Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yesterday was an interesting day...

The day started off on the wrong note. I should have just stayed home but I didn't. We went to our usual Thursday play date. Apparently, someone came into my house overnight and replaced my lovely children with satan's spawn because they were acting like little devils. No one would listen and they were too wild. I actually packed them up and was making them leave before lunch was served. This caused near hysteria but I am not one to give in and I think the only way they learn a lesson is if you follow through. My sister was there and begged me to give them another chance and I caved. (very unlike me) They did get better after that because they really thought I was making them leave. They ate like they never ate before. Even Ciaran.

Next we were headed to Calleigh's eight month well check visit. I was bringing all the kids with me. Normally, I wouldn't be worried. They are very good but seeing how they were not in the best of moods I was a little nervous. All three of them fell asleep in the car in under 5 minutes. Not that it excuses their behavior but it makes it more understandable. It was only 1 in the afternoon and they were unconscious.

I drive around while they sleep and arrive at the doctor's office. Colin wakes up from his nap and says "Mom, where are my extra pants?" I say "we don't have any extra pants". He says "I think I had a little accident while I was sleeping". I undo his car seat and am immediately overwhelmed by the smell of poop. It was everywhere. Down his legs up his back in his seat on his coat. Now, I have theree other sleeping children in the car. No clean clothes and I have 1 minute before my appointment. Colin is now crying because he is upset he had an accident. I felt so bad for him because he was upset. My sister lives about 2 blocks from the doctor so I call her and she luckily answered the phone (THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!) She came over and brought me some sweat pants. It took my an ENTIRE brand new container of wipes to get all the poop off of him.

Now I unload the others after waking them. At this point I realize Frank didn't put the stroller back in the car so I am strollerless.

I will say to my credit I was still smiling at this point. I get them all in the office. The boys redeemed themselves and behaved like angels in the office. Of course I did give them some Valentine candy while they waited but it worked. Colin pooped two more times in the doctors. Calleigh now poops every 20 minutes since the colostomy reversal so I changed her about 3 times in the office. I am hoping she gets better quickly and her body realizes she only has 2/3 of her colon left.

I get them home and Ciaran and Cormac both have skid marks in their underwear. At this point I am so overwhelmed by the smell I think it is all over me. In the bath go the boys. Ah, a moment of lovely smelling children. No more pooping since.

I am guessing it's because they ate way too many pears the day before. I totally forgot pears make you poop. They love pears and had a pear feast the day before. I have learned my lesson!

Today has got to be easier, right???

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Melanie said...

Whoa. I hope there was a glass of wine involved after they went to bed! You amaze me. I am terrified to start potty training and I only have TWO boys! :)