Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blatant Brag Post

I took Cormac to see his teacher of the deaf today. She has been working with him since September. She said he is doing amazing and is "the poster child for early intervention and early implantation"! She said she forsees no problems with Cormac in his future. She observed him in class this week and said he is one of the brightest kids in the class. He is involoved in everything and is the first to volunteer. She said lots of kids with hearing loss will wait to see what others do before participating but not Cormac does not. She said even when his FM system was broken he did not miss a trick. He just paid more attention so he didn't miss anything.

She also said some kids who are doing really well at a young age tend to struggle a bit when they hit 3rd grade or so because they need to start with complex thought process. But she said Cormac already used a complex thought process most other 4 year olds aren't capable of using. She does not foresee Cormac having an issues long term. She says as long as we continue with what we are doing by the time 3rd or 4th grade comes he will probably just need monitoring to make sure he is where he should be. Can you say AHHH??? (and an FM system)

As if my day wasn't grand already we headed to the library and on the way out met a very nice man who just happened to be a psychologist who speciaized in people with hearing loss and was fluent in sign language. He says " I see you daughter (no, not a typo. He thought he was a girl. LOL) has hearing loss and wears implants." I say "yes, he has profound loss bilaterally" And he says "and look at how amazing he is doing" (Cormac had walked up to him and said "excuse me, is it ok if I pet your dog" and then asked him the dogs name and what kind of dog he was and also told him we had a dog.) He told me in the last few years he has changed the focus of his practice because he is realizing his sign language probably won't be necessary because of how kids like Cormac are doing. "They are growing up just like other kids without any delays and don't feel self conscious"

To hear this about Cormac is awesome. I already know he will be fine but it's sure is nice to hear professionals tell you he will be fine. Makes me so proud of him and all his hard work.. Makes me know Frank and I did something right! Makes me also wonder how Frank and I produced a kid as smart as him (LOL_).

So, with all that good going on I didn't let the lady at the Burger Kind drive through ruin my day. I was in desperate need of the largest Diet Coke and with four kids in the car running into a store was not appealing. The logical choice would be the drive thru. I figure I can even get the kids a healthy snack of apple fries. She swipes my debit card and tells me it's not working. The magnetic strip must be broken. I say well can't you enter it manually? Really?? She says "sorry,no, I can't do that" WHAT?? WHAT??? And this was the assistant manager. But I went somewhere else got my caffeine fix and all is well witht he world! This working overnights is seriously making me even more addicted to Diet Coke!

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