Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forever Fall

I wish the fall lasted forever. It is by far my favorite time of year. So much to do and see. SO MANY LANGUAGE OPPORTUNITIES!! We spent the past weekend fully enjoying the fall. On Saturday we went on a "hike". More like a fall walk at the local environmental center. Our guide pointed out all the cool happenings in the woods that occur in the fall. We even got to go inside a Wigwam. (how great a word is that??) At the end of our walk we made apple cider and drank it. The guide caught a frog and the kids got to touch it. We found out only male frogs make a noise and female frogs don't make sounds. (even the adults were being educated!) The were able to hold a salamander. All around it was a beautiful day.

Sunday, Cormac headed to a Fall Festival for the AG Bell Association. It was in Westchester, NY. Not too far from us. We originally were going as a family but Colin and Calleigh didn't seem so great so we made an executive decision for Frank to remain home while I took Cormac. It was an AMAZING, INSPIRATIONAL day. First, the weather was spectacular. I was there as a volunteer from Advanced Bionics. I met up with Laura, another Mom to two girls both of which have implants. We had a table set up with some information on AB. But mostly we just had fun. Mingled with other children and I got to chat with lots of parents of amazing children. Cormac got to make a candy corn necklace, build a scare crow, paint pumpkins, make a pumpkin craft and the MAKE SMORES!! He had a blast but was so tired after it was crazy. He fell asleep in the car in under 30 seconds.

TO see so many kids and adults with implants was great. All were at different stages of life. DIfferent stages of learning. But all of them were feeling blessed to be alive when such amazing technology exists. I was so happy to be able to attend and hope to be able to attend more when I they are within a close distance to us. My camera battery died when we got there! I took some photos on my cell but haven't downloaded them yet. A family I met also took some pics and when the email them to me I will be sure to post them.

Monday was a holiday for Frank so after a quick trip to the Dr for COrmac in the morning we headed into The Bronx to go to The Bronx Zoo. I had not been there since I was about 17 (ya know, about 10 years ago LOL). Frank was only there as a child. WOW!! It was great. So many animals. So many things to see. Words to learn (monorail, grazing, slithering, scaly). But I get the BAD MOMMY award for that day! We left the house with only one implant so Cormac only had one on the whole day. This drives me insane! I know he still hears me and learns but how on earth did he leave with only one???? I know how... Try getting them all up, bathed, dressed, packed for the day, remember Calleigh's colostomy supplies, bottles, formula diapers, lunch for boys, change of clothes just in case they forget to go potty...... HMMMMM, how could I forget to put an impant on??? Problem was he got up at the crack of dawn for some reason. I put one implant on him so I could talk to him in the dark and when we got up for the day after some snuggling in the bed, he was hearing and talking so I forgot I had only put one on at 5am!

Oh, well. I am sure he did not suffer any permanent damage! Nothing like a fun filled, language packed family weekend!

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