Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness and Random comments from boys.

On Sunday we went to eat to the diner. Ciaran has been asking to go for a few weeks to go the diner for grilled cheese and fries. There was about a 45 minute wait for a table and I thought for sure we would over stay our welcome after waiting so long. Luckily, that was not the case.

Anyway, we were sitting at the table. Calleigh in her high chair munching on Veggie Straws. The boys and I were playing a game. I was describing something and they had to guss what it was I was describing. (Go figure, I was playing a listening game!) An older gentlemen walks over to our table. He had to be at least 70 or so. He says to me and Frank in the lovliest southern accent (remember we are in NJ) "I just had to come over here and tell you what a beautiful family you have. You are all so truly blessed to have such amazing children" I had never seen this man before. He proceeded to tell us a story about a family he knows who has 14 children and he thought by looking at us we would do fine with a whole lot more! I believe Frank choked on his burger at this point. LOL

What a wonderful way to start our day. It was so sweet of him to come and talk to us. And he didn't even realize the boys were triplets so it wasn't a multiples moment. It sure made Frank and I feel very fortunate.

On another note, I took Cormac today to try and figure out the mystery problem with his FM System. We went to Summit Speech School. We have not been there is so long. We still get our itinerant services from there but was haven't visited in a while.

While waitng to be seen by the audiologist the Principal was walking through the lobby. He comes over to say Hello. Cormac brought an Ariel doll with him and he tells him "This is my Ariel doll. I have another one at home who lights up but she isn't working right now because the batteries are dead". He looks at me and smiles and says "I can see we are suffering from a huge language deficit" LOL!

The audiologist told Cormac his teacher from last year had a baby. She showed him a picture of the baby. The baby's name was Christopher. He tells her "That's the same name as my cousin. And the same as Christopher Columbus. He discovered America when his boat went "boop" and bumped into it." She was cracking up.

Colin told me the other night when he gets big he wants to marry me. I said, OK. Ciaran says I want to marry mommy too. Colin says no, you can marry Dad. Ciaran says in his best sarcastic voice "Colin, Dad's not even a girl. What is wrong with you!" Cormac then says he wants to marry a girl "who looks just like Barbie" HMMMM...

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Melanie said...

Just like Barbie?!?! That one made me laugh.

Why so many problems with the FM? Does the district that manages Cormac's IEP contract with an educational audiologist?

Love when I get random compliments like that. If anyone could successfully have 14 kids, it is you! :)