Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

At this point I think I am about 80....

80 years old that is!  I am pretty sure Calleigh took another ten years off my life last night.  If we add up the number of frightening episodes involving Calleigh I am pretty sure I shouldn't even be alive at this point.  We have learned a few good things in the barely four year Calleigh has been with us:

1.Frank and I are apparently very good in an emergency.
2.  EMT's and police respond quickly to 911 calls and are amazing.
3. Our boys can sleep through anything.  Including two or three cop cars along with an ambulance.  I think at one point there were 6 cops and 4 EMT's in the house.  They didn't even come out of their room and we had to tell them about it this morning.

Here's how it all went down....

Calleigh went to school yesterday with what we thought were allergies.  Sneezing and a slight cough but not a cough in her lungs.  More of what seems like a tickle.  The school nurse called and said the teacher sent her to get checked because she was coughing more.  She did not have a fever and they didn't think I needed to come and get her but wanted to give me a heads up.  I went and got her anyway.  She really seemed OK all day.  No fever.  We went up to the beach for a while.  She played in the sand and had lunch.  She seemed totally fine.

By dinner time she still had no fever and at like her normal (and when I say normal I mean she eats like a grown man) self.  After dinner she seemed to feel a little warm to me.  I took her temperature and it was 100.3.  No big deal.  Slight fever.  We gave her Tylenol and it was time for bed.  For some strange reason I told Frank to let her sleep in our bed.  (She never sleeps with us. Always in her crib.) Not sure why I felt the need to keep her with us.  Frank actually fell asleep with her and I took this adorable picture of the two of them around 8:30. 

Around 9:30 Frank woke up and had a snack and when he went back into the room all I heard was "Calleigh are you ok?  Calleigh wake up!"  He came out of the room holding her.  Her body was limp but twitching and her face was very blue.  I took her from him while Grandma called 911.  She was unresponsive and still slightly twitching.  I gave her a few rescue breaths and she coughed.  She still was out of it but she was breathing.

The Police and EMT's were here in what seemed like seconds to me.  They were very fast.  We had her on the couch and they were trying to wake her.  At this point she was no longer twitching or seizing but totally out of it.  She opened her eyes a few times and seemed to know who Frank and I were which was reassuring.  They did give her some Oxygen.  By the time we were ready to move her she was still out of it but we were able to carry her to the ambulance and hold her on the ride.  She slept or was out of it for most of the ride. She did lift her head up a few times looking around.  Each time the siren went off she got a little frightened and would loop up.  She had not said anything yet at this point.

When we arrived at the hospital she was coming around a bit.  They took her temperature and it was 103.9.  Keep in mind she had already had Tylenol less than two hours before this.  So her temperature spiked pretty quickly which can cause Febrile seizures.  She was given motrin and as it started to work she was coming back to us.  She started singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".  She would answer questions if asked.  She would fall asleep in a second.  But it was late at night and her brain had just been firing on overdrive so it is to be expected.

About an hour later she was charming the nurses and doctors who all agreed they wanted to take her home with them.  Our doctor who was awesome and actually sang the them song to "Team Umizoomi" to her so she could examine her.  She also said she had twin boys at home and if Calleigh needed a prom date she would be more than happy to volunteer one of her boys.  She sang for them and was smiling and laughing.  I am pretty sure she was delirious from lack of sleep and the seizure.  She was a happy camper. 

We finally got home around 2am.  She slept in bed with us.  I should say she slept while Frank and I sorta stared at her all night.  Its hard to sleep knowing it might happen again.  Her fever has remained low all night with Motrin.  We followed up with the pediatrician first thing this morning.  She has an upper respiratory infection which more than likely caused the fever that caused the seizure.  She is on antibiotics and has to remain on Motrin for the next 24 hours regardless if she has a fever. 

He did give us a script to have an EEG.  His reasoning is more from her medical history than this occurrence.  About two years ago while at our old pediatricians office she had what they called an "A typical" febrile seizure.  She didn't seize but went totally limp.  Since we were in the doctor's office at the time he just came in and saw her.  He knew she was breathing and going to be OK.  I on the other hand was not too OK.  I am pretty sure I asked them for Oxygen once they said Calleigh didn't need it.  He made me watch it and see how long it took for her to come around so if it happened again I wouldn't panic.  I am pretty sure that is why I was so calm last night.  I was freaked out but in my head kept saying it was a febrile seizure and she would be ok.  With Calleigh's history you just never know.  I have flash backs to watching her code in her hospital room when she was 8  months old after she had 1/3 of her large intestine removed.  A team of doctors standing over her and feeling totally helpless.  It is the worst feeling and I try not to go there.

Thank you to everyone who helped us last night.  The Belmar Police and Belmar EMT's were here when we needed them.  They did an awesome job.  A special thanks to George who when we weren't in the right mind to even think about it came in the ambulance and asked us if he could drive our car for us so when we got released we would have a vehicle.  It was so kind of him.  

As I type this Princess Smoorcherella is napping comfortably in her crib.  I can't help but check on her repeatedly but I guess that is understandable.  She is totally back to her old self and I couldn't be happier.