Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Friday, June 26, 2009

"You're the best Mommy in the whole wide world.

You are super smart and super sweet." This is what Ciaran told me today on the car ride home from school. He just said it for no reason what so ever. I had to document it so I can show him someday. In case you couldn't guess, it made my whole day. Ciaran is by far the sweetest child. He loves to cuddle and hug and kiss me and Frank. He says so many sweet things. He is quick to touch Cormac's cheeks and tell him he is so "adorable" or "sweet". Lately, he's been telling Cormac he is beautiful since Cormac has been wearing a tiara around the house :).

Sure, there are times during the day when I think the three of them are little hellions but man it's so worth it to hear them say such wonderful things. I hope it's a reflection of how I talk to them. I make an effort every day to point out all the good they do and recognize kindness. Trust me, I spend a lot of the day telling them what they did wasn't nice or was fresh so I figure I gotta point out the good as well. You would be surprised at how quickly behavior changes when I am praising one for doing something sweet or for behaving nicely and listening to Mommy. All kids want their parents approval and it's sometimes easy to forget to point out the good.

I will say the three of them were filled with EXTRA energy today. Blame it on days and days of rain. Blame it on them being all thrown off by the baby still being in the hospital and our lives have been so hectic lately but WOW they were energized. I need to find something to do tomorrow to wear them out.

On the potty front. We have made a GIANT leap the last two days. Colin has FINALLY agreed to wear "big boy underwear". He has been wearing a pull up but doesn't go the bathroom in it but REFUSED to wear underwear. Well, yesterday he decided he was done with pull ups. He did great today in his underwear. He had one mishap in the morning but other than that he was perfect all day. Gotta love three three year olds getting out of diapers. Just in time for Calleigh.

As for Miss Calleigh. She is doing really well. She is eating more. Tonight she was bumped up to 25cc (30 cc is an ounce) and was switched back to breast milk :) She isn't taking it all by bottle but is making improvements each day. She weighed 6pounds 10 oz tonight. That's up 9 oz from her birth weight. She is starting to look chubby! She is just a beautiful little girl. I hate leaving her at the hospital but I know she received the best care while she is there.

Frank is finishing her room tomorrow. It's really almost done. He just has to put in the new light fixture, finish the wainscoting (just a small bit more) and move the computer downstairs. Not too much. Her room is turning out just like I envisioned. So pretty and girly!

On a side note, please say some prayers for some of the babies in the NICU with Calleigh. It seems a large number of very premature babies (a 23 weeker, a 24 weeker and a another 24 weeker who only weighs 13 oz) have been born in the last few days. They are so tiny and are really struggling right now. They could use some extra prayers.

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