Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Looking back before Cormac could hear.

As I mentioned before, I was asked to be a guest parent speaker for the Summit Speech School fundraiser. I was asked to also get a few pictures together to show during my talk. So, last night I was scrolling through all the pictures I have taken and trying to pick out pictures that defined our journey to date. I was caught quite off guard at how emotional this made me. Tears were streaming down my face as I looked at the first year of life of my children. But, to think that Cormac didn't hear anything. Didn't know we were whispering or talking to him. DIdn't know the sound of our voices or his brothers voices or anything. Man, it just really got to me. I just keep thinking what was he thinking? I mean, he seemed like the happiest child and never seemed to care. I guess it was his normal. But as a parent, it really hurts. I know it was only a year, but when you see how much we did in a year, well it really hits home how much he was missing.

It was reassuring to see this, however. To KNOW we made such a wonderful decision. Before he could hear he missed out on a lot with his brothers because he didn't know they were doing something. To see him today, actively participating or being the ring leader of the three, well, I could cry over that too! It's what I wanted most for him.

I also was watching tons of video clips of him when he first started hearing. There is one of him when he is signing "duck" because he recognized the work duck. He had only been hearing about 8 weeks. To watch it makes me cry. He has come so far that I almost forgot what it was like before he could hear. I don't ever want to forget how far he has come. But on a day to day basis when he is talking in sentences as long as 7 words, well you tend to forget a short 18 months ago he couldn't even say "duck".

There have been so many little moments that have added up to the big picture. But it's important to remember the little moments.

This journey we are travelling has been so rewarding. It's something I would never change. It makes Cormac who he is today. Yes, I wish he heard us when he was little. Yes, I wish he didn't have to have surgery. Yes, I wish he could hear when he is in the water. NO, I wouldn't change a thing about him!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Never a dull moment...

I wound up in the hospital on Tuesday. Who send having a singleton baby would be easy? LOL I actually fell down the stairs going into our family room. I was not hurt and the baby is fine but I had to go to the hospital to be checked. Seems it caused me to have contractions. Actually, I was contracting every 2 minutes when I arrives. Luckily, they were productive and were not causing me to dilate at all. I was given some fluids and was kept for monitorng over night and got home at 11:30 last night. I was once again told I have a "steel trap" for a cervix. Just the perfect compliment every girl is lookin for, right?? Anyway, I am home and still having some contractions but they think it's just cramping. I followed up today with my OB and still no change. I plan to take it nice and easy for the next few days and get back to normal. Frank was home today and took care of the boys while I rested EXCEPT I had to run Cormac up to school for his evaluation to start the preschool program at Summit.

He did awesome. Was so social and was yapping up a storm while we were there. We weren't seeing the usual people we know so I was sure how he would do with a new set of people but he did awesome. He ran right into the room with the SLP and I was able to walk right out. He then went into one of the preschool classes. I was able to observe him through the window. He ran right into the class with teachers and students he didn't know. They were sitting in a semi circle reading a book. He sat himself down right next to someone and said "hi, my name is Cormac". He seemed to really love it. I am hoping this is true when he starts in a few weeks.

So, I am off to lay down and rest. Have to take advantage of the time Frank is home. The boys are playing play doh which keeps them occupied for a good while. Bed time is only about an hour away.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My soccer "graduates"

Friday was our last day of soccer. They received medals and certificates. Just so cute. I was hoping to sign up again but our Spring schedule won't allow it. Maybe in the fall we can enroll again. It was a lot of fun and the boys really came a long way. When we started they had a hard time following all the directions from the coach. By the end, they waited patiently while they were given instructions and followed along. I guess it's part maturity and part routine. They LOVED coach Jay. They each gave him a big hug good bye.

Of course, I have some photos...
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A day at the zoo...

Oh, and I don't mean our house! I mean the actual zoo!
We had a really warm March day here in NJ and I made sure to take advantage of the weather. I met up with some other Moms over at the Turtle Back Zoo. WHile it's not the largest or greatest zoo it is perfect for my boys at this age. I was a brave woman and let them all out of the stroller to explore on their own. I was secretly praying everyone would actually cooperate. Normally, I don't let them run free unless I have another set of hands with me. But they are getting older and listen much better and deserve some FREEDOM. It went really well and they listened and stayed close by, stopped when I asked them to. Their were a few times I had runner but was able to manage.

I was just saying to Frank that I life as a mom of multiples is different than if you have one at a time. The mom's I met at the zoo all have one child and have play dates at each others homes. Most of their children are two years younger than mine but I just remember when my boys were one we didn't get to go to play dates. To watch three at once in some else's home was just too much. You can't take three one year olds to a park by yourself that isn't totally enclosed for their own safety. To take three out to lunch by yourself when they were one was too much.(Actually, I have done this alot but just not with other moms. When you start adding another mom and kids its just too many people) In some ways I feel like we missed out on a lot. But in other ways I feel we did so much more. I NEVER stayed home with them. They got to go everywhere I went. Granted, they had to stay in the stroller more than one child would. I made sure to find places I could take them alone. No gymboree or little gym would allow me to take them alone. I had to have another adult or two to take classes. These are things the average mom never has to think about.

BUT my boys have each other. They have a "specialness" your average child will never get to experience. They have built in playdates 24/7. SOmeone always is ready and willing to play or talk or get into trouble. They have the best time together.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The lastest and greatest

I thought I would post a quick update of what the boys are really into at the moment. Just to keep a record for myself and I am sure to get a few chuckles from the blog readers. The video below is something that started a little while ago. We have two pictures hanging on the wall in the kithcen. One of apples and one of pears. For some reason Ciaran started saying "Happy Birtday Apples and Happy Birthday Pears" but he doesn't say it in a normal voices. It has turned into a daily occurance and it cracks me up. I might add that occaisonally after the happy birthday they all break into "Okay, Mommy you Big Bad Wolf." They ALL laugh hysterical when the one of them calls me the Big Bad Wolf.

Dinosuars, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs. It's the big thing right now. Not sure how it started or why but I cannot tell you how many times a day someone is chasing me saying "I'm the big mean Dinosaur". The cutest is when I act afraid they quickly say "oh, no, Mommy, don't be scared it's just me". We all have new names. Ciarasaurus, Colisaurus, Cormasaurus, Mommyasauras, Daddyasauras and yes, even Duke is Dukieasaurus! At night I have been listening to them on the monitor. I listen to see if they are awake but find myself muting the televison to listen to the conversations taking place. The big question is "are you on my team?" They all agree and then decide we are all on a team together as "one big happy family". I mean, how cute it that??? Or you will hear Cormac say "Colin, are you awake over there??" Or Colin yelling "wake up Ciaran." You never know what they are going to say. I also like to listen to Cormac through the monitor. I understand all of what he says when I am around him but this is like a test. I can't see him or know what he is talking about but I CAN UNDERSTAND HIM! His language is just that good.

"Favorite things" I get the list daily of what their favorite things are. So here are the latest.

Colin's favorite color is red, favorite animal is a dog, and favorite food is mashed potatoes.

Ciaran's favorite color is green, favorite animal is a hippo and favorite food is candy (hmmmm, i wonder where he gets that from?)

Cormac's favorite color is blue, favorite animal is a penguin and favorite food is fruit. They are pretty consistant with saying what is their favorite. However, the food choices have changed. Pizza gets thrown in a lot.

Ciaran tells me at least a hundred times a day I am beautiful. It usually involves gently rubbing my face while he is saying it. That boy is going to melt the ladies hearts someday. He sure knows how to work it!

When we aren't being dinosaurs we are all Super Heros. So, you must know where this is going. Super Mommy, Super Daddy, Super Ciaran, Super Colin and Super Cormac. We all can "fly" and I am too strong to be captured by a witch so I won't be locked in the "tall tower". But if for some reason I were to get locked in the Tall tower Super Daddy would rescue me. (their words, not mine!)

With the weather getting close to 50 degrees today I decided they needed some outdoor time. We went to the park. This is really one of the first times since the fall we have been to the park. I braved it and took no stroller and we had an amazing time. First we went to the play ground. After the playground we walked around the lake, fed some ducks and checked out the waterfall. It was such a nice day. Everyone was listening and paying attention. No one took off running. They stopped when I told them to stop. No one attempted to jump in the lake and kept a good distance from the waters edge like I asked them. Now, the dirt is another issue. Must be a boy thing. They are just drawn to dirt and mud, sticks and rocks. But hey, they have to have some fun. They made some dirt and rock volcanoes too! What a difference from last Spring. They would have been ALL OVER the place and I would have been a nervous wreck. My lil boys are growing up.

Here's a little video of Cormac playing with his fridge letter.

And the St Patrick's Day Festivites Continue.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Strangest Comment!

Today Cormac has an appointment with the audiologists for a mapping. I took the trio by myself into NYC for his appointment. It went really well. Ciaran and Colin enjoyed seeing where Cormac goes and Cormac enjoyed showing him his stuff. Colin had a mini meltdown when he has to be separated from Cormac and started to cry and say " I want to be with Cormac". It was kinda cute that he wanted to be with his brother though. I have a sneaky suspicion it was the toys Cormac was playing with and not actually Cormac. We watched Cormac through a window so it would be quiet for him. He did great and this is the first time I wasn't in the room. I could see and hear everything but wasn't physically sitting next to him. We joined at the end and Ciaran and Colin got to participate by repeating words like Cormac. What was really amazing is they all sound the same!

I asked the our audiologist, Janet, what decibels Cormac now hears and he can detect speech at 10-15 decibels. That is just amazing to me. That is the same as typically hearing people. I know he doesn't always hear like that because the further you are away from him it's not as easy and background noise can change it but for the most part it is utterly amazing.

Now, on the strangest comment! Since having triplets I have heard so many strange, ridiculous and sometimes rude comments. Most of them I have heard before. "you have your hands full", "better you than me", "how do you do it" "are they triplets", "are they natural" (well, they aren't aliens??) but what people really mean is are they spontaneous meaning you had no assistance getting pregnant. ANyway, I really dont care what people say to me. BUT this lady today cracked me up. I was in the elevator with all three in the stroller. She says "are they triplets?" I smile and say "yes". She says "they are adorable. Are they all yours?" Uhh, no they are triplets but one of them is my neighbors??? How could they be triplets and NOT all be mine???? I answered her "yes, they are all mine." Luckily, the elevator door opened and she exiting before I started cracking up! The boys looked at me like I was crazy because I was laughing. Some day they will understand!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We had our IEP!

Frank and I met with the school district on Tuesday. If you are wondering what all the noise is it's me doing the "happy dance". The meeting could not have went any better. Our district was open to sending Cormac to Summit Speech until the fall. This really is what is best for him and in the long run will help minimize what services he will need in his future. While I am new to this process and was totally terrified and overwhelmed from hearing many horror stories over the past couple of years from other parents, that was not our experience. While our district has no experience with a bilaterally implanted cochlear implant child it is obvious they are willing to learn and want what is best for Cormac. All I hoped for was a way for it to work for all of us. I wasn't thrilled about being the first cochlear kid in district but we can't change that situation. Hopefully, by working with Cormac another family will benefit from our experience with the district.

So, a big huge HOORAY is warranted.

I honestly didin't realize how stressed and worried I was about Cormac until after it was over. I swear I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Cormac continues to amaze us with his abilities and I am sure all that meet him will feel the same. The stronger the foundation we build for him now the stronger he will be in his future!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let March Begin....

March is a big month in our house. Some people think St Patrick's Day is just that, a day. But not for us. We are on a whole parade schedule! We celebrate St Patrick's Day all month long. Now, this year the "celebrating" will be left to Frank sinc I am officially the designated driver due to pregnancy. But I will tell you I hate being pregnant in the month of March. No beer on St Patrick's day is not so great but hey, a baby girl is so worth it. If it wasn't for the Nutley St Patrick's Day parade Frank and I would have never even met each other. That is where I officially met him for the first time. We started dating about 6 months later after I broke up with my boyfriend at the time.

It's funny because I say we go to parades. In all the years I have been going to parades I have only actually started watching the parades since the boys were born. NOrmally, it was directly to the bar! Now we let the kids enjoy the parade and THEN get a sitter so Frank and I can stay out and socialize. That's really what it's all about. It's the one time of year you KNOW you will see certain people. It's time to catch up with old friends and see how everyone is doing. How another year has passed. Who had more kids, who got married or whatever is going on.

We went to the Belmar Parade this past Sunday. My mother in law lives in Belmar and has a party every year for the parade. It was super cold this year but we braved it and took the boys. They loved the firetrucks and the marching bands and REALLY loved all the bagpipers. I think we have three future bagpipers in the making. I would love to see them play the pipes. Frank has always wanted to play but never started. Maybe he can start when they start. Our lil girl can do Irish Dancing. I can't wait for that!!!

Anyway, for the next month there will be plenty of pictures of the boys sporting their shamrocks and lots of green.