Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bath time

One way to make the boys happy is to give them a bath. They all enjoy it. No matter how grumpy one of them might be just add water and it cures all! Bathing them is never easy and I prefer to do it with Frank. I can hand one off and he can dry and diaper.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Cochlear Implants are Barbaric?????

Someone sent me a link to an editorial in a newspaper in Michigan. Basically, the author states "I believe cochlear implants are barbaric, and should never be performed in any child, regardless of their age". This person is deaf and feels parents of deaf children should not make this decision for their child. Well, that is what a parent does for their children. I am so irritated by the idea I have done something wrong to my child because I chose to give him every opportunity to live a happy, healthy and HEARING life. Why should I not give my son an opportunity to hear my voice and all the voices of people who love him? Why should I limit who can talk to my child by those who choose to learn sign language? I am not deaf, I do not know another deaf person. I don't even know where I would find a "deaf community" for Cormac to be part of at this time. I know other deaf children but they also have Cochlear Implants. I don't think I had to "fix" Cormac. I think as a responsible parent I am giving him a chance at a life he would not have had if he didn't receive an implant. These are the times we live in. If your child needed glasses would you tell them "you were born this way and you should live your life not being able to see clearly?

I have no doubt Cormac would be successful in life, implant or not. If he chooses to become part of the deaf community. I will support him. Somehow, I don't see him turning 18 and ripping off his implant and telling me I ruined his life. If we waited for him to make the choice he would be past the point of learning to speak. If we waited and he said to me years later "why didn't you do this?" I would not be able to live with myself. He can always take his implant off but we could never go back and teach him what he is learning now as an adult.

I feel no need to reach out to the Deaf Community. I get the impression they are not seeking us out either. Yes, my son is Deaf and he always will be. That said, he hears and he speaks. He also knows sign language. So, I think he is one well rounded not even two year old.

To the writer of the editorial: Until you walk in my shoes and until you meet my son, don't tell me I am a Barbarian. You must face the facts the Deaf community is changing. You can either bash your new members or embrace them. If you choose to bash them, well you will see your community diminish further.

Ok, I am done. But this really pissed me off.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another cold weekend

I can't take the cold weather any longer. We are trapped in the house. I just want to be able to go to the park or for a walk. It seems like the winter will never end. Frank and I took the boys to Petsmart today. Not sure why I never thought of this before this morning. We at least got out of the house. They loved seeing all the birds and fish. There were even a few cats. I am thinking this will be our new hangout. We can just walk around and kill time. I never thought I would be so excited over the Petsmart!

I want to get the boys a fish tank but I can't figure out where to put it so they wouldn't have access to it unless I allowed them. I think I need to talk to my Dad about this decision. He is the fisherman of the family and loves to keep an aquarium.

I went out in NYC last night to celebrate a friend's birthday. I didn't get home until after 2am. Frank says I was drunk when I got home. I think I might have to agree with him! Luckily, I had a ride home so I didn't have to drive. I can't tell you the last time I actually had too many beers! Of course, Ciaran, Colin and Cormac don't know I stayed out late and drank too much so they were up as usual. For some reason that thought escaped me last night as I ordered another Corona!

Let's see??? Anything exciting with the boys... All three have decided head butting is the fastest resolution to getting what they want from each other. I think Colin started this trend but now they all do it. Cormac head butted Colin so hard today over a Matchbox car I thought they both would pass out. That resulted in some quiet time in the crib for Cormac. Ciaran still enjoys the occasional plate toss while it is filled with food. That also gets a trip to the crib for some down time. (OK, I only put them in for 2 minutes but it seems like an eternity when they are screaming to come out).

Colin is not feeling to well again. I think he is cutting a tooth. He still doesn't have many teeth. None of the boys ever fussed when they were teething but they always seemed to get a runny nose and slight fever. I am hoping it is a tooth and not him getting sick again.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cormac's 6 Month Evaluation at NYU

We went to the city today for Cormac's 6 month evaluation with the Speech Therapist, Beth. He is doing UNBELIEVABLE! In the six months he has been hearing he has caught up and is now age appropriate for his receptive language. (NOT BEHIND ONE BIT!!!) His expressive language is not caught up yet but he is only about 2 months behind! This is way better than I ever expected. I knew he was doing amazing. I know he understands EVERYTHING! I hear him talk all day long. But when he had the surgery I didn't want to get my hopes up because you just never know. I knew he would do great but I didn't think it would be this quick. I sincerely believe he is doing so well because he was implanted bilaterally at the same time. We have advancedbionics to thank for this miracle. We were so fortunate to be enrolled in the study at NYU and have the opportunity to have the second ear done at the same time as the first. I wish every child had this opportunity. The times are changing and more insurance companies are starting to cover the second ear. Most times it requires months of fighting with your insurance carrier.

We also were able to meet with Kris, a representative from Advanced Bionics. She got to see The Big Mac in action. I was so happy to meet someone from the company. She was great and gave us lots of goodies. They are also starting a new awareness campaign and I was asked to help. I am so excited. I would love to be able to give back and help just one other Mom or Dad who is facing the same future as us.

Of course, Cormac got to see his girlfriend, Valerie, who is also his audiologist. He got a new map today and was up to his usual cuteness.

Rosemarie, the AV therapist, who is usually at all our visits, was kind enough to ask me to be part of the Parent Panel at NYU Cochlear Implant Center. I think this is a wonderful opportunity. I know when I was first faced with the decision to implant Cormac I was lucky enough to speak with a few parents and it was very helpful.

All in all we had a great day. I am so proud of Cormac. It is not easy for him to learn to listen. He works hard at it. He is such a cooperative child. He is patient and loves to learn from all of his teachers. My heart is so full of love for him and his accomplishments. He is going to conquer the world one day.

I know, I know, this is all about Cormac. I didn't forget about Ciaran and Colin but I didn't see them most of the day because we were out. This was just a special day for Cormac so I am beaming with pride!

I'll post tomorrow about the other two mad kissers! (They are currently obsessed with kissing. They kiss everything and everyone all day long!!)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Here are the boys

Frank taught the boys to shake their hands over their heads and yell "DADA". He can get them to do it all together. I was trying to video them today but they were all on the move. Here is the best I could get!

We had quite the weekend...

Let's start on Friday night. Frank and I put the boys down as usual. By 7:30 or so they are in their cribs and we don't hear from them again for about 12 hours. (It's been this way forever) At about 10:30pm I heard Cormac cry. By the time I came up from the family room he had stopped. I listened outside the nursery door and all I heard was Colin snoring. I went back down stairs. ABout 10 minutes later, Cormac cries again. Once again, I go up the stairs. He cried for maybe 2 seconds. I stood outside the door for about 5 minutes listening to Colin snoring. I didn't want to go in and wake anyone. Well, after I went down stairs again I heard Cormac SCREAMING like I have never heard. I run upstairs and go into the room. It was pitch black so it took a moment for my eyes to adjust. I reached in his crib and realized his legs were caught in the crib rails. I tried to pull them out but they WOULD NOT BUDGE. I call or Frank and he comes in and we had to turn on the light. At this point Ciaran wakes up and starts crying. Cormac is crying and I am crying because we can't get his legs out. Frank was just about to go get a saw when I said just pull the slats are hard as you can. Who cares if the crib breaks. His legs finally came out. Colin, God bless his tired soul, slept thru all of it and never woke up. We took Ciaran and COrmac into our room. They stayed up for about 1/2 hour and it was back to the cribs for the rest of the night. We bought a crib tent so it can never happen again. All three boys are tented. They look like little prisoners. But I would rather that then have another injury. Cormac is fine, just some bruises on his thighs.

Frank and I went out on Saturday night. A friend of ours hosts an annual party, Shepfest. It is held in January and is outdoors. Sounds crazy but it is so much fun. He has a huge bonfire to keep you warm. Heat lamps are set up. We had a blast and probably had too much to drink but who cares???

Well, it matters when your children who NEVER wake up at night suddenly decide to get up at 5 AM for the day when you only went to sleep at 2AM. Our little firecracker, Ciaran, decided to get up and just wanted to wander around the house. Countless attempts were made to wake his brothers but I wouldn't let him.

Here are some pics from Shepfest

All this comes when we finally decided we were going to bring the boys to church for the first time since their christening. Off we went, on our 3 hours sleep to mass. Believe it or not the boys were so well behaves. They were fascintated by the music and all the people. Cormac and COlin danced in my arms each time a song was sang. It was hilarious. I am so glad we took them and plan to take them each week.

Sunday afternoon Grandma and Uncle Cormac along with my Dad came over to watch some football and to eat dinner. It was a good time.

I am so tired today and the boys are exhausted. I put them down for a nap and am hoping it lasts about 3 hours. I might lay down myself.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


So, the run down goes like this. My mom is called meema and my Dad is called Pop Pop. My step father is also called Pop Pop. Frank's Dad is called Grandpa and Frank's Mom is called Grandma.

For the last month or so if I say to the kids "Do you want to me Meema, Grandma or Grandpa they immediately say no and start shaking their heads no. I think they associate seeing them with me leaving the house since these are our babysitters! It is actually kind of funny. Ciaran is the most adament about it. Of course, when they see any of them and realize I am not leaving they are so happy.

Well, today I told them Pop Pop was coming. He usually comes over once a week or more to visit. They just kept saying Pop Pop, over and over again. I said "do you want to see Pop Pop?" They were all jumping up and down with excitement. My Dad has babysat the boys before but usually while they are asleep so I guess they think he just comes to play! He stayed while Cormac got his therapy and played with Ciaran and Colin in the family room while I was with Cormac and Joan. Usually, Ciaran screams bloody murder for about 1 minute after I leave. NOt a word, not a peep, not a cry. All I heard was laughter fromt he family room. (with the occaisional "Don't do that" from my Dad)

Needless to say, my Dad was thrilled to hear all three of them saying Pop Pop. He likes to rough house with them and the LOVE it. When he left they were all saying "Bye Bye, Pop."

I had one of those moments yesterday where I still can't believe I am the mom to three boys. I looked out the bathroom window and saw their three little bikes in the yard. It actaully still takes me am few seconds to realize they belong to my three children. It's almost like "Whose yard is this?" I feel so truly blessed to have such a happy and healthy family. Right now they are all napping so it is really quiet. I am so not used to all the silence.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Finally better

I think today is the first day without boogers. The boys are all much happier. I am so happy they are feeling better. It was a rough 2 weeks with them sick. Their appetites are back. Last night they each ate two giant meatballs and a bunch of cavatelli! They are obsessed with grated cheese and I have to add it about a million times during dinner. I gave them ricotta cheese for the first time. Ciaran was just eating it by the spoonful. (He is so my child!) Cormac enjoyed it as well. Colin could care less. He did some nice artwork on his plate.

I took Cormac to NYU yesterday for follow up booth testing. He was very distracted but still did great. He didn't really get a nap and was really tired. He is testing at wonderful levels. They also tried some discrimination tests with him. The audiologist thought he might be too young, but come on, we are talking about Cormac, the boy who knows EVERYTHING! He was able to do the test and of course, he got all of them correct!

We go next week for his big 6 month evaluation. Frank will be joining us for the day. He is just as anxious as me to hear the "professionals" tell us he is doing fine. (Even though we KNOW he is doing awesome.)

I did get some great news. I spoke with the Board of Education in town and was told the decision to keep the boys together when they start school is up to the parent. That is one less battle for me to fight. I feel strongly they should stay together. If they want to be seperated at some point I will listen to them but I think they were born together for a reason. I think Cormac will need them and want them with him when he starts school. They will be his greatest resource for anything he thinks he might miss. I cannot even imagine the day the three of them head off to school together. I know I will cry my eyes out!

Friday, January 11, 2008


I went to the mall with the boys because we have not been out of the house in so long because of sickies. It is raining so I thought we would have some lunch. I was getting ready to leave and putting the boys coats on and a bunch of Macy's emplyees were standing together. They happened to be all men because I was in the men's department. Well, you know we get sooooo many comments good and bad about the triplets but the one guy says "well by lookin at them I have to say, "that one looks like a quarterback (Ciaran), that one looks like the joker of the three (Colin), and this is where I almost peed my pants lauging he says "that one with the blonde hair and blue eyes, well you know he will be the PIMP DADDY!!! It was frigin' hilarious! They were all really nice and actually helped me with the door and with my bags!

I get so many comments regarding the boys but this might have been the funniest. I guess we will know in few years if his predictions are true!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A momma knows..

I just knew it wasn't just a cold. The boys were still sick today so I took them back to the doctor. Cormac has a double ear infection. I am so glad I went with my gut and brought them back. Ciaran and Colin still don't require anything since it's viral but I am supposed to keep an eye on them. If they continue with a fever I need to bring them back also.

So while we were waiting in the pediatrician's office there was a girl who was about 8 or 9 and it was obvious she had something wrong with her. Maybe severely autistic, but I have no idea. Anyway, her mom tells her to sit and wait while she talked to one of the nurses at the counter. The boys were all playing. Cormac goes running and was trying to get to Frank. Before he could make it this girl jumps up and grabs him by the arm and SLAMS him to the ground. I mean HARD. He hit his left side of his face. Frank jumps up and say "whoa, whoa, whoa and grabs Cormac. The mom says "she has a disability". Then proceeds to say "don't be upset he's just too little to play with you". Play with her??? This child was IN NO WAY trying to play with Cormac. It all happened so fast I didn't even get a chance to say anything because it was our turn. I took Cormac in first and he was hysterical and crying. I am assuming she scared the crap out of him. He had rug burns on his face from how hard she slammed him. He is totally fine (except for the ear infection). I know the mom was embarassed but she never apologized. And if you know your child has VIOLENT outbursts maybe you shouldn't leave her to sit alone in a chair. Keep her with you. Ok, I am over it now.

Now, you may wonder if the kids like going to the doctor. The answer to that is a big fat NOOOOOOO! Ciaran started crying when he saw the building. I took in Cormac he did ok. Next was Colin's turn. THAT BOY HAS SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH. I had to use all of my strength and energy to hold him against me so the doctor could look in his ears. You would have thought they were sticking KNIVES in the kids ears. I didn't have to go the gym after Colin. Ciaran was up next. I sent Frank in because Colin had worn me out. I knew Ciaran was going to flip when he went in. He likes to leave his coat on. They can't examine him in a winter coat. I figure Frank should get the full experience! As predicted Ciaran started screaming. He couldn' even be bribed with candy. Now you know he is relly upset.

Well, they are all sleeping peacefully after their motrin. I have twelve hours until Snotfest continues tomorrow. Oh, my muffins are burning in the oven. Gotta go.

Monday, January 7, 2008


We are having a freakishly warm day here in NJ. I am taking this opportunity to air out the germs from our house. The boys are still sick. Fresh sheets, open the windows, lysol. The whole nine yards. These germs have got to go. After nap we are going for a walk outside. They haven't been out in almost a week. (except for a trip to the Dr) We all have cabin fever.

By 9am this morning Colin had puked all over himself. Not sure how he managed but somehow it went in his eyes and hair. Off to the tub for a quick dip. Next it was Ciaran's turn. They have nothing wrong with the stomachs. They are throwing up from coughing so much. I am hoping they get better by tomorrow. It has been almost a week since the first one got sick. The Dr says it is just a terrible cold. Seems like more to me but I guess I will wait it out another day or so.

Frank is also sick. I know I will get it next. Just waiting for it.

I had to keep Cormac home from school today. I don't want to spread the germs. I am hoping he is better for his therapy tomorrow. With the holidays it seems he hasn't had any scheduled therapy in so long. Not like he seems to be suffering. He continues to add new words to his vocabulary. Yesterday, I was trying to watch something for 2 seconds and I actually has to say "Shh" to him???? When I realized I said it to Cormac I just laughed.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Role Models

I saw this today on another mom's blog. So inspirational I had to steal the clip and post it here. This is a truly amazing man who is such a role model to all children, including deaf and hard of hearing children. I love it when I find such amazing people who I can show the boys.

Disable the music in the upper right hand corner before playing.

What does a sheep say?

Ciaran and Colin have been saying Bah Bah for so long I can't even remember when they started. Cormac says "ahh" because he can't say a "B" yet. Well, NO LONGER. He said BAH BAH today about a million times. He has mastered another letter! B's are a difficult letter for a deaf child to learn. Way to go, Cormac! Now, you would think they would all say "woof woof" for dog living in this house. But Ciaran and Colin still don't say it. Cormac started saying "woof" this week. And he also said grandma for the first time yesterday while Grandma was here! What a great moment. He says "andma" but you know exactly what it means. So, now he says "Mom or Mama for me, mmm ma for Meema and andma for grandma.

Here are some random videos and pictures from the holidays. Some of them you will hear Cormac using his new words

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cochlear Implant Awareness

When we found out Cormac was deaf it was certainly a shock. We were not expecting it at all. Everyone kept telling us he would probably get better. He was born early and was still developing. That was not the case and we had to make some big decisions quickly. Frank and I felt lost and not sure about anything. I was referred to a Yahoo forum called The Pediatric Cochlear Implant Circle. It is a wonderful place to ask questions and learn from experienced parents about real children who have implants. It has been an invaluable tool for me. I find it comforting knowing other parents understand exactly what our family is experiencing.

When you go to a doctor they give you all the clinical information but not the "real deal". I needed to know Cormac would be OK. He would live a life like any other child. The parents I have met have made me realize Cormac can achieve ANYTHING he wants. We treat him no differently because of his implants. He is just another one of the boys. These children are all inspirational. If not for some of these parents who fought for their children Cormac would not have been able to benefit by being implanted so young.

Working together The Pediatric Cochlear Implant Circle has created a brochure for parents. I can tell you I wish I had this when Cormac was first diagnosed. The goal of the brochure is to help parents through this difficult time. The hope is the brochure will be available at audiologists offices, ENT't, Implant Center, Early Intervention progams. Basically, it should be available anywhere a parent of a deaf child would visit. The Gift of Hearing Foundation generously printed the brochures. The brochure is also available online.

Check out the brochure. You might notice a familiar face in the brochure. Cormac is featured in it! He's such a mini celebrity.

I am hoping this brochure makes the process a little easier for other parents. We were so afraid and really felt we had no information and no one to help us. We were also taking care of three infants while learning of Cormac's hearing loss.

There were plenty of nights spent crying. Many days just holding him and crying trying to understand why this happened. Those days are gone. Every once in a while I will still get upset. But just looking at him and seeing how he truly is "just one of the boys" I sometimes forget he is deaf. That is until the stupid magnet falls off his head and starts beeping!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

These boys are just too sad today...

I have never quite seen Ciaran or Cormac in such a bad state. Colin is sick but not quite as bad. I swear their brains are running out their noses. I don't even know what to do for them. Here is Ciaran today. How sad does he look? All that mess on his face? No, it's not food, it's boogers!


And for some reason Ciaran does not want his clothes on. But those who know him well know he will not take his shoes and socks off. So, this is the look for today. At least I had something to chuckle about.


Doesn't he look like a future supermodel???

Cormac on the other hand is starting to resemble Art Garfunkel!! Art Garfunkel is great and all but no one wants his hair! I LOVE his blonde curls but when left on it's own. Well, a picture says a thousand words...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Can you say BOOGERS????

I am drowning in boogers. Cormac and Colin faces are just about running off of them. They both have pretty bad coughs as well. Cormac was up in the night becuase he was coughing so much it makes him puke. (just lovely) I am not one to go in as soon as they cry in their cribs at night. But with Cormac I tend to go in faster because he doesn't wear his implants at night and I think he must get scared being in the dark and not being able to hear. He was SO upset last night. Of course, we woke Ciaran and he was crying too. Colin slept thru everything. Poor Ciaran hasn't had a good nights sleep in two nights. He looks so tired it is pathetic. I took the two sickies to the doctor today. Just really bad colds. But since I had Pneumonia recently I really was concerned for them. I am praying for a speedy recovery because they are just plain miserable. Now, Colin is still just a little sick but by tomorrow I am sure it will be just like the others! Oh, the joys of three babies! I can't ever keep their sippie cups straight. Not to mention they are totally into kissing each other right now so it is pointless. What one has the other two will follow. This is actaully Ciaran's first time to the doctor for a sick visit. I am hoping this is the last for the winter.

At this moment they are all napping. I plan on letting them sleep all day if they want.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


2008 arrived with no big excitement. Frank and I were both asleep! But that's ok.

2007 was a huge year for our family. Cormac had his surgery and it transformed his life. The miracle of the Cochlear Implant cannot be fully explained unless you experience it first hand. It is not a "quick" cure that most assume it is. Yes, he can hear but it takes a lot of time, energy and work for him to become a good listener. Most people do not understand how much has to be done in a day for Cormac to reach his full potential. It is SOOOOOO worth the work. He is doing better than I ever expected. His expressive language is starting to take off. He has added a few words (banana, meemaa, bubble, baby) to his vocabulary. I honestly believe Colin and Ciaran benefit from all the "therapy" I do all day long. It's not like I can single Cormac out and have alone time with him. There is only ONE of me (although it might be nice to have a clone). All the boys know their entire alphabet, they know their numbers 1-10, they know the differene between a square, a cirle and a triangle. Not too shabby for not even 21 months!

What do I look forward to in 2008? That is a hard question to answer. I hope for continued health for family and friends. I hope for Cormac to continue his success as a "hearing" child. I look forward to just spending time with Ciaran, Colin and Cormac while they still want to spend time with me. I look forward to lots of hugs and kisses (now that they know how to make the "kiss" noise). I want 2008 to go slower than 2007. This past year went so fast and I want to make sure I remember every moment of these years. I plan to try and slow things down and not worry as much. More days of just laying on the floor and playing and less time worrying about the mess and the laundry.

Being a mom of triplets is hard work. Some say I make it look easy. I take that as a huge compliment. I wonder now, when I look back, how I did it when they were infants. No sleep, they are every 2 1/2 hours and I was breast feeding. I really don't remember much of the first few months. Frank and I did everything around the clock. We never had anyone stay over even for one night to give us a break. Pretty unbelievable when I think of it now.

Ok, i am getting off topic.

I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.

My mom made this cute video from Christmas day. She's great with the pics and videos. Thought I would share it.

It's all over....

There are a lot of pictures so just be patient while it turns the pages!

Well, the holidays have come and gone. I haven't updated in a while because we have been running around like nuts for the past week or more. Christmas was just wonderful this year. The boys don't really "get it" yet but they sure understood all the toys under the tree. They were very excited. So far, the Little People Doodle Pros are the favorite. Luckily, I bought three of this toy. Robin bought them a train they can ride on that is motorized. The track is set up going around my coffee table in the living room. Colin thinks it is his and wants no part of sharing it. He is totally serious when he rides it and won't smile. I think it takes all his concentration to remember to hold the pedal down so it goes. Ciaran really likes it too. Cormac goes on for about a minute and then changes his mind and wants to do something else.

We are all exhausted from the last week or so. All three of them are now sick with coughs and runny noses. It's really gross. Gotta love three sick, not so happy boys in the house.

I really love Christmas and this year it was just so much more than I could have imagined. To see Christmas thru the boys eyes is like being a child again.