Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You call it madness... we call it family

I bought a picture frame with this quote on it a while back. It got me thinking about our family. Our family is just normal to me. I have never questioned what it would be like if our family was different. People have said to me "if you just waited you would have gotten pregnant." My answer is always the same "So, which boys should I be living without?" I did try and get pregnant for a long time. There was nothing medically wrong with either me or Frank to prevent us from getting pregnant. But after a long time of trying it just wasn't working. I did not do IVF. I took medication. This medication was supposed to be taken for multiple days. I took 2 doses. The doctor called and said "don't take any more. We don't want you to have triplets". (Yep, she said it.) That month I got pregnant with the triplets. Would I change it? NEVER

Cormac was my third born. He was not born deaf because he was a triplet (a common assumption). He was born deaf due to a recessive gene Frank and I carry. We did not know this when we tried to have children. Why would we? What surprised me even more was how many people asked us if we would have other children. We didn't find out the reason Cormac was deaf until I was already pregnant with Calleigh. It didn't really matter much. It would not change the outcome of our pregnancy. It never really crossed our minds. We were more than prepared if Calleigh had been born deaf or with hearing loss. Heck, we were already living it. We already understood it. We already knew how successful Cormac was with his implants. It wouldn't be a hard decision to implant her. Of course, we were thrilled Calleigh was hearing. But as most of you know, she was born with lots of other issues.

Our daily lives are hectic. It is loud in our house. There are days when it is down right chaotic. Running into a store to get milk is not simple. Unstrapping 4 car seats and restrapping them alone is a pain in the ass. It usually does not deter me from making any stops.

What I sitll don't understand is how many people feel the need to comment on my reproductive history. I have so many people ask such private questions. I try and weed out the nosey people from perhaps a woman who is struggling with fertility issues. I would never want to dismiss someone who is tying to conveive. Honestly, 99% of people are just nosey. Just like the other day when the father of the bullies saw me leaving with my four kids. He says "are they triplets?" I say, "yes" and kept walking because I really had no use for this man who has no interest in making sure his twin sons have respect for others. He says "man, I had twins and that was enough for me. You had another you are just crazy." I never even stopped walking but said as I passed him. "No, I am not crazy. I have great kids who I enjoy being with and who are being raised to be respectful, nice children". We won't be friends anytime soon.

I have had people say horrible things to me. "I would have left two at the hospital", "I would shoot myself", "better you than me" . They say all of this in front of my children. Do they think my kids can't hear them? (no pun intended) Do they think me kids don't understand what they are saying? I always say something nice about my kids when someone says something like this. When they say "better you than me" I follow it up with "If you feel that way I am really glad it's me and not you". For those who have said they "would shoot themselves" I usually say "well, that's too bad. I love my family and am sorry you feel that way but I would never do that nor would I say something like that to another family".

When people approach me and ask about Cormac's implants I couldn't be happier. I love sharing his story. I love showing people what is possible for deaf children today. I like letting him talk to people and watch in amazement as they try to process the information I gave them. "He can't be deaf, how is he hearing and talking so well?". The best question I can be asked. I have never really had a negative reaction to Cormac's implants. You get the occasional person who says "what if he doesn't want them when he is older?" I say, well he can make that choice but at least I gave him the tools to develop speech and listening skills when he was at the age where it really made a huge difference.

Not sure why I am writing all this today but some days people just annoy me.
Our "normal" is not the same as someone else's normal. But really everyone's "normal" is different. It's what you do with your "normal" that makes all the difference. I enjoy every bit of our madness and would not want it any other way. <3

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Self Advocacy

Today we went to a giant indoor play place. It was our first time there. The boys were having a great time. At one point some older boys arrived. I found out later it was a set of twins and their friend. They were probably 7 years old. And they were not such nice kids. There was alot of gymnastic mats and tumbling stuff. All the kids were playing together. Ciaran was building a house with stuff and had all kids helping him.

So the bigger kids decide the little kids can't play "with their stuff". They were being bullies. I am not a fan of bullies. Especially when it involves my children. I decided to just watch it unfold and see what my boys would do. Ciaran wasn't really trying to play with them so he wasn't so involved. Colin got upset and came to tell me. But not before he came to me I heard him say "If you are not going to be nice to me I am not going to be nice to you".

Cormac, well, that is a whole other story. He stood his ground. He had his hands firmly planted on his hips. These boys were trying to "convince" him he couldn't play with these toys. Cormac would not hear of it. He used ONLY words. When the one boy got close to him (trying to intimidate him because he was much taller) Cormac leaned right in this big boys face and said "You can't tell us we cant play here. It is not your stuff". To which the boy said "Go, play over there" and pointed to the big jungle gym. Cormac said "No, you go play over there." and pointed to the jungle gym. As parents we worry so much. As a parent of a child with any sort of disability we worry a little bit more. Since Cormac was born I have heard from every specialist, teacher, you name it about "self advocacy". Well, after witnessing today, I am pretty sure it is working :). Cormac held his ground. He was using only his words. He was never outmatched in the conversation and he most certainly was NEVER at a loss for what to say to defend himself and all the other little kids who were trying to play nicely. I could see his green lights on his implants flickering away.

I was watching very closely because I didn't want these boys to lay a hand on Cormac. You would think their father would have been the one to intervene. He just sat there and did nothing. And my kids we NOT the only kids these kids were trying to bully. I did go over and talk to all the kids about sharing and playing together. Let me tell you, these other boys were telling me how "all these kids have to get out of here". At this point lots of other moms were coming over to their own kids. One mother said to me she couldn't stop watching Cormac because she was so proud of him for how well he handled himself.

My kids were not the only kids trying to play with the same stuff as these kids but my kids were the only kids who did not back down. They never did anything wrong. They used their words and their will power. I was surprised at Cormac. I never saw this side of him before. But it makes me happy to know he can advocate for himself.

They also had a rock climbing wall and the boys loved it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ten random fact about my Colin....

1. Colin loves Knights, swords and shields. Our house is full of them. As I type this he is wearing a his fake metal Knight shirt and hood, a Knight cape, carrying an axe and shield and pretending to ride a horse.

2. Colin LOVES Superheros. He is usually dressed as one for most of the day. He is always in some costume.

3. Colin's favorite color is red.

4. Colin's feeling get hurt the easiest. He is by far the most sensitive.

5. Colin's smile changes his entire face. His eyes sparkle.

6. Colin is my only brown eyed child and he has the most beautiful eyelashes I have every seen.

7. Colin loves vegetables. Really loves them.

8. Colin gets frustrated easily.

9. Not a day goes by that Colin doesn't say something so sweet it could bring a tear to your eyes.

10. Colin's laugh is awesome. He laughs from somewhere deep inside and it makes me laugh just to hear it.

11. (again, it's hard to stop at 10) Colin is funny.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

The boys were getting dressed the other day. I could hear them playing in their room. They were "making a sandwich". Colin was "ham and cheese", Cormac and Ciaran were the bread. They were switching back and forth from what I could hear. At one point Cormac was Salami. This is what I found when I walked into their room.

Like I said, they were getting dressed to they didn't have their shirts or pants on yet. Seriously, this is usually how they are most of the day. They just play and love each other. They have the best imaginations of any children I know. They can play for hours with nothing but themselves and their minds. That makes me so happy.

Check out this picture of Cormac. After his bath I combed his hair to see how he would look with shorter hair. But his eyes are what caught me in the picture. And I have no plans to cut his hair.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ten random facts about Ciaran: (I will Cormac and Colin in the days to come)

1. Ciaran has the highest pitched voice ever....

2. Ciaran is a wiseass. He was born that way.

3. Ciaran is a true Wallace.(my maiden name) He looks so much like my Dad. Love that. The eye color, the dimples, his little face. Everything about him.

4. Ciaran is as smart as a whip but isn't one to show it.

5. Ciaran is a natural born athlete. He just has it. You could tell since his first steps.

6. Ciaran is a lefty. (hmmm. future lefty picther to the New York Yankees??)

7. Ciaran's favorite color is green.

8. Ciaran hates to eat. He is a grazer. His variety is very limited.

9. Ciaran likes to put things in zip lock bags. I know, weird. No matter what the snack he wants it "in his own little bag". He does this with collections of toys too. He likes to have all things of one collection in a bag and carries it around.

10. Ciaran is the best helper and cleaner. He will follow any direction you give him during clean up. He also LOVES to clean.

11. Ciaran loves books. Really loves books. (I couldn't stop at 10 and could keep going but I will stop.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hope your day is filled with lots of LOVE!!
Keep scrolling down. Lots of pictures. Too many to choose!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A fun filled day.

We spent the day at the Newark Museum for Circus Science Day. It was lots of fun. Cormac has always been afraid of clowns so we weren't too sure how he would do. Apparently, Colin has developed a huge fear of clowns as well. The first thing we tried to do was the clown show but that got us no where! Cormac ran screaming and Colin was almost as upset. So instead we found tightrope walking, plate spinning, spin art, juggling and much more.

Face painting is always a big hit. Here is what the boys chose:

Colin chose the spiderweb.

Ciaran chose the snake.

Cormac the rainbow.

Calleigh was with us of course but she stuck to making silly faces while eating her pretzel.

We skipped the clown show but stayed for the magician. It was a huge hit. The boys really got a kick out of the optical illusions. They still can't figure out how on earth he stuck 10 swords into a box witha lady and she didn't get hurt! On a total side note but this totally annoyed me. A mother and her two sons were sitting in front of us. She asked the boys if they want a lollipop. The boys say yes and she hand them each a lollipop. One of the boys takes the wrapper off the lollipop and tries to hand it to his mother. She says "just throw it on the floor". Really?? Are you just too lazy to take the wrapper from his hand and put it in your pocket? Is this what you want to teach your children? I was so aggravated and it took all my strength to NOT say something to the mother.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ten things that make me smile EVERY day:

1. Before Colin says ANYTHING to me he says "Mom, I have to tell you something."

2. How much Ciaran truly understands the LOVE of sugar. For those that know me well...they know he is me reincarnated.

3. The reaction Calleigh has when you ask her if she wants a bottle. She gets so excited she doesn't know if she should laugh or cry. (yes, she is still drinking a bottle twice a day)

4. My DVR

5. Listening to coversations between the three boys. They say the funniest things and there was a time I wasn't sure all three would be capable of having conversations.

6. Diet Coke. Lots of it.

7. Bedtime. And not for the reasons you think. I love to hear Frank in their room telling bedtime stories. The giggles and fun they have is priceless.

8. Going into Calleigh's room each morning and watching her reaction to us. The boys greet her every morning with the sweetest good morning I have ever heard.

9. Cormac's true love for life. How wide his eyes open when he sees something he loves.

10. Currently, because it's winter I really love my seat warmers!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ciaran was given Daisy, the giant stuffed green frog, to take home for a few days. To his bad luck we had horrible weather so Daisy didn't really get too far. That said, part of the reason they bring it home is to allow them to use their imaginations. A paper comes along with it to complete with some statements to complete.

Here are Ciaran's answers:

I slept...."in Ciaran's bed"
I went..."to Target, to the zoo an to the farm"
I had fun..."wearing underwear"
I ate..."Peanutbutter and jelly and pizza pie"
Something else that happened...."She went to the barn and pretended to be a cowgirl"

None of this actually happened. He made it all up. But he does crack me up. Not sure where he comes up with this stuff.

We were also assigned "The detective bag". Each child brings this home and picks an item to put in. They have to come up with three clues and bring it to school and the other kids in class have to try and guess what is in the bag. Colin brought it home. He chose a Knight to put in the bag. Here are the clues he plans on saying tomorrow:

1. He rides a horse
2. He has a shield and sword.
3. He saves Princess'.

I think he did a great job. Let's see how it goes tomorrow. I didn't let Ciaran or Cormac see what was in the bag so they can guess tomorrow.

Last week Ciaran had the Detective Bag. He chose a Koala Bear. Here were his clues:

1. He climbs trees.
2. He lives in Austraila
3. He eats eucalyptus leaves

Cormac hasn't done his yet but it will be here. We will also get Daisy two more times!

Cormac has started reading. It seems to just be clicking all of a sudden. It's pretty cool to watch. I have been told children with hearing loss will sometimes struggle with reading. I am happy he does not seem to slowed down. He asked if he could write the Princess' names and wanted me to spell them. I asked him to do it instead. Here's how he spelt them: Ariel he spelt "Arel" Rapunzel he spelt "Tiana" he spelt "Tianu" which makes sense.

He was also playing a game on and it was a game from Super Why. I thought the game would be too difficult for him. First, he had to listen to a word and then find the matching word that rhymed out of 12 choices. Do you know he did everyone?? I was even amazed at how well he HEARD the voice saying the first word. I also made him do it with no volume and he sounded out both words! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Some exciting news on my girl. Today, she was doing her normal "downward dog" yoga position. She leaned back into a squat and balanced with no hands. She proceeded to stand up without holding onto anything. She stood for maybe 3 seconds and then squatted back down (still no hands) and stood back up again for a few seconds before falling onto her behind. She was so excited and proud of herself. She started clapping like crazy. It could have also been one Mommy and 3 little boys all yelling with excitement. Tonight I stood her in her room and she was able to hold it for about 3 or 4 seconds. She is well on her way! If she starts walking soon she is going to look so cute. She is still so small and will look like a baby walking! Keep your fingers crossed for her.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

I thought I would give the "Ten on Tuesday" thing a shot. I saw it on Melanie's Blog and it seemed interesting. I googled it and it seems it's a trend. Maybe I will try and make it topic specific in the future. (10 things I like, 10 things that annoy me LOL) So, here it is:

1. I have made my decision on where the boys will be going to Kindergarten. I feel relieved and happy with my choice. That in no way means I am relieved or happy they are starting Kindergarten. I am very upset they are going to be in Kindergarten. Kindergarten is FULL day in our town and at the private school.

2. I despise winter. Really. I have no love for it at all. I used to tolerate it but since having children I really hate it. I DO love how much the boys love snow but it does not carry over to me at all!

3. I have returned to the gym for really the first time since having Calleigh. I have only run in nicer weather since giving birth to her. I have always loved working out and am thrilled to be doing it again.

4. I no longer work overnight....LOVE

5. I have never had a cup of coffee in my entire life. Not hot, not iced. Nothing.

6. Calleigh is going to be spoiled. No two ways about it. Her smile melts my heart like no other and she can pretty much get anything after that. I am pretty sure she will catch on to this very soon.

7. I still can't believe I have 4 kids and at one point they were all three and under. I always wanted kids. But it still surprises me. I would have a fifth. Yes, you read that correctly. I would....but we are not!

8. I hate to be late to anything. It drives me nuts. I am usually early.

9. I will never drive anything but a large truck again. I love my Suburban. I will try my hardest to make up for my abuse to the environment in other ways.

10. The first time I met Frank was at a St. Patrick's Day Parade. I have no recollection of EVER meeting him that day. He on the other hand decided that day he would find me again and go out with me! (I was ummmm.. a little tipsy???)