Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, July 28, 2014

It's been quite a while since I updated. There are a few reasons. One my laptop has been on the demise and sometimes it's not worth turning it on. I have to get a new computer. Secondly, since school has ended we have been really enjoying our Summer.

We decided to not send Calleigh to her Summer program this Summer. I think we all needed a break. She has been enjoying her Summer like any other kid and she is thrilled.  She continues to get her private physical, occupational and speech therapy.

We had her testing done for her heart surgery. We haven't met with the surgeon yet to review her results so we still don't know which surgery she will need. There are two options. She can either have the surgery performed via a cath inserted through her groin.  They will use an umbrella like device that opens up and would cover the hole in her heart. This is the option we are hoping she can receive. If she isn't a candidate for the cath she will have to have open heart. And well, you can just imagine why we are hoping for option one.

The boys continue to grow up faster than I would like them to.  Three eight year old boys are tons of fun. To say they are enjoying their Summer is an understatement.  We have spent the Summer making memories I know will last a lifetime.  Movies on the beach, fireworks on the beach, great times with friends, riding bikes, surfing, swimming, playing and just being kids.

Cormac has mastered putting on his Neptunes alone which is a huge help. He can even change the batteries without my assistance.

I feel like this Summer is just a perfect time. No commitments in the mornings. No school pick up or drop off. Not a lot of strucure which really works for us right now.  Calleigh is so much calmer and happier. The stress of school makes the start of each day so upsetting.  I think she truly knows she isn't going and is a happy little girl. I am dreading the return to school for her.

Water and the beach seem to be her happy places so it really works out we live at the beach. Her swimming lessons are going well too. She loves the pool.

We are plugging away at the boys wish list for Summer. They had about 20 things they wanted to do. Hoping we can accomplish all of them before school starts.

Sometimes I wonder about writing the blog. Sometimes I wonder about Facebook. I out a lot out there.  This blog started to help others be aware of Cormac's hearing loss and journey to sound. I continued to write it because I became a mentor for Advanced Bionics and parents were referred to it. Lots of those same people are now friends on Facebook. I don't always know who is reading or if it helps anyone. I learned over the weekend from two different people how much they appreciated being able to share  our journey because it made their journey a little easier. I learned a sick young lady found so much joy is following my families crazy antics. Makes it all so worth while.

Hope e