Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Calleigh and my nephew, Gavin. He's only 5 WEEKS old. Calleigh is 5 months!

The boys being themselves

Daddy LOVES his lil girl

The whole Lawrence Family

The kids have been talking about what they are Thankful for since Thanksgiving. We get the usual Mommy, Daddy, Duke and they name each other. Yesterday things changed.

Cormac: I am thankful for Tinkerbell
Colin: I am thankful for Snow White
Ciaran: I am thankful for the mean queen!

If you knew my kids in real life you would really get how hard I laughed at Ciaran. He is the funniest kid and always on the other side. Not one to conform. I think I spit soda out of my nose when he said it.

Cormac starts his new IEP this week. I am a little nervous about the whole thing. I tend to second guess myself when making such huge decisions. He is doing awesome and I just want that to continue. I need that to continue. Yesterday, he said a 20 word sentence. Every night before bed he tells us a story he makes up out of his little head. He can read two stories out of the Disney book (well, he memorized them). I rarely have to ask him to repeat himself but more importantly strangers don't have to ask him to repeat himself. Sure, he has a ways to go but most people say they understand him the best of the three kids. Ironic.

He is sporting his new Skinits on his implants. Totally love them.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for in our lives. I decided to make a much better effort to be thankful every day instead of just one day a year.

I must add, I am so THANKFUL for Advanced Bionics and the genius' who forever changed our lives.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

Today was The Thanksgiving Feast at the boys' preschool. It was by far one of the cutest things I have ever witnessed. They learned 4 songs and performed them all. All the songs had hand motions that went along. They were dressed in their indian vests, necklaces and head pieces. All of which they made themselves. (see picture at top of blog) They also made Teepee place settings which they proudly told me "were houses for Indians".

They then enjoyed a feast of turkey shaped turkey sandwiches, stuffing, jello, yogurt and a few other treats. It was so cute and fun.

Here is some video of the songs. The boys are not all together. Cormac is 4th or 5th from the right and Colin is three more to the right. Ciaran is standing right next to Colin. They are all wearing the same pants and sneakers if you look.

This last video is of Cormac. Last Easter I bought them the book Tough Chicks. Thought it was fitting for Easter since it's about a bunch of chicks. It has become one of their favorite books. Ciaran really loves it. But Cormac thinks this one part is funny and he quotes it all the time. Tonight I caught it on video.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Things I learned since becoming a mother......

Silence REALLY is golden!

A Mom is their child's best advocate. You need to be their voice until they are old enough to speak for themselves. NO ONE else makes your child their priority so you better make sure you do.

A minute can seem like an hour but a year goes by in the blink of an eye.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

It could always be worse.

It's OK to just lay on the floor or in bed and cuddle and not worry about the house, the laundry, or anything.

Children really do like a schedule and organization. It makes them feel more secure.

A child's taste for food literally changes from day to day. DOn't think because he at a ham sandwich yesterday he might ACTUALLY eat a ham sandwich tomorrow!

There is nothing sweeter than hearing your child tell you that you are his best friend.

Boys really do learn to wrestle on their own even if they NEVER witnessed it in their lives. And their favorite move is by far the clothesline to the neck!

Children are more resilient than I ever knew. They are tougher than you think but they also have very strong feelings that can get hurt.

They always like other kids toys better.

Nothing is sweeter than walking into your babies room in them morning to see that first smile of the morning when they see your face! I was just reminded of that one thanks to Calleigh.

Dirt, dirt, dirt. Boys = dirt.

Imaginations are a funny thing.

You never knew how much you could love until you had a child.

There are times you think, what was I thinking??? It could be for many reasons but at some point you do think that to yourself.

You will at some point say many things you thought you would never say and on occasions you will ACTUALLY sound just like your mother!

Men just do things differently. It might not be your way but if it gets the job done, don't complain.

You can unload a dishwasher in the time it takes to make toast.

When you have triplets your head does strange things. You start to count in 3's. You are always doing a mental count, 1 coat, 2 coats, 3 coats, 6 socks, 6 shoes. You get the idea.

People have lots of opinions and most of them don't really matter :)

Love has no limits. Love is unconditional. The love of a child changes you forever

Ok, let me know what you have learned. Post a comment.

Monday, November 16, 2009


The other day we are driving down the street. From the third row I hear Cormac, "Hey Mommy, look, there is a cornucopia on that flag on the house". I was thinking how on earth does this child know the word cornucopia. I say "What's a cornucopia?" He says "It's like a empty shell and you put fruit in it". Really a good description I thought. Mind blowing for me for some reason. I ask "how do you know what a cornucopia is?" He doesn't answer so I pry further. "did miss Velsor teach you?" "Nope" Did Mrs Trackim teach you?" "Nope" (they are two preschool teachers") THen it hits me it HAD to be Miss Cole (Nicole, his teacher of the deaf. Only she would think to teach such a big word to a three year old!) And yes, it was Miss Cole. I told this to a few people and some of them didn't even know what it was! Then I learned it is sometimes called the "horn of plenty". I didn't know that so we both learned something new.

And I had to share this about Cormac's ability to hear in not so ideal situations. We were driving yesterday. He was once again in the third row because Colin has been a seat hog and stealing the second row too much. We had the CD player on playing Metallica per their request. I had the GPS hooked up on the front windshield. I had the volume turned to about half way maybe a little lower. From the back while listening to Metallica Cormac says "The man said to make a right turn ahead!" I cracked up. I am starting to think that sometimes I cut him slack when he doesn't hear me but he might actually just be ignoring me!!!

Oh, and here is one that I still haven't figured out. Cormac didnt want to get in his car seat after school. Of course, I made him. He was a little mad. So he says to me "Mommy, you're an instrument!" Well, I nearly wet my pants. He said it with such a tone I knew he was angry but Lord only knows what he actually meant. I mean, he knows the word instrument and can name instruments so I know that is not what he meant but man, I laughed for days over that comment. I am still trying to figure out what he really meant call me. SOmeone suggested he meant to call me a "tool" but that is not an expression he would have even overheard in our house because was don't use it. Now, if he called me a "jackass" I would have known where he got it from. (call me guilty!) When Colin stubbed his toe and said "jesus christ" well it had Frank written all over it. SO what do you think he meant to call me?

Anyway, just some tidbits on Cormac's progress I want to make sure to remember. I got to speak to a Mom yesterday who is just starting the journey with her daughter. I loved talking with her and feel so lucky I (well really Cormac but I share his story for him at this point) can help ease someone's worries even if it's just the tiniest bit. It is such a scary place to be and I know it meant a lot to talk to someone who had been there and done that before Cormac had his surgery.

I have a ton of videos from Disney I still need to upload but it takes time.....something I don't really have much of lately.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Vacation, hotel, lobby, kingdom, road trip, stilts, float(as in a parade). Just some of the many words we learned on our vacation. There are tons more but I can't remember. All I do remember is there were lots of conversations going on in the car and on the trip. Even some phrases like "Mommy, I need you to pull over so I can go potty!". Colin came out with a good line. He had stickers on his arm and was wearing nothing else running around naked. He gets all serious and says "mommy, can you take these stickers off so I can be more naked?" Too funny.

Mainly, we just had a lot of fun but when you are a Mom to a deaf child every experience takes on a different meaning. It's a way of life. Everything is about noticing learning opportunites. It's also about making sure he is able to hear in lots of different situations. Fireworks and COrmac do not agree. He can't get his magnets off fast enough! He was so excited to see the "castle" and then they set off fireworks and he said "I don't like the castle and more!" Well, I explained to him they don't always have fireworks and he came around.

We have hit a stage of TONS of questions. Mostly "what is a .....? And Why?. It love it. It makes for so much conversation. I really love when I hear the boys having their own coversations. I worried for so long Cormac would never be part of those discussions. But he is. He is always part of it. Just last night he says to me "Hey, Mommy, both my implants are not working. I need some new batteries". He speaks so clearly now. Frank didn't see him for a week and swears his language got better in seven days. I love that he is now telling us about his implants. He tells us when one isn't working. I am guessing his implants beep before the batteries die because he will often tell me at the end of the day "my left or right (yes, he knows left and right) is beeping. I change the batterey and it's better. Soon he will be changing the batteries himself.

We are in a good place with Cormac. With continued support from a Teacher of the Deaf I have no doubt he will continue to progress. I always fear he will regress if we don't stay on top of things.

Ok, somehow I got off topic! Here are some pics.

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At the parade in Majic Kingdom. The last thing of the day. Ciaran only made it half way through

Pirates in Training
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The Lego Store


Cormac seeing his first Princess

This is how we got them around the hotels. They loved riding the luggage carts

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They read the maps wherever we went and decided what they wanted to see....

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The face painting was a huge hit. Two scary dinosaurs and a super hero.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


After 1,100 miles (each way) in the truck with three three year olds and a now 5 month old we are back. Everyone says "was it worth it?" I think Colin summed it up best. As we were driving and got to Disney he saw the the arch with the characters and the welcome sign and he says out of the back seat "Look, Mommy, we finally made it here". He said it with such joy in his voice it was soooo worth it!

The looks on three three year olds faces when they saw the "castle" and realized they were there was priceless. Watching them meet Mickey, Goofy, Pluto and all the other characters was beyond words. Cormac's reaction to meeting the princess' well can't really be put into words. Let alone when he saw Ariel!

I have tons of pictures and lots of video clips to upload. But first I have to unpack and get organized. I have tons to catch up on.

And I never realized how a vacation could be such a wonderful language opportunity. We learned tons of new words. It provoked TONS of questions from all the boys and just a lot to talk about.

Stay tuned for the pics...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Super Heros!

Before I leave for Disney thought I would leave you with these pictures. The boys picked out their costumes for the first time this year. They also picked out Calleigh's costume. I thought they did a find job. They are and always will be my lil heros!

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