Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The lastest and greatest

I thought I would post a quick update of what the boys are really into at the moment. Just to keep a record for myself and I am sure to get a few chuckles from the blog readers. The video below is something that started a little while ago. We have two pictures hanging on the wall in the kithcen. One of apples and one of pears. For some reason Ciaran started saying "Happy Birtday Apples and Happy Birthday Pears" but he doesn't say it in a normal voices. It has turned into a daily occurance and it cracks me up. I might add that occaisonally after the happy birthday they all break into "Okay, Mommy you Big Bad Wolf." They ALL laugh hysterical when the one of them calls me the Big Bad Wolf.

Dinosuars, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs. It's the big thing right now. Not sure how it started or why but I cannot tell you how many times a day someone is chasing me saying "I'm the big mean Dinosaur". The cutest is when I act afraid they quickly say "oh, no, Mommy, don't be scared it's just me". We all have new names. Ciarasaurus, Colisaurus, Cormasaurus, Mommyasauras, Daddyasauras and yes, even Duke is Dukieasaurus! At night I have been listening to them on the monitor. I listen to see if they are awake but find myself muting the televison to listen to the conversations taking place. The big question is "are you on my team?" They all agree and then decide we are all on a team together as "one big happy family". I mean, how cute it that??? Or you will hear Cormac say "Colin, are you awake over there??" Or Colin yelling "wake up Ciaran." You never know what they are going to say. I also like to listen to Cormac through the monitor. I understand all of what he says when I am around him but this is like a test. I can't see him or know what he is talking about but I CAN UNDERSTAND HIM! His language is just that good.

"Favorite things" I get the list daily of what their favorite things are. So here are the latest.

Colin's favorite color is red, favorite animal is a dog, and favorite food is mashed potatoes.

Ciaran's favorite color is green, favorite animal is a hippo and favorite food is candy (hmmmm, i wonder where he gets that from?)

Cormac's favorite color is blue, favorite animal is a penguin and favorite food is fruit. They are pretty consistant with saying what is their favorite. However, the food choices have changed. Pizza gets thrown in a lot.

Ciaran tells me at least a hundred times a day I am beautiful. It usually involves gently rubbing my face while he is saying it. That boy is going to melt the ladies hearts someday. He sure knows how to work it!

When we aren't being dinosaurs we are all Super Heros. So, you must know where this is going. Super Mommy, Super Daddy, Super Ciaran, Super Colin and Super Cormac. We all can "fly" and I am too strong to be captured by a witch so I won't be locked in the "tall tower". But if for some reason I were to get locked in the Tall tower Super Daddy would rescue me. (their words, not mine!)

With the weather getting close to 50 degrees today I decided they needed some outdoor time. We went to the park. This is really one of the first times since the fall we have been to the park. I braved it and took no stroller and we had an amazing time. First we went to the play ground. After the playground we walked around the lake, fed some ducks and checked out the waterfall. It was such a nice day. Everyone was listening and paying attention. No one took off running. They stopped when I told them to stop. No one attempted to jump in the lake and kept a good distance from the waters edge like I asked them. Now, the dirt is another issue. Must be a boy thing. They are just drawn to dirt and mud, sticks and rocks. But hey, they have to have some fun. They made some dirt and rock volcanoes too! What a difference from last Spring. They would have been ALL OVER the place and I would have been a nervous wreck. My lil boys are growing up.

Here's a little video of Cormac playing with his fridge letter.

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