Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I kept a journal before I started this blog. I was not good at keeping it updated but I wish I was. I came across it this weekend and was scanning through it. I read this entry to the boys and they got the biggest kick out of it. Especially the part when I told them all the nicknames I called them.

May 29th 2007 (they were 13 months old and Cormac was not hearing yet)

Here is what I wrote:
Asof today Ciaran is running, Colin walks like a drunken sailor and Cormac will take a step or two.

Ciaran is the talker of the family. He says cracker, Dad, ball and makes the cutest monkey noise you ever heard.

Colin says Dad and duck. Ciaran also says duck and they both quack. Colin can moo like a cow. Colin says thank you. Ciaran said Pop Pop a few days ago.

They understand everything and know most of their body parts.

Cormac can't hear yet so he doesn't have any verbal word recognigtion however he understands some signs. Dad, horse, dog, baby, eat, more, cow)

I am waiting for his surgery. It cannot come fast enough. He so wants to talk.

He can sign baby, more and eat. He has been waving for months and also blows kisses.

Here are some of their nicknames..

Cormac: Big Mac, Cormy warmy, pea, Cormac the keg (he was short and stout when he was born)

Ciaran: Ceery Weery, Ciaran the cat(his cry sounded like a wounded cat), peanut and little man

Colin: Collie Wally, Bruiser, chub chub, big man and super chunk

Ciaran has a nasally laugh.

Colin has the funniest giggle. and is so ticklish.

At 13 months you are all wearing 18 minth size clothes

In the morning I can hear you all babbling to each other in your cribs. It's the sweetest noise a mother can hear.

Sometimes Cormac sleeps later. I let Ciaran and COlin wake him up. They toddle over to his crib giggling and rub his arm or back to wake him since he can't hear them. Cormac wakes up with the biggest smile when he sees his brothers.

The boys play well together. Colin is a little rough and steals toys.

Below is a little conversation I had with Cormac just yesterday. He really does crack me up.

Cormac: "Mom, what' the letter of the week at school this week?"
Me: "I don't know we can look it up?" Oh, it's "F". Can you think of words that start with "F"?
Cormac: "Fire, fairy, funny, fruit, flag football, finger, foot."
Me: "that's really good cormac. How about I say something and you try and guess the word?"
Cormac: "OK"
Me: "A turkey is big and ?? I was thinking he was going to say fat because they have been singing a song at school about a big fat turkery. But Cormac said "feathery" I was pretty impressed. A turkey is feathery. Not sure if that's really a word but it starts with "F" for sure!

When Frank was putting the boys to bed the other night I heard Colin tell him "Mom, will be in my heart forever because she is my best Too sweet that boy.

Today was Frank's birthday. We all went out to dinner. He wanted us to go as a family. My mom and Richie met us along with my friend Maritza and her daughter Kristin. It was a really nice evening. The boys could not have behaved better. Calleigh just smiled and ate everything in site. Now you know the night wouldn't go off without a hitch, right? Colin had just finished his meal and we were waiting on the adult food. He was coughing a little and I could just tell something was wrong. Mother's just know. I said "he is going to throw up" I started walking him to the bathroom while holding a napkin to his mouth. He puked in my hand and in the napkin. He also puked again in the bathroom. He was so good and didn't get upset. I have no idea why it happened and he isn't sick now. He seems just fine. He even managed to eat some cake. But it added a little excitement to the night!

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