Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a week!

Last Monday, April 20th, Cormac started Summit Speech School for preschool! He is going just mornings until the school year ends. He will attend mainstream preschool in the fall with his brothers with support services from Summit. I don't know where to start about how it went.
The first day I dropped him off I was by myself and didnt have the boys with me. I was so nervous and scared and wondered how he would react. I brought him in and he walked away without a worry in the world! I went to my car and cried! I know, silly, but he seemed so small walking away from me with his new Diego backpack. I was able to come back inside and observe him in class without him knowing. I watched for about 1/2 hour. He joined right in Miss Margies' class. My heart swelled with pride as I watched him join a small group of children he never met and join right in.

He participated right away and asked lots of questions. He was thrilled to be able to show off pictures of his family. He even told them "Daddy's name is Frank!". I was just amazed to see him all on his own. Here was my deaf son on his own to make his needs and wants met and he was able to do it! When I returned to pick him up 3 hours later he could not be happier. He was thrilled to see me but didn't mind one bit being at school. The rest of the week went just as well for him. He continues to look forward to school and has been getting wonderful reports from his teacher and his SLP.

I drive him every day and Ciaran and Colin come with me. It's sort of crazy in the morning. We have to be out of the house by 7:55 to get him to school by 8:45am. I then need to find something to do for the next three hours. Since the school is about 50 minutes from our house it makes no sense at all to go back home. Shopping every day while it would be great is not feasible :) Needless to say we have all been tired and a little out of whack for the past 10 days. Doesn't help being 7 months pregnant either!

The funny thing is Colin get the most upset about leaving Cormac. I thought for sure Cormac would get upset but he jumps out of the car and says "see you later, brothers!". Colin cries every day and says he want to be deaf and get implants!" He also says "I just want Cormac back!". Too adorable. On Friday he was crying and I said "it's alright, Colin, we will pick him up soon". Know what that little bugger said to me? "Mommy, I'm not Colin, you dropped the wrong kid off!" I nearly wet my pants with laughter.

Ciaran and Colin really want to go to "big boy school" and I was lucky enough to find a place to take them 2 mornings a week. They will start on Friday. That means I will have 6 hours to myself a week. Granted, I won't be home and will have to find something to entertain myself but I don't think that will be a problem..... I already know I am getting a pedicure on Friday!

I hope they do as well as Cormac going to school. I am worried about COlin because he has some issues when I leave him. BUT they have both been asking me everyday "did you find us a big boy school yet?. I can't believe I will all three of them in school. It's so sad to me but on the other hand I can tell it will be so good for them. They will love it and Mommy won't know what to do with herself.

Let's see.. What are some things they have said or done lately to crack me up?

Apparently, Cormac was making a collage at school. Out of nowhere he looks over at the girl next to him and says "Olyvia, you are very, very beautiful". Look out ladies...

I was at my Dad's place and COlin found a PSEG model work truck. He was in love. I told him "unlce Bill worked there until he retired" He says a little later "uncle bill worked there until he was tired and needed a nap". Really, not too far off (LOL) by the time we retire we are tired!

Ciaran's personality has changed the most. He is so funny lately. He is also very into making sure he is the "best" boy. I have NO problem with this!

I have some pictures from Cormac's first day at school and a video of them reuniting after. I have to download them still.

I also gave my speech at Summit Speech School's fundraiser. More to come on that. It deserves it's own post. The boys STOLE THE SHOW!

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