Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Ten TOTALLY unrelated rambling thoughts for Tuesday.

1. Driving in the truck and Cormac asked to have his window down.  He has his head  leaning part way out the window and his hair is blowing.  I turn on the radio and Adele is on.  He starts singing along with the song!  Thank you Clearvoice!

2. Colin told me "Mom, I will never stop loving you.  Even when I am 100 years old... I will still love you".
3. Cormac and Ciaran talking in the car.  Cormac :"So, Ciaran, let's talk about Unicorns".  Ciaran: "Really, Cormac, I hate Unicorns."  Insert Cormac laughing hysterically because he totally knew how Ciaran would react to the question.
4.  Calleigh's newest thing to say is "where's ? (whatever or whoever she is looking for) and then when she finds it's "Oh, there it is."  She does it a hundred times a day and it's adorable every time.

5.  Feeding giraffes at the Safari at Great Adventure today was so exciting!  I had never done it before so it was just as thrilling for me as the kids.  I am so happy I was able to make the class trip.  Thanks to my Mom for coming down to watch Calleigh.

6.  Two quickies about Cormac related to his implants:  At school the kids get there name on the board if the are not being good listeners.  Cormac told me yesterday he was put on the board once.  I was shocked to hear this and asked why??  He said" because I just can't stop talking to my best friend Mia."  So, as a parent you never want your child to get in trouble but as the parent of a deaf kid you secretly smile because he got in trouble for talking :)  On the school trip we were in an outdoor auditorium.  They were bringing out different animals for the kids to see.  They asked if anyone had any questions.  I swear, Cormac had a question after every animal.  He is always the FIRST kid to have a question or volunteer to talk.  He was allowed to pet the pot belly pig because "he asked such great questions". LOVE LOVE LOVE

7. Calleigh has perfected the temper tantrum.  Seriously.  My boys never did this.  Ever.  It is a whole new experience for me.  One I am not enjoying too much.  I keep thinking "Can you imagine if all three boys did this???"  I understand she is frustrated because of her language delay.  She gets so aggravated when we don't know what she wants.  BUT I know she can use her words.  She sometimes chooses  not to.  I am being tough on her lately and not giving in to her unless she talks.  Hopefully, this will pass quickly.

8.  One month of school left!!!

9.  I am looking forward to Summer!  Really looking forward to Summer.  I am counting the days.

10.  The countdown has begun to going to AG Bell in excited. 

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