Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Updates andthoughts

We have been a busy family lately. Lots of fun events starting with all the St Patrick's Day parades and festivities. It is really a wonderful time of year for our family. THe kids made a local paper again. We seem to get noticed for some reason. (I wonder why???)

We have also seen the Easter Bunny three times already!

No word yet from our school district regarding Cormac for next year. I have been waiting for about two weeks to hear back but nothing yet. We are covered until June 20th so we have some time.

Calleigh is having her lip repair surgery on Thursday April 1st. So, if you have some time for a few extra prayers, we could use them. It's weird because I know I have to fix her lip but in a way I feel like I am changing her face. It's just her, you know what I mean? When she smiles her whole face lights up and her lip is just the cutest thing I ever saw. I guess since I am her mom it doesn't phase me in the least. But I know her "new" smile will be just as beautiful and it will really help her in the long run.

Calleigh was also given another diagnosis last week. Duane Syndrome. Really? If any of you know what it is I will be pretty impressed. Just another strange anomoly to add to her medical history. I brought her to the pediatric ophthalmologist becasue I thougt her left eye seemed to turn in. Sometimes. Not always. It was not consistent. Well, her left eye is just dandy. Her right eye has Duane Syndrome. What does it mean? Well, she can see and has perfect vision. She physically cannot move her right eye to the right. So, right now, look straight ahead. Now, look to the right with JUST your eyes....... Ok, so your left eye moves toward your nose and your right eyes moves toward the outside of your right eye. Well, when Calleigh does this ONLY her left eye moves. Her right eye stays straight. It gives the appearance that her left eye is turning in but actually her right is is just staying straight. Does that make sense??? There is no cure and nothing they can do about it. It's not a muscle problem. The nerve that controls the muscle that moves her eye to the right is either misfiring or not firing at all.

I don't really know what to say about it. Seems like everytime something good happens (one of the holes in her heart has closed) we get some other odd diagnosis. She continues to amaze me with how damn happy she is all the time. She laughs and smiles all the time. She has made HUGE advances in the last two weeks with her motor skills. I think since we finally got her acid reflux under control she is eating more and feeling better. We have really been working with her to improve as well.

She can't sit up yet for a long time but has learned to put her palms down to catch herself. She is passing toys hand to hand and really playing with things now. I knew she was delayed because of her surgeries and not having the opportunity to be allowed to lay on her belly for almost 8 months because of her colostomy bag. But let me tell you since she has been spending time on her tummy and getting the opportunity to do things she is really flourishing. I know she will catch up before we know it. We just have to get past Thursday's surgery. Let's pray it's the last one for my lil angel.

The boys are all maniacs. Just wild. They love school. They love their play group and their play dates. They are going to be starting tennis and soccer, I think.

Language continues to develop for all three.

Here's a good story for you all to enjoy:
A speech pathologist came over the house to evaluate Calleigh because of her lip. The triplets were home and in strolls Cormac. The speech pathologist was having an entire conversation with him and I say to her "you know he's deaf, right?" She looked at me like I had 5 heads! She said "I am speechless, shocked and amazed" "He has perfect tone, pitch everything" Cormac's blonde curls cover his implants sometimes and you can't see them. I was so proud of him at that moment. I said "Show the lady you implants" He gladly pulled his hair back and showed her and says "these are my cochlear implants cause I'm deaf"!

That's all for now folks.


LMG said...

We'll be keeping good thoughts for Calleigh, the surgeon, anesthetist and nurses on Thursday. Micah was having a fatigue meltdown at dinner, and I got him out of it by showing him pictures of the boys and Calleigh. Lydia

The Brights said...

She is the cutest little girl ever!! Love those first pictures!!

The boys just keep on growing! I would love to be a fly on the wall when the three of them play together!!

Many prayers for Thursday! All will be well. She is such a trooper!

tammy said...

I love seeing all your pictures of your cuties! What great St. Patty Day sweaters! Sending prayers your way for the surgery and quick healing.