even took out the puzzle map of The USA and showed them on the map where we were in relation to LA and explained how the ocean was all around us. Pretty neat. It kept their interest for a while.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life is a beach....

Life has been great this summer. I am spending 3-4 days a week at the beach with the kids which is why the blog has been neglected! I have just been having too much fun in the sun! The only downfall to so much time at the beach is much less time of implant wearing for Cormac. But you know what???? It hasn't changed a thing. If this was a year or two ago I would have been nuts taking him "off air" for a few hours a day. Not this year. All the kids speech has grown by leaps and bounds this summer. We have spent HOURS and HOURS reading. We go to the library once a week and pick out our books. A special shout out to Melanie who turned me on to the Fancy Nancy books. The vocabulary in them is amazing. Our currenct favorite is "Explorer Extrodinaire". It has lots about birds and butterflies and insects. At the zoo last week we talked a lot about the book when looking at all the birds.

Here is Cormac reading Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy.

Boogie Boarding is the latest rage in the family. The boys are amazing in the ocean. They paddle out and ride in the waves. Granted they can't swim yet but don't tell them that simple fact!!! The don't mind going under or getting smashed to the ground by the waves. We have talked lots about ocean facts. (currents, rip tides, number of oceans in the world)

Here is a link to some of the pictures. I am not at my home computer so I can't uplaod directly to the blogger.

We went on a pirate cruise! It was a treasure finding pirate adventure. The kids got to shoot water cannons at the "mean, smelly Pirate Pete". They used a treasure map to find things out in the water to eventually find the treasure chest. It had to hauled by a rope out of the water. They had fake tattoos and mustaches painted on them. It was a highlight of the summer. Their pirate names were Cross Bones Cormac, Castaway Colin and Compass Ciaran. They were so enthralled with the entire 2hour boat ride and adventure.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A celebration

The cake says "It's three years Cormac can hear"

I remember three years ago like it was yesterday. We handed Cormac over to the hands of a surgeon.

They let me walk Cormac into the OR. Frank said I couldn't do it if I was going to cry. Cormac never saw me shed a tear. I waited until he was deep asleep to let the river of tears start flowing. Frank and I held hands and sat anxiously waiting for the surgery to be over. It took nearly six hours. Yes, six hours. Since he received simultaneous bilateral implants it took longer than we expected. Not what you wanted but in the long run, Dr Lalwani, was a perfectionist and perfection is what we wanted.

I was not prepared for what I saw in the recovery room. No one warned me of the amount of swelling Cormac would experience.

Keep in mind he is totally deaf and now his face swelled so much his eyes could not open. My heart broke for him and I was literally physically ill to see him like this. The nurses didn't want me to touch him but touch was ALL I had. I ripped him out of the bed while he was sobbing crying. Within a minute he was fast asleep in my arms. What do those nurses know? I know my son, not them. I sat perfectly still with him for 2 hours until we were transferred out of recovery.

After 12 hours his eyes finally went down and he rolled over in the bed and gave me his usual smile. I knew at that moment everything would be alright. I called Frank immediately to tell him not realizing it was 3am! He thought the worst had happened and I was just calling to tell him good news. We were sent home the next morning and the long wait began. We had to wait four weeks for activation. It seemed like a year! We just couldn't wait for Cormac to start having access to sound.

THis is Cormac 24 hours after surgery.

On July 23rd Frank and I took Cormac and headed back to NYU for the big activation day. We were so nervous and excited. We had heard stories most kids cry and didn't have high expectations. We understood when they first turned on the implant he wouldn't understand what we were saying. He would have to be taught to understand the sounds around him. An implant is not majic. You don't just suddenly hear and understand. Cormac's activation could not have gone any better! He loved it and was so excited. Every time they made a sound they taught him to look at a dancing pig. Once he realized he was hearing sound he kept signing "more" and then "more pig". He smiled through the entire process. It was so amzing.

Here is a video of his activation. It's quite long but if you foward to around 4 minutes and watch from then on you will really see how thrilled he was to hear. At about 7 minutes 50 seconds he actually pulls on his ear and smiles and signs "more".

From that day on we have been working hard. It has become a way of life. We talk. and talk and then talk some more. I remember someone telling me around the three year mark you start to almost "forget" about it. Whoever said it was right. We are at a place where it's just Cormac. He has done so much in three short years. He has managed to catch up to his peers and surpass most of them. He fulfilled my dream of attending mainstream preschool with his brothers. The thought of sending him to school alone and separating him from his brothers broke my heart. I was willing to do if necessary but luckily it was not. I could not be prouder of him.

I really didn't know what to expect from him. I never knew someone who was deaf before I gave birth to Cormac. I didn't know anything about Connexin 26. I didn't even know what a cochlear implant was until he was diagnosed.

We have been blessed with lots of amazing people in our lives. Joan, Cormac's teacher of the deaf from early intervention was the best. We saw her 2 hours a week in our home and I brought him to a group class as Summit Speech School once a week. Joan was also the teacher of the group class. She gave our son his voice. She gave our family the skills to use along this journey. Everyone at Summit Speech School has been amazing to our family. We love being part of their school and continue to receive Cormac's itinerant services from Summit. Currently, his teacher of the deaf, Nicole, is amazing as well. Cormac just loves her.

We had our three year speech evaluation. The official report isn't complete yet but Cormac can produce every sound necessary for speech! Every sound. Including "th", "Y", "sh". These are harder sounds. His auditory memory is amazing. I swear this kid knows everything.

All in all our journey has been amazing. Cormac's future is bright. He has nothing holding him back. He can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. I am not saying it wasn't hard work. I am not saying it was easy. But nothing in life truly worth it comes easy. (well, at least in our family) I am not sure why we were chosen to have the family we have received. Most people (to me anyway) seem to have kids and never miss a beat. Never know the struggles of other parents who aren't so lucky. I have been called lucky alot. I dont know if lucky is the right word. If I was lucky I assume I wouldn't have struggled through a triplet pregnancy. If I was lucky I guess all three boys would have been born hearing. If I was lucky Calleigh wouldn't have been born with health issues requiring three surgeries before her first birthday. I consider myself blessed. They are two different things. I look at my family every day and feel blessed. Blessed to even have children. Blessed they are all so wonderful. Blessed they are who they are. They make me a better person and sometimes a lunatic but it's worth every minute.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Three Years!!

July 23rd marked the three year anniversary of Cormac's implant activation. I have lots to say and plenty of pictures to post along with video. Today we go for his 3 year speech evaluation. I am not too worried. I will give a full update ASAP.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our summer continues with lots of fun. Most of our time is spent at the beach. I love how my kids love the beach. It reminds me of my childhood and I feel so blessed to be able to give my kids the opportunity to spend so much time at the beach and ocean. We are so lucky my mother in law lives 2 blocks from the beach!

We joined the reading club at the library for the summer. We have been putting in a minimum of 20 minutes a day of reading but really it's way more. We choose a theme a week and take out books to go along. We had a week about the beach and ocean, a week about Vermont. I find it fascintating how quickly my children memorize books. Honestly, if I read it one time they remember almost every word. God forbid I skip a word they quickly correct me! I love sitting on the couch on the porch with them reading book after book. They ask SO MANY questions sometimes it takes me 40 minutes to read a short book! But I know the questions are good to ask. SHows me they are really paying attention.

I have been working on sight words with Cormac because he seems the most interested. He found sight word flash cards and brought them to me and said "Mommy, learn with me". Within a minute he read "is" "an" "that" "no" and "me". There were more but I can't remember. He sounded the words out. Actually, on Monday we were at a repass for Frank's Aunt Catherine and at the restaurant there was a sign for Harp beer. He read the word Harp. I honestly think he will be fully reading shortly. This will be one giant hurdle for him!

Now, I always like to write about the funny things they do or say. Here's some of the latest

Cormac "Mom, come sit outside with me and do rhyming words"
Me: "Ok, what rhymes with chair?
Cormac: "lair"
Me: "do you know what a lair is or are you just making up a word?" (somtimes they make nonsense words up by just changing the first letter)
Cormac: (In his best DUH, mom, voice) "Mom, everyone knows a lair is where a dragon lives".
Me: "alright I was just checking!"
Cormac: "Hair, pear, stair, share"

Guess he can rhyme that word!

I said before Cormac is usually dressed as a princess for some part of the day. Well, he finally converted Colin and now has a partner, errr princess, in crime. So they were both dressed up Colin was Aurora and Cormac was Ariel. They come in the kitchen to tell me I was not dressed fancy enough to go to the ball. What did I do? Walked upstairs and pulled my wedding gown out of the closet. I put it on, veil and all, and walked back into the kitchen. They both nearly lost their minds. I heard "mom, you are so beautiful" "that's the most pretty and sparkliest dress I ever saw" I was allowed to go to the ball. I wound up cooking grilled cheese dinner in my wedding gown. They all got a kick out of it. I figure, whatever makes these little ones happy, right? Really, what is ever going to happen to the dress? I might as well get some use out of it. I think I might be bride this Halloween and wear it! I forgot how much I love my wedding gown!

Here are the two beauties....
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I am not sure where this is from but I kept hearing the boys sing "don't go to sleep with a frown in your pocket" But that is all the words they knew. I googled it and apparently it was on the show 30 Rock. I don't watch so I don't know for sure. But I learned the rest of the words and here is Cormac singing it. Whenever I film him he doesn't do his best work :) but it's pretty good.

So, I have a question for other parents who read this blog. On average, how many questions per hour do you think your kids ask you? I mean, my kids ask questions non stop. All day. All night. Nothing stops them. Sometimes I compare it to a battering ram because the three of them fire questions at me at the same time. THey jockey for time and get upset when the other takes their turn. I know part of it is the "multiple" thing. I LOVE how curious my kids are and know they are little sponges and really retain all I say to them but some days I am like "ok, let's take a break!" I counted today in the car. We had travelled three blocks and I they had already asked my about 20 questions! (Mom, what kind of tree is that with the green things growing on it?" "What are the green things called?" "are they called green pine cones? because they look like green pine cones" "what street are we on?" "what road do we take to get to our house?") Keep in mind there are three of them so they don't always want to know the same things! They are all very good questions about things they want to know more about but it's exhausting answering them all!

Just curious if all four year olds ask as many questions!

A few random pictures.

My knights in shining armor! We are in a SERIOUS knight and dragon phase. All day long it goes on. Their imaginations amaze me!

The countdown begins....July 23rd is Cormac's THREE YEAR Hearing Anniversary!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We had our long awaited neurology appointment today for Calleigh. It is really the only specialist she hasn't seen except for Endocrinology but we are seeing them Friday. With all her issues my amazing pediatrician wanted me to see the neurologist so we didnt' have any more unwanted surprises. My greatest fear was something was wrong neurologically and that was causing some of her delays. I went alone to the appointment and realized as I was walking in I really wish I was not alone. It seems to be trend for me to learn really bad news when I am alone. But I couldn't change it so I went in to meet the doctor.

The doctor was down right amazing. She spend over an hour and half with me and Calleigh. She went over every little thing I could even think of and took time to answer all of my questions and concerns. Bottom line, there is no reason to think Calleigh won't be just fine. Yes, she is delayed (mostly her gross motor skills) but the doctor thinks she will catch up. Her delays are not being caused by any neurological problem. Her brain MRI showed nothing to indicate any issues. She does have benign hydrocephalus but it't not on her brain so it requires no intervention. It's actually between her skull and skin which is why her veins in her forehead are more prominent than most peoples. It was resolve itself. Lots of people have it but don't know it because they never had a reason for a brain MRI.

Her ability to crawl, walk etc is from having some low tone but NOT coming from her brain. This is HUGE. This means her brain knows what to do and will eventually do it.

THe doctor actually told me she was surprised at how much Calleigh could do for all she has been through this year. On paper, it looks pretty bad. She was not expecting the happy, laughing, social, smiling baby she encountered! Calleigh was her usual charming self. She flashed her dimples like a champ and won over another doctor and staff!

We will continue with her physical therapy and push her to get stronger and stronger. All in all it could not have gone better. I am going to sleep a little better tonight....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Vermont or Remont as Colin likes to call it, is full of fun. We learned how to fish which taught the words "fising rod", casting out the line, reeling in a fish, patience because fishing requires it, "bait" as in worms because fresh water fish like to eat them. We learned the difference between fresh water and salt water. We learned tons of things on our vacation.

We drove in NJ, NY and Vermont so we learned that NJ is the Garden State, NY is the Empire State and Vermont is the Green Mountain State. I showed them on a map where the three states were and how we drove there (a puzzle map of the US)

We learned Vermont is where maple syrup is made. We ate maple butter and it is now a favorite of Colin. (I have always loved it!)

Cormac learned to jump in the water and go totally under. I mean with NO FEAR!! He went from not wetting his face or head to launching himself into the deep end with me or Frank waiting for him. And he doesnt know how to swim yet!

But most of all we had fun. Lots of fun with lots of family. Both my sisters and their families came with us. My Uncle Bill and Aunt Lee hosted us all at their home. We couldn't have had better hosts. I love and look forward to every 4th of July spent in the mountains. I can't remember how many years we have been going but I am pretty sure it is more than 11 at this point. To see all nine cousins all together for an extended amount of time is great. The boys were fascinated to wake up every morning and see everyone together. Colin said he wanted to live there forever with everyone!

Click here to see all the amazing pictures.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tim... This is for you!!

We will return to our regularly scheduled program on the next post! LOL

Summer so far has been fun! We are up to alot. Many adventures. Today, however, I am not sure if Ciaran and Colin will survive the day. They are both on very thin ice. And let me add, Cormac is implantless, yes, implantless. Two implants and neither one is working at the moment. To say this moring has be disasterous is a HUGE understatement.....