Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, October 27, 2008

So many things still amaze me

We went to a Halloween party at the library this evening(Monday). I wasn't sure what to expect but it was cute. They had a majician. I wasn't sure how long the "three blind mice" would last but they held their own. Here is what I was amazed by:

The majician was talking into a microphone and they had two speakers set up. Probably the worst acoustics you could imagine. It amplified his voice but I was immediatly worried Cormac would struggle to understand and might be overwhelmed. Not to mention the other 50 kids and their parents all crammed into the library. Oh, I also have to add he was only wearing one implant because his headpiece wasn't working and the new one won't arrive until tomorrow.

Ok, to my point. THe majician starts talking. Telling some story about lollipops. Cormac yells out. I want a lollipop to the majician. I was so amazed he heard what the guy said. He really didnt even seem like he was paying too much attention. But I guess I was wrong.

I am still amazed by the things he hears and under what circumstances. I know it's not perfect and am sure he misses out on some things, but he really doesn't appear to miss much. Almost daily he says or does something I can't believe. We were in Target the other night and Frank had him in his cart and was in another aisle. I had Colin and Ciaran. I was talking to them and Cormac told Frank "I hear Mommy talking". He was surprised to say the least.

Pumpkin Picking and Carving our 1st Jack O Lantern

Get ready for some serious picture overload! I have been staying away from the slide shows because I plan on having my blog printed at some point and the slide shows won't work. THe still photos will appear. Video won't work either but I will still post those.

We went to the Pumpkin Patch on Sunday morning. Your typical pumpkin picking day. Rode on a big wagon pulled by a tractor. Played with some hay. Saw some animals. Your absolutely perfect fall morning on the farm. We all had a great morning.

Later that day we carved our pumpkin and put him out on the front porch. The trio was beyond excited. They all decided the pumpkin should have a mad face and not a happy face. I did my best with a mad face. (they are the last pics at the bottom so scroll down.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Sunday Breafast conversation

I don't know how it started but somehow I wound up asking the boys if Daddy has a hiney. So, here it goes:

Me: Does Daddy have a hiney?

Triplets: No. (at which Frank and I crack up because it's so small we aren't sure it counts)

Cormac: Daddy has a Pee Pee

Colin: Daddy has a big Pee Pee

Ciaran: No, Daddy has a little Pee Pee

Colin: No, Daddy has a really big Pee Pee.

Colin: I love eggs.

End of coversation.

I think I was peeing my pants at this point. We have started with potty training so Frank has been "demonstrating"! I guess they all have their own opinions!

I had to document this conversation so I never forget it when they are older :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Day went something like this

Boys sleep late. Don't get out of bed to nearly 8am

Boys eat homemade pancakes. Love them.

Boys for some reason decide to all be super cranky for no reason.

I have to take them out of the house because a friend was coming to help Frank with the basement.,

I decide to go to the mall.

Haircuts for Colin and Ciaran. And when I say haircuts, I mean me sitting in the chair and holding them so tight they can't move while they scream like they are being slowly tortured. They haven't cried at the last 3 or 4 haircuts so I don't know what their problem was today. While Colin and Ciaran were screaming like maniacs to NOT get their hair cut. Cormac was screaming because he WANTED a haircut but we don't cut his hair. Cormac keeps running out of the hair place to go play on toys. Finally, I just strap them all the stroller and let 'em scream.

After 40 minutes of hair cut torture I call Frank to tell him I am having the worst day ever because my children have been possessed. I got a good workout so I guess that's the plus.

I should have just went home....I am a gluton for punishment.

I take them to the indoor play area. Of course, now we are all smiles. We play for a while. I decide to take them for pizza. Now, I always take them for pizza at this mall. Suddenly, the frigin' pizzeria is no longer where is should be. Apparently, they moved upstairs to the new food court. Sucks for me because I was really looking forward to some pizza.

As I search for the pizza place I realize the Kidgits Club is having a Pirate Party. Since we are part of Kidgits I figure why miss out on the goodies. I know, I am a gluton for punishment. I should have left the mall 45 minutes ago. We get in line and while waiting the police are doing free identification cards wtih photos and laser thumb prints. How do you tell a police officer who approaches you, nah, we don't need no stinkin' ID cards??? Needless to say, the boys weren't thrilled with this either. Their pictures look like mug shots but what could be better???

I grab the pirate hats and swords and high tail it out of the mall into the pouring rain. Throw their three cranky asses in the van and come home. By the time I get home Cormac is passed out cold in the van. Ciaran and Colin are as happy as can be with their pirate hats and swords.

And what does Frank say??? They don't look to bad for the day you said you were having. They look pretty happy. At that moment he was lucky the swords were plastic:)

Here they are wearing their pirate hats after they woke up from their nap.

Friday, October 24, 2008

It is cold out there!

I left the house this morning thinking we could go the park and burn off some energy. It was only 38 degrees! No park in that weather. We went "shopping" instead. I say shopping because we really didn't buy much but I was scoping out some stuff for Santa to deliver! Luckily, by the time we were done it warmed up to 50 degrees and we were able to go to the playground.

I didn't think it would get so cold so fast. I am not prepared for the cold yet. I still have to get the boys warm jackets.

I made all three boys day. I bought them new shoes. Now, you might think it's weird that a pair of shoes could make a boys day, right? Well, they are not just any shoes. They are red fireman shoes that light up. What more could a boy want?? Check them out. Really, when Colin saw them he just melted. How could I resist?

Did you notice the flames?? How funny. Now I know how to make a 2 1/2 year olds day.

Remember I told you Cormac tried to put his "behind the ear" on himself? Here's how he did it? How adorable is he? So, he didn't get it behind his ear but he had the idea and could hear so it's half the battle.

See how is stuck on directly on his ear? Not too bad.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things are looking up!

Day two with big boy ears was a great success. He slept with one of them Monday night. When I went in to get him out of his crib he had put it back on himself. It was so cute because instead of sticking it behind his ear he stuck it to his actual ear. We use tape on the back to keep it on his ear. I thought the battery would have been dead but I started talking to him and he was answering me. Finally, I said, "Can you hear me?" and he says "I hear you".

He left them on the entire day with very little problems. THey stayed on great. The only thing he doesn't like is when I put them on his head. For some reason he gets annoyed when we have to reappply one but other than that he is fine.

Today is Wednesday and he didn't give us ANY trouble at all. AT school he didn't fuss with them once. They stay on all day. I don't think I realized how often I had to replace his magnets on the old implants. These magnets stay on soooo much better and the coil is so short it doesn't get caught on anything.

I was totally second guessing myself on Monday but no am thrilled with our decision. He seems to already be used to them. He is usually a go with the flow kid and once again proved he can deal with almost anything.

I pray for continued success!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cormac's big day...

We headed to NYU to have Cormac's new processors mapped. He was very excited in the car. Love riding in Frank's car. Daddy sat in the back with him.

He talked the entire way into the city. That's me and Cormac on the way to NYU.
He was happy as a clam in the waiting area. Played, ran, talked, pretended to be a lion and sang. You gotta hear this one:

But it was getting closer and closer to nap time. Bad timing on our part but we don't really have much control over the time of our appointments. We wanted this appointment ASAP because we were excited to get him his new "ears". He was fine at first. Playing and talking with Rose and Carie. He let us put the BTE's (behind the ears) on for a while. As time went by and exhaustion set in he started not wanting them on. He kept pulling them off. I was prepared for him to put up some resistance. (Ok, I was secretly hoping he wouldn't even notice)

I am hoping with the tiredness and crankiness came the resistance. He did leave them on for a while when bribed with some treats. For the first time in a LONG time he drove in the car in silence. He melted down so bad he could not regain control no matter what we tried. BUT he also couldn't hear us talking to him. He finally passed out COLD in the car for some of the ride. I transferred him to his crib and he is out for the count.

I plan to let him sleep for as long as he wants and start over again. I keep thinking once he realizes he no longer has to wear a shirt and can still hear it will make a big difference. Maybe I will let him run around naked (well, a diaper) to show him he can hear without wearing his onesie. I told him he could pick out a toy so we plan to go to Target tonight to let him choose a toy. (now, you know I will have to buy three because Ciaran and Colin won't understand.

Ok, so things are looking up! After his nap he let me put his ears on. He wasn't too upset. THe whole family headed to Target to pick out his (their) special presents. On the way we watched an Elmo DVD in the car and Cormac told Frank "Daddy, I can hear it with my new implants" and was pointing to his ears. He kept them on the entire time and never even tried to get them off.

Here he is all smiles showing off his new truck.

And of course, Ciaran and Colin got a new toy as well

At the end of the night I let him run around in his diaper with no shirt on to show him he didn't need it anymore since he got his "big boy ears". He proceeed to get naked and sing and dance the hokey pokey while only wearing red socks. Of course, you won't be seeing video of the nudist!

Anyway, I let him throw out his onesie so he never has to wear it again!!

Here he is ditching it in the garbage!

I guess it could have been better and could have been worse. He seemed fine tonight. Hopefully, tomorrow will go smoothly.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's in your refridgerator??

So, have you ever seen MTV cribs? You know, they go to celebrities houses and they show off all their wealth. They ALWAYS show what's in their fridge. In all the time I have seen it no one has ever had what was in our fridge....

Could it be Cristal Champagne? Yeah, right. This is me and Frank you are talking about.

Could it be lots of beer all lined up neatly? Ok, this might happen in this house but not today.

No, what we had in our fridge isn't even edible!






We have Cormac in our fridge!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fascinating and Amazing...

I know what you are thinking.... I am describing myself, right?? No, these are just two of the words the boys have used in the last few days that cracked me up. Now, it didn't sound perfect when they said it but I got the idea. Another funny one, Ciaran got out of the bath and said he was "freezing". He normally says cold. Frank says he got this one from me since I am always "freezing".

Ciaran has also decided that the car seat in Frank's car is his "favorite". Colin and I went out alone last night and he said we were on a "date"??? Can you imagine? Each day the words get more interesting. Another new over used sentence: "I did it alllllll by myself." Well, usually, since they still refer to themselves in the third person it's more like "ree ree did it allllll by myself". I used Ciaran since he originated this sentence and the other two have picked up on it recently. Only problem, if you try and help Ciaran it turns into a meltdown.

Last night, Cormac woke up at 3:30am. We never have anyone awake at night in this house but he was yelling. I went and got him and took him in our room so he wouldn't wake up the other two. Mind you, in the pitch black I am searching for his processors so he can hear me. Looking for batteries that are charged since his died while sleeping with them. The TV was on in our room (yes, I sleep with the TV on every night) and Spiderman the movie was on. Cormac proceeds to say "Spiderman" with the most perfect sounding "S" in the beginning. Frank and I, as groggy as we were, both noted how clear he said it. He proceeded to tell us he wanted to watch Kipper the DOg. And all his speech seemed perfect. Now, I took Nyquil last night so I might have been in a haze but it sounded great. We settled on Barney (and man, do I hate that stupid dinosaur) because it was on the Sprout Channel. We were saved about 30 minutes later by an emergency test of the TV. The TV went black. I told Cormac Barney went to sleep and had to sleep too. HE laid between Frank and I and went to sleep. I put him back in his crib after a few minutes. Nothing like a little Barney break while loopy on Nyqil in the middle of the night.

We are heading to the first of our Halloween celebrations tomorrow. Stay tuned for pictures...

Monday, October 13, 2008

"Mommy, I had too much fun...

I am sooo tired". This is what Ciaran told me on Saturday before his nap and it kind of sums up the entire weekend. We had a fun filled fall themed weekend. Really my favorite time of year. There are so many things to do.

Saturday morning we went apple and raspberry picking with some friends, including Zak. He's about 6 months older than the boys. It was such a beautiful day to be out in the fresh air. Frank and I were a little rough around the edges because we went to a wedding the night before and had a designated driver.....need I say more?? But we had these plans already so we powered thru our hangovers with some greasy McDonalds. The boys didn't get McDonalds. They had a nice healthy breakfast before we left. Frank and I took a few years off our lives with breakfast on Saturday morning.

Sunday we had tickets for The Great Jack o Lantern Blaze in Croton on Hudson, NY. It was really a cool experience. Thousands of carved pumpkins all illuminated. You walk through the entire thing. They had pumpkins carved in the dinosaurs, spiders, spider webs, fish. You name it and they had it. It was amazing. Cormac was a little scared at some points but nothing too bad. Only problem is we didn't bring the stroller because we figured they would never want to be in it. Well, for the first time EVER they asked for their stroller. I guess their little legs were tired from all the walking. I carred Cormac through most of it. My arms are KILLING me today. I guess it was a good work out.

Today, Monday, we headed to the zoo just to do something. They got to pick a pumpkin, ride the carosel, ride ponies and take the choo choo. Quite the packed day. They ran the entire zoo for 2 hours.

Enjoy the slideshow of our weekend.