Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Off to a good start..

Even though we finished school on Tuesday last week I am considering this weekend the beginning of Summer break.  We had a ton going on the end of last week.  That said, I am hoping the rest of our Summer goes as well as this weekend and today.  The weekend was great and we celebrated Calleigh's birthday.  I will write a different post about her birthday. 

I decided to go out this morning for a bike ride and a run before the kids were even up for the day.  It was a wonderful way to start the day.  I am hoping to continue this at least 4 days a week.  I hope I can stick with it.  When I got back we had a nice breakfast and got ready for the beach.

This was my first time going to the beach with the four kids alone this season.  Last year Calleigh wasn't really walking until the end of Summer.  This year is a whole different ball game!  I was pleasantly surprised how well the day went.  The boys were listening really well.  Now that Cormac can hear on the beach it takes a little of worry away.  We spend a few hours at the beach and had lunch while we were there.  I love eating at the beach because I don't have to clean up the house.  It's the little things that make life easier.

After a few hours we headed back home.  We got rinsed off and changed and I needed to do some grocery shopping.  The shopping trip went better than expected.  Calleigh normally hates shopping and does not cooperate.  Add to that a few rowdy 6 year olds and it doesn't always make for an enjoyable experience.  Today was different.  The baby was happy...the boys were tired from the beach and very calm.

After shopping I put Calleigh down for her nap.  We headed to the basement and we did a giant PURGE...we got rid of tons of stuff.  It felt so good and what an improvement.   We had a nice dinner outside on the porch.  After dinner the boys helped me make some cookies.  Cooking is such a great teaching/language lesson.  It makes me happy to cook and bake with them.  We ate our yummy cookies for dessert. 

We also starting keeping journals for the Summer.  We are going to try and write in them daily along with drawing some pictures.  They had fun with it today and wrote about going to the beach and making cookies.  The pictures they drew are adorable.

We ended the night with reading lots of books.  The funniest thing of the night was Ciaran chose the book "Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You".  He hands me the books and Cormac coming running in with a handful of tissues.  He says "Mom, these are for you since you can't read that book without crying".  He is too funny.

Frank is upstairs with them now putting them to bed and they are telling their silly stories they tell each night.  I am getting ready to put Calleigh to bed after she watches her favorite show (Super Why). 

If today is any indication of how are Summer will be...I am all in!  LOL

Tomorrow we all head into NYC for Calleigh to get a check up.  She is scheduled for surgery on Friday as long as he gives her the go ahead tomorrow.  As much as I don't want her to have surgery. I know she needs it.  I would rather get it over with and am hoping it doesn't get postponed.

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