Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Calleigh was singing in the car today and I realized she was trying to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".  By far the cutest thing I have ever heard.  We watch The Wizard of Oz often and I guess  she likes the song.

2.  Ciaran has made HUGE leaps in his reading in the last two weeks.  This has been a struggle for Ciaran but we have been very focused on making it lots of fun.  I am so proud of him.  He has been really doing so well.  My goal was to have him reading by the end of the Summer and I think we will make it!

3.  Ciaran has also had a huge growth spurt too.  He looks like such a grown boy.  He is so tall and has huge feet.  He is growing out of size 2 shoes already.  With all this growth it means one earmolds for his hearing aids.  They are mighty tight right now and starting to bother him.

4.  I was asked to speak to a class at New York Univsersity.  Not sure of all the details yet but it will be exciting. Cormac was asked to make an appearance as well. 

5.  Colin's hair is turning blonde.  Everyone who has seen him lately comments on it.  Ciaran's hair looks like he has red highlights in it!  Cormac's hair is white in places...The life of three beach boys.

6.  The boys were enrolled in Mad Science Camp but they had to cancel it due to low enrollment.  I am disappointed and they are too.  I might enroll them in surfing lessons since it was cancelled.

7.  Summer seems to by flying by.  I wish it would slow down. 

8.  Calleigh started her third week of  Summer Camp (school...they call it camp).  She has had some good days when I drop her off and she has had some bad days.  But every day she comes out happy as can be and her teachers say she loves it.  I saw one of her teachers outside of school and she told me Calleigh is one of the smartest kids she has ever met and once she starts getting the words out there will be no stopping her.  She said she cannot believe all the things she knows.  Go, Calleigh!

9.  This week we have lots of fun planned.  Going to my sister's house to swim tomorrow. A visit to the Aquarium on Wednesday and  visiting a friend in LBI on Thursday.  Then on Friday we will go to my Mom's pool club to celebrate my step father and step sister's birthdays. 

10.  Colin might be the most talkative child...ever.  He talks and talks and talks.  He just cracks me up.  He loves to talk to anyone who will listen.  He always has a story to tell.  I just love listening to his stories.  He also opened his own bank account this weekend. He was determined to put his money in the bank.  He was so adorable at the bank.  Just too cute for words.

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