Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Three year olds have a very powerful tool. It's their own little minds. Their ability to use their imaginations is endless if given the opportunity. On days when we are home all day it would be easier to just put the TV on all day but who says things should be easy? I like to see what they come up with on their own. Knowing I won't put on the TV they just go off on their own and play. They don't need fancy toys or electronics. They just need themselves. (well, and a few props!)

Today, I listened as Princess Ariel(Cormac dressed in his Ariel costume) turned Colin into Prince Charming and Ciaran was Prince Ciaran. They played for over an hour running from room to room. (or castle to castle) The two Princes built castles out of blankets and chairs. Ciaran told Cormac (ariel) "I love you so much, Princess Ariel" to which he repsonded "I love you too can we live in a castle together with Prince Charming (Colin). The language being used between the three of them was astounding. Words I didn't know they knew. They worked/played together so nicely. At some point Ciaran was no longer a Prince and Princess Ariel rescued Prince Charming from "danger". Cormac used the words rescue and danger.

I just love it. I love how they play nice together. I love how they use their words and challenge their minds. I love watching the stories unfold in their little heads.

Every night at bed time we all go into their room. Everyone takes a turn telling their own story. I can remember a time when I thought this would never happen for Cormac. I remember being told how important it was for him to be able to follow a sequence of events (first this happened, then this happened and next this happened) This was hard for him at first. But the detailed stories told at bed time show me he fully understands how to tell a story. How it should have a beginning middle and an end. They all do this. They all tell similar stories. Usually, some one is in some sort of "scary forest or something" and then saved by a Super Hero. The stories get more detailed and complicated each night. Last night, I actually had to cut Cormac off because he just kept telling another story and was cleary just trying to avoid sleeping! I couldn't believe my own words when I said "Cormac, you can't tell anymore stories. You have to STOP talking and go to sleep!" Really, did I just tell him to STOP???? What has happened? The world must be upside down! But yes, I did tell him to stop. He proceeded to tell me "I was the most beautiful princess mommy in the whole wide world. He also told me I had beautiful hair and was his favorite person" For some reason I didn't tell him to stop talking then......

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