Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday..

This picture really captures Calleigh's personality....she is a little nutty!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweet words and Play Ball!

At Calleigh's check up last week my pediatrician  asked about the boys.  I told him he won't believe how big they are getting and we would be in next week for their well visit.  He asked how school was going and I told him Cormac and Colin are reading and Ciaran is just about to start.  He looks at me and got all choked up and told me last week he celebrated 32 years in practice.  He said a only a few of his patients have changed his life and Cormac and our family were on the top of the list.   He said he thinks about Cormac and says "I can't f'n believe this kid."  We are his first experience with Cochlear Implants and he gets overwhelmed with emotion just thinking about what a miracle it is to see Cormac just be like any other kid.

My pediatrician is so great.  I remember when I told him about Cormac.  As we moved along on our journey he was so helpful.  He printed out pages and pages of information on Cochlear Implants not just for me but for him so he could educate himself about Cormac.  It meant so much to me.  He was concerned and cared enough to make sure he understood what we were going through.  I feel so blessed to have such a great doctor.

When we get to see him next week for our well visit I know Cormac will give him a big hug and use his usual charm and continue to amaze him.

On another subject we started baseball this week.  We had our Opening Day parade on Saturday along with our first game.  This is our first try and baseball and so far the boys are doing great.  We have three lil sluggers on our hands.  The kids are so adorable.  It is technically T-Ball but the coaches pitch to the kids until they get a hit.   Our team is the Twins (I know..we should be the triplets LOL)  We do have a set of twins on the team as well. 

Here are the boys with two of their friends on the team.

Frank is helping out coaching so he gets a shirt as well.

And here are some of my favorite action shots....

Colin ready to field...
 Ciaran stepping into his swing

 Cormac keeping an eye on the ball...with a smile.
 Ciaran looking to  make it home...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An update on the Smooch..

We went to see the neurologist today. My pediatrician thought it was the best place to start for trying to find out why she still looks like a drunken sailor when she walks.  She has always been low tone.  She did not have the opportunity to have tummy time until she was 9 months old because of her colostomy bag.

Neuro said he strongly feels her unsteady gait is caused by her very low tone and her feet are totally flat with no arch at all. He thinks as she gets bigger and stronger she will get better. We are going to increase her physical therapy..  That said we are getting blood work done for creatin serum and he would like a repeat MRI of her brain. She had one almost two years ago when they suspected hydrocephelus.   They will look at the specific part of her brain related to balanace and coordination more closely since we didn't know to look there before.

I am hoping to have them do an ABR while she is under and get a solid answer on her hearing. The neuro is willing to work with the other doctor. I meet with my pediatrician thursday to discuss it all and coordinate the doctors if possible. 

I am encouraged to know the Neorologist believes it is nothing neurological.  He was impressed with how well she does recover from almost falling.  He said if she is able to catch herself and stop she is using her muscles and it will continue to improve.

Cognitively, she is ahead of the game.  They very impresses with how much she knows and I think they didn't believe me at first when I told them.  They tested her a little and she showed them she knows her letters, numbers, colors and shapes. She can follow complex directions and according to them "one of the most outgoing and social kids they have ever seen"

She did not like when the doctor checked her reflexes but as soon as he left the room she had a blast checking her own reflexes and mine.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A day at the Museum

Today we went to the Museum of Natural History.

 I think you could spend a week inside the museum and still not take it all in!  The boys were very excited even though the car ride was a little long and parking in the city is not ideal (especially when you drive a Suburban...we were turned away from a few parking garages) 

We talked about a lot of things this week leading up to the visit.  We discussed all the things we would see and what they were looking forward to seeing the most.  Cormac was very excited to see the Sea Life and Gem exhibits.  Ciaran was focused on the Dinosaurs and Colin was very excited to see the Gems. 

The museum did not disappoint.

Over the weekend we had lots to do.  We had T-ball on Saturday and we also went fishing for the first time with their new fishing poles.

Sunday morning we had Lacrosse...

After Lacrosse we went to the Christening of Giovanni.  He is too stinkin cute and we had such a beautiful day.  We were a little worried about having the four kids sit through church and also expect them to sit through a dinner at a restaurant.  We we so pleased with their behavior.  The boys sat by themselves at the "kid table" and were truly on their best behavior.  We wound up being at the restaurant for close to four hours and at the end the waiter complimented my on all four kids behavior.  He said he was surprised how good all the kids were for so long.  We were very proud of them.  Calleigh sat with us and was her usual charming self and mystified the other adults with her appetite.  We are so used to how much food she eats but I guess when people who don't know her see her eat they don't know where she puts it all :)

While at the restaurant we had a  Cool CI moment. I was watching Cormac sitting at the "kid table" at a christening. A kid (we had never met the kid before) about 12 or so is across from him playing a game in his IPOD. Cormac says "Hi, what game are you playing?" The boys says something and Cormac says "Excuse me, I didn't hear you so well. Can you say that again?" The boy says it again and Cormac says "Cool. Can I see it?" It was really loud in the restaurant. Can't wait until we get Clearvoice and see if it makes a difference but was so proud to see him ask for the boy to repeat himself!

The boys went back to school today after being home for 13 days!  I loved having them home and we sure did a lot of stuff.  I am sure they loved going back to school and we had no problems getting them up and out this morning.  I sure am looking forward to summer...we have less than 2 months before Summer break!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesay

1.  We have been off from school since Tuesday of last week.  It has been great.  I wish they were home more.  Less than two months and we are off for the summer.

2.  The past weekend was so much fun.  We spent it celebrating the boys and Easter.  I have some great Easter pictures to post.

3.  The anniversary of my Dad's passing happens to be the same day as the boys' birthday.  He passed away on their third birthday.  Three years has passed so quickly.  It seems like yesterday.  I still think about him every day.  The boys still talk about him every day.  I hope they continue to remember him so fondly.  He would be so proud of the little men they are growing into.

4.  We are heading to the Museum of Natural History on Thursday.  I am so excited.  The kids have never been their before and I haven't been there in many years.  They can't wait to see the dinosaur.

5.  We had a quadruple dentist appointment today.  Sounds unpleasant but the boys LOVE the dentist.  Cormac asked the dentist "Do you know when I grow up I want to be dentist?" She was very happy and told him a funny story of when she was in dental school and she went to the Bronx Zoo and had to give a Lion a root canal.  Colin and Ciaran were very excited to ear this because they really want him to be the animal dentist on our family ranch. (you know, the place we are all going to live...)

6.  Calleigh has something called a "twin tooth".  Yep, she continues to mystify us.  Basically, she has two eye teeth fused together.  So, an extra tooth.  Doesn't mean anything long term and we don't know if her adult teeth will be fused.  Calleigh doesn't not like the dentist and was not as cooperative as the boys.

7.  We are still waiting to go back for our follow up appointment with Calleigh for her hearing test.  Her audiogram (which I just got a copy of) makes me very concerned.  I am still trying to process all  of this information.  How on Earth could this be happening...again??  I mean what are the odds?? 

8.  I have two new favorite shows.  Missing and Touched.  I am so glad I started watching both of them.

9.  I was thinking of taking the kids to the Please Touch Museum in Philly on Wednesday.  I heard it's a great place to go but not sure how much we can squeeze in this week.

10.  Lacrosse has started and baseball is soon to start.  The boys loved lacrosse and I know they will love baseball.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Little Chocolatiers

We celebrated the boys birthday at Little Chocolatiers. It was such a great place. They took care of everything. We had a total of 14 kids at the party and it was so calm. All the kids were so interested in decorating their chocolate dinosaur or flower they were too busy to even think to run around. They also got to make chocolate covered pretzels, marshmallows, Graham crackers and a few other things. All the things they made are put into a goody bag and they take it home with them. They also each decorated a chef's hat before they did the chocolate. It was so much fun and a great way for them to spend their birthday. It wasn't total chaos of kids bouncing or running. The adults also got a tray of chocolates covered treats to enjoy while we waited. I highly recommend having a party at this location if you are local.

They had a cupcake cake...I sort of got a chuckle out of the 666 on the cupcakes...

A friend had shirts like these made for her twins and I had to get them for the boys. They each had their own color.

All in all it was a great day! We spent time with loved ones and family. We are now preparing for the Bunny to arrive and are coloring our eggs. We will once again celebrate the boys birthday with cake tomorrow for family who wasn't with us today. That will be four celebrations. These boys sure have the life.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Dear Ciaran, Colin and Cormac,

I hope one day when you are older you will have the chance to read this.

Today you are turning six years old.  I still cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by.  It seems like yesterday we were told we were having triplets.  As shocked as we were to find out your Dad and I were up for the challenge from the beginning.

 Your very first ultrasound you were in a perfect little triangle...we knew our lives would never be the same.  What we didn't know was how much you could actually love three little people.  I THOUGHT I loved you more than was possible before you were born but that all changed at 11:41pm. 11:42pm and 11:43pm on April 6th 2006.  The first time I saw you I LOVED you more than I knew was possible.  My heart actually HURT...but a good hurt. 

Your first year was a blur of feedings, diaper changes and lots of chaos.  Even though it was a blur I remember all the details.  I remember the smallest things about each of you.  It's like my memories are burned in my brain.  The first year we saw lots of firsts.  First words, first time rolling over, first time sleeping through the night and first steps.  We rejoiced in each accomplishment. 

We had some hard times also in the first year.  We learned of Cormac's profound hearing loss.  We were new parents and we had THREE babies at once.  Learning of Cormac's deafness was not what we expected.  With no history of hearing loss in our family we had no idea what to expect.  We cried, we mourned for the loss of what we thought would be and then we came up with a plan on how to get you to be the best you can be.  We learned for the first time about Cochlear Implants.  We learned you would be a good candidate.  We discussed our options and decided for our family and for you this is what we wanted.  We never wanted you to feel isolated from your family.  Our entire family is hearing.  We knew we wanted you to speak and hear.

Now, tomorrow as you turn six years old my heart still hurts when I look at the three of you.  It still hurts from the love I feel for you.  I am so proud of the little men you are becoming.  You are all so different yet come together as one so easily.  The amount of love you have for each other astounds me.  When one of you is sad the other two feel it.  You can tell by the looks on your faces.  Trust me, it's not always a love fest.  You all have your moments when you don't get along.  Bottom line you all know you are brothers forever and I would challenge anyone to try and break that bond.  Good luck.

Ciaran:  You will always be my little Ree Ree. The freckles across your nose bring a smile to my face each time I look at them.  You LOVE to talk and never stop talking.  You ask more questions in a day than the average person probably asks in two weeks!  You really remind me of myself in a lot of ways.  You also look just like your PopPop.  He would have loved to see how big you are getting.  You LOVE sports and are a natural athlete.  You are amazing at puzzles and mazes.  You know lots of your sight words and I have no doubt you will be reading by the end of the school year.  You have a tough exterior but on the inside you have a hear of gold.  You could not possible love you sister anymore.  You say your favorite thing to do is cuddle with your Mommy :)  You say you want to be a Cowboy when you grow up...

Colin:  My Ollie...your kindness is contagious along with your smile.  You think lots of things are "beautiful and pretty".  You wear your heart on your sleeve and are very sensitive.  You are sweet and kind to everyone.  You love being outside and building things (traps, houses, firepits).  You would live outside if you could.  You love coming down stairs in the morning tell me "Good Morning, look beautiful today".  You LOVE your dog, Duke.  He is truly your best pal.  You also love anything to do with water.  Right now you are totally into River Monsters.  Daddy lets you watch all the cool shows on Nat Geo. You love anything Cammo.  Another favorite of yours in Man vs Food.  It cracks me up to watch it with you.  You started reading a few weeks ago.  You are smart as a whip and love school.  You want to be a Vet when you grow up.

Cormac:  My blondie or curly continue to amaze me daily.  Your blonde curls make me happy.  You LOVE to learn.  Anything.  You want to learn everything.  You are so loving.  Your heart is so big.  You love to hug your brothers and kiss them.  You are the first to compliment them when the do something well.  You draw them pictures and signs to congratulate them.  You are smarter than I even know.  Your teachers are amazed at what you know.  You have been reading for over a year.  You love anything to do with a Princess.  You spend a majority of your time drawing, coloring or writing and reading.  You can hit a baseball better than we expected. You want to be a pediatric dentist when you grow up. You just LOVE life. 

According to the three of you:  Ciaran is going to own a ranch, Colin will be the Vet for the animals and you are going to convince Cormac to be a dentist for animals.  You will all have houses on this ranch.  Apparently, I will be living on this ranch too!  Sounds like a plan for me.

I am so thrilled to have been able to stay at home with you for all these years.  I feel blessed to have been part of every little part of your life.  My hope is you continue to grow and learn just like you are now.  I hope you continue to be the loving, helpful and amazing boys you are right now.  My life changed six years ago.  It changed for the better.  It changed me into a person who really appreciates the small things in life.  You changed me into a better person.  I know I need to lead by example.  I am forever grateful for the three of you for showing me what unconditional love feels like.

Always know, my love will find you wherever you go.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dr Max Gomez: Helping Deaf Children Hear

Check out the video below.  This is my friend Jennifer's daughter, Hannah, having her implant activated.  Could she be any cuter???  I didn't know it but they used a short clip of Cormac is the bathtub during the show.  Pretty cool!

Dr Max Gomez: Helping Deaf Children Hear « CBS New York

New things

This weekend the boys started Lacrosse.  They have never even seen the sport before.  I signed them up because it's very popular here and some of their friends from school were playing.  The first practice took place indoors in a "bubble".  You know, they are outside but they put those HUGE white bubbles up so technically you are inside.  Our swimming lessons were also in a bubble.  If it starts there is lightening you have to leave it.  Anyway, all that to say the acoustics are CRAPPY.  It is HUGE and there were about 60-70 five to seven year olds along with their parents.

I was worried about Cormac being able to understand the coach from across the giant bubble.  I remembered from Basketball he got frustrated the first week because he couldn't hear so well with the acoustics in the gym.  I brought his FM with us and asked one of the coaches if they could wear it to help him hear better.  His response "Of course, we are all about giving these kids the best experience they can get"  I love him....

Without ever having to remind the coach I spoke with he handed off the transmitter to each coach as he was working with Cormac (they were broken up into three different skill areas and were rotating through the stations)  Cormac never missed a beat and said he loved it.  It's all about our kids just being one of the kids.  He LOVED lacrosse and thought it was great.  He said he had no problem hearing anything. :)  I could tell instantly he could hear.  He was doing everything just as they said it.  If he couldn't hear he would have followed the other kids and been a second or two behind the other kids. 

For those with younger kids who are going to be playing sports I highly recommend using an FM system in these situations.  Cormac played soccer last year (outdoors) and will play baseball this year and he doesn't need the FM when he is outside.  He hears the coaches perfectly fine.  The indoor acoustics make it a little harder.

Just my two cents on the benefit of the FM outside of school.