Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, October 4, 2010

PreK 4

We started Pre-K 4 on September 20th. I can't believe they are already in Pre-K 4! Next year is Kindergarten and I am NOT emotionally ready for them to be gone 5 days a week for full day. I really wish it was only half days. Maybe we can move before it starts. Seriously...

This was taken on the first day they went but it wasn't their "official" first day. They only went for an hour.




The official first day

So far school is great. We have a wonderful teacher. We are having issues with Cormac's FM system. He uses a wireless system and wears a different hook (I connect) on his implant and the teacher wears a michrophone. It's wireless and when she talks he can hear her. I am not even sure he needs it but that's another issue. There are two teachers in the class and one is the same as last year. She is noticing he doesn't seem to be hearing as well and is asking for things to be repeated more than usual. Great for him for having the advocacy skills to ask when he can't hear but not the ideal situation for him. I noticed over the weekend he seemed to be asking "what" alot. I am thinking it's a mapping issue that came up quickly. Hoping to get him to the audiologist ASAP to have a look.

Cormac's teacher of the deaf has been awesome. She has been working with us on trouble shooting the FM. She's so proactive which is awesome. Part of our problem is we don't have an IEP which should include and educational audiologist but that's a whole other story. Luckily, Summit SPeech School can also work on his FM in the mean time until we can get him mapped. Another reason I so love that place. They are always willing to help and always have an answer.

We also started Flag Football. It's pretty funny and they totally don't have a clue. Not just my kids. All the kids. But Cormac scored his first touchdown yesterday. I wasn't there to witness it. Go figure. I miss one thing in their lives and he scores a touchdown. He also gets so pissed when they grab his flags. I keep telling him that is the whole point so maybe he should run faster :) Ciaran is fast and is the one who keeps gettin his flags. There is no contact allowed but my three are used to tackling each other. So far, they have not tackled a stranger!

Calleigh is doing amazing. She has finally started to feed herself. This is a pretty big milestone. She is also clapping and pointing. Two more to check off the list! She is trying her hardest to crawl and can go in reverse but still not quite forward. However, she is trying. She no longer pitches a fit when you put her into a crawl position and she gets up on all fours all by herself. Her personality is so hilarious. She is sweet as pie but is living up to the red headed temper stereotype! We are continuing her therapies and hope in the next few months she will be walking around.

I celebrated my birthday the end of September. The boys told me they wanted me to have beautiful, sparkly and glittery shoes as my gift. They came through as you will see in the picture below! I also received Hello Kitty slippers and some Halloween socks.

That's my cake. It says "Happy Birthday Beautiful Mom. We love you"

Notice the shiny shoes. They are actually Steve Madden and I love them. Yes, there is an extra child in the picture. That's my beautiful nephew, Michael. He is in love with the boys and wanted to be in our family photo.

Calleigh at flag football.

I am also attending The Annual Mainstream Conference hosted by The Clarke School. Cormac's TOD told me about it and since I can drive to it I am planning on going. I hope to work out the last of the babysitting details this week. Praying it all works out and I can attend.

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