Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1.  I got an offer for the job I interviewed for at Monmouth Medical Center.  I will be trained to be a newborn hearing screener and learn how to perform ABR's on the newborns before they leave the hospital.  I credit newborn screening for finding Cormac's deafness and I am thankful every day we had the test.  Early intervention is the key to success so early identification is essential.  I am excited to put all my knowledge to work.  I will be working part time and hopefully be able to balance working and the kids.

2.  Calleigh will be making another trip to the hospital for a growth hormone stimulation test.  Since her pituitary came back normal on the MRI we need to see if she even produces the growth hormone.  She will go in the hospital on 10/29 at 7am.  They will hook her to an IV and test her blood every 1 /2 hour for three hours.  They will be able to tell if she is produces the growth hormone.  They take the blood from the IV so they don't need to stick her so many times.

3.  Today I listened to Cormac teach Calleigh how to sing three new songs.  It's a miracle every day.  My deaf son is teaching my speech delayed songs and they were both singing beautifully while playing the triangle.  Amazing.  Just plain amazing.

4.  Cormac is literally counting the days until the Halloween parade on Saturday.  He can't wait to wear his costumes.  The kids chose adorable costumes this year.  I had nothing to do with it and they chose a theme.  I guess after 6 Halloweens of being a theme they just kind of did it on their own!

5.  Calleigh is the star of the week at school this week.  It's very cute and we made a poster board to show all her favorite things.  I was happy to hear she told the class what all the things were on her poster and even told them her brothers names.  Very proud of her.

6.  We have parent teacher conferences on Thursday.  I am looking forward to speaking with their teacher about each of them.  We need to discuss some options for Cormac regarding his reading.  We need to challenge him more in this area.  His reading and comprehension are off the charts.  The words he can read, understand and then incorporate into his daily speech is unbelievable.

7.  The boys have two half days this week.  They have asked to go the Atlantic Farms for one of the afternoons.  I think it would be a great day to spend the afternoon.  I was just there with Calleigh but I am sure she will love a return visit.

8.  I am totally over school lunches and snacks.  I am not sure why I despise making them so much.  Tonight I made them right after dinner so it wasn't so bad.  My kid are so simple too.  They eat a lot of options but for some reason I just dread it.

9.  The Voice....cannot get enough of it.  Between Blake and Adam not to mention so many amazing performaces.  I just love love love it.

10.  I have started thinking about Christmas gifts.  Anyone want to share ideas for six year old boys and three year old girl??

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