Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, November 16, 2009


The other day we are driving down the street. From the third row I hear Cormac, "Hey Mommy, look, there is a cornucopia on that flag on the house". I was thinking how on earth does this child know the word cornucopia. I say "What's a cornucopia?" He says "It's like a empty shell and you put fruit in it". Really a good description I thought. Mind blowing for me for some reason. I ask "how do you know what a cornucopia is?" He doesn't answer so I pry further. "did miss Velsor teach you?" "Nope" Did Mrs Trackim teach you?" "Nope" (they are two preschool teachers") THen it hits me it HAD to be Miss Cole (Nicole, his teacher of the deaf. Only she would think to teach such a big word to a three year old!) And yes, it was Miss Cole. I told this to a few people and some of them didn't even know what it was! Then I learned it is sometimes called the "horn of plenty". I didn't know that so we both learned something new.

And I had to share this about Cormac's ability to hear in not so ideal situations. We were driving yesterday. He was once again in the third row because Colin has been a seat hog and stealing the second row too much. We had the CD player on playing Metallica per their request. I had the GPS hooked up on the front windshield. I had the volume turned to about half way maybe a little lower. From the back while listening to Metallica Cormac says "The man said to make a right turn ahead!" I cracked up. I am starting to think that sometimes I cut him slack when he doesn't hear me but he might actually just be ignoring me!!!

Oh, and here is one that I still haven't figured out. Cormac didnt want to get in his car seat after school. Of course, I made him. He was a little mad. So he says to me "Mommy, you're an instrument!" Well, I nearly wet my pants. He said it with such a tone I knew he was angry but Lord only knows what he actually meant. I mean, he knows the word instrument and can name instruments so I know that is not what he meant but man, I laughed for days over that comment. I am still trying to figure out what he really meant call me. SOmeone suggested he meant to call me a "tool" but that is not an expression he would have even overheard in our house because was don't use it. Now, if he called me a "jackass" I would have known where he got it from. (call me guilty!) When Colin stubbed his toe and said "jesus christ" well it had Frank written all over it. SO what do you think he meant to call me?

Anyway, just some tidbits on Cormac's progress I want to make sure to remember. I got to speak to a Mom yesterday who is just starting the journey with her daughter. I loved talking with her and feel so lucky I (well really Cormac but I share his story for him at this point) can help ease someone's worries even if it's just the tiniest bit. It is such a scary place to be and I know it meant a lot to talk to someone who had been there and done that before Cormac had his surgery.

I have a ton of videos from Disney I still need to upload but it takes time.....something I don't really have much of lately.

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Bright Family said...

What a smartie! Love reading about Cormac's progress!

Instrument? No idea! But if that's the worst name you or anyone else will be called, then that is probably a good thing!