Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can you say nesting?

Ok, this baby is arriving in less than three weeks. We are SO NOT READY! When I say that I mean the house is not ready. The basement is almost done but the floors aren't in yet. Her room isn't painted or ANYTHING. Frank is supposed to do it this weekend. Problem is it currently being used as our playroom. The new playroom isn't ready and we have nowhere to put all our stuff. I wasn't too worried but suddenly I am freaking out. The house is a disaster. I can't seem to keep it up lately. The boys are a wrecking crew. We are out of the house for so many hours each day because of school I don't get to get anything done in the mornings. By evenings I am wiped out. YIKES!! God forbid, I go into labor early. We are royally screwed. There is no way I can bring a newborn home to this place.

I need to outsource these boys for a day or so and try and make some headway. But honestly, at 9 months pregnant who really wants to do it??? Plus we just have nowhere to put anything until that basement has the floor. Please cross your fingers the flooring comes in early this week so it can be installed next weekend. I will feel much better. Frank says he will have the baby's room painted and put up the wainscoting by tomorrow. If that much is done I will feel better. I did organize her closet somewhat and have realized I should not be allowed to have a girl. I like to shop too much!! I didn't realize how much I have bought her! But hey, it's only one this time. I can do it. Girl stuff is just so much cuter than boy stuff.

Ok, i am going to try and relax now. Can you say nesting???

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Eileen said...

I have come to realize the girls items are not cuter, but the selection is so much larger. Skirts, capris, shorts, skorts, dresses, tights, jeans, cords, pastels (that won't have people asking if it is a girl) and then all the hair accessories, in case your newborn comes out with as much hair as Emer had.

I can't wait to see her!!!!!!