Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hike in the woods

Talk about a new language and listening experience! It was so much fun and we listened for birds. We listened for the running water. We listened for rustling leaves and tried to find what made the noise. And they never knew they were learning. The best way of teaching! We brought along magnifying glasses and binoculars.

Apparently my children did not know the word "stump" as in tree stump. They knew log but not stump. As they each stood on the stump for a picture they asked what it was. Cormac called is a tree "stunk". I corrected him and we said it a few times. The next day I asked him what the word was and he said "stunk" and gave me a devilish look. Then quickly said "stump" with LOTS of stress on the final "P". He is a buster!


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adventure Aquarium

We spent MOnday at The Adventure Aquarium in Camden. It was an awesome experience. It was a far ride for us. My Uncle Bill treated us for the day and it couldn't have been better. The boys enjoyed every moment. We did get kicked out of the shark petting area. Someone get a little over enthusiastic while touching the sharks. BUT we learned in that moment that these Sharks don't have bones and can be squished. Don't worry, the shark was fine!

We saw two Hippos who were by far my favorite. It was the only exibit the boys asked to go back to again so I am guessing it was their favorite as well. Cormac LOVED the jelly fish. He was talking about them the whole ride there and back. He is fascinated by them. We tried our hardest but did not find any mermaids. (LOL).

We got to see the Caribbean fish being fed. The nice guy feeding them explained how much they eat and what they eat. The fish splashed the boys in their feeding frenzy and it was quite the delight for the boys. Cormac said at one point "Mom, that big giant fish is swimming towards me". I was very impressed with that sentence. I never really heard him use the word toward before.

It's funny because I constantly look for language opportunites. I try and make every moment filled with language. But I seriously am running out of things to say! I swear they knew every animal name already before we got there. They seem to know everything!! I find myself telling them very complex information to keep them learning. I guess we are just in a good place. They ask all the right questions. THey want to learn more. They are interested in everything. Cormac does call the Aquarium the "inquarium" until you say "what is it called?" and he can correct it.

Maybe we need to take up new hobbies so we have different language opportunites.(LOL) That's why I love books. We can learn about anything we want with just a touch of our fingers. We don't need to go anywhere but right here. The boys are starting tennis so that's something new and different.

We also got our faces painted.
Ciaran the Sea Monster

Colin the Skull Man

Cormac the Shark. I was shocked he didn't pick the mermaid

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cormac listening to letters

Check out Cormac writing his letters. But what I thought was amazing was how he can just tell the difference between "B", "P" and "T" EVEN with all the noise in our house. (dog barking, kids yelling!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

My first "Mother's Day Surprise"

Since this was the first year of preschool I was treated to the Mother's Day Surprise on Friday. To say it was adorable is an understatement. To say I was overwhelmed with emotion is also an understatement.

It began with two songs. All the kids came in wearing their "Mommy and Me" signs around their necks.



I was seated at a table with a homemade dessert. And had beautiful presents around me.

These were butterflies made with their handprint. Just precious. Then they were allowed to give me my present. Each of them made me a flower pin. They painted and decorated it.

Two more songs followed. They also had to tell their father why I was special. He wrote it on paper and I didn't know what they said. Here is what they wrote...

I swear I was crying like a baby. I loved Ciaran's "she gave me my baby sister". I mean, he just LOVES her and to think he thought of that is just so touching. Ror Cormac to say " She took me to the city so I could hear". Well, are there really any words to say after that? He loves to go the NYC with me. He calls it "his city". The fact that he can comprehend his trips to the city are for letting him hear is amazing. That he thinks it makes me special, well it's beyond anything I could ever imagined. He values his hearing and appreciates it. Pretty mind boggling for a kid who just turned four.

Next came the video...yep,, a video. The teachers sat them down and asked why I was special. Some of the answers overlapped but new answers appeared. I have it on video and will attempt to upload it. My favorite on video? Colin saying "My mom is always tricking me. I love when she plays tricks on me". I don't really know what he is talking about but he is so stinkin cute saying it. Cormac said because I make him ravioli and Ciaran said because I give him lollipops and marshmallows. Priceless.

I will work on getting the videos up.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I returned Sunday from my trip to California for Mentor training for the Bionic Ear Association. Never in my life have I been so inspired. To be surrounded by so many people all with such amazing stories to tell was literally life changing. Everyone's experiences were different. Everyone was implanted at different times. But regardless everyone has been on a wonderful journey.

I knew many people online but none of them in real life. To put faces to names and to connect on such a personal level was priceless. Since Cormac was born and we found out he was deaf I often wondered what the greater purpose was. Why were we chosen for this journey? I can honestly say I would NEVER change this. I would never go back. I now know I was meant to be part of a very special group of people. People who I know will be friends for life. Our paths might not cross in person but with the wonderful world wide web we will be able to stay connected. To continue to follow each others journeys.

I have spoken to many parents of recently diagnosed children in the past. I only hope they find some small amount of comfort by hearing our story. By realizing what is possible for their child. I have never met any adult recipients before but now I have seen adults functioning in the world. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers all in the real world doing things just like the rest of us. I knew Cormac's future was filled with endless possibilities but now my confidence is through the roof.

I am so grateful for meeting each and every person that participated in this training. The mentors as well as the Advanced Bionics staff. The staff cares. They truly care. To see managers shed tears as they hear stories of success. To see how invested they are in the future of recipients is awesome.

We learned a great deal but also had lots of fun! Advanced Bionics truly showed us a wonderful time.

These people are ACTUALLY making implants. Only four people in the world can make the internal implant Cormac has in his head. If we go there with his serial numbers they could pull a file and he could meet the people who made them! How cool is that???

The boys sent me on a mission for my trip. Colin sent me with a mini Batman, Cormac sent a little Flouder figure and Ciaran sent "blue man". I had to photograph them where I went. Stay tuned.... I will publish their journey tomorrow!