Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Big news on two fronts! Can you say potty trained? Well, I can say it times three!! Potty trained, potty trained, potty trained!!! Yes, that is me doing the happy dance. It really calls for back flips but at 9 months pregnant I have to settle for dancing :) I was so dreading the whole process. Much to my surprise it was no big deal. I think timing is everything. They were ready. They were old enough and they just got it. It didn't even take more than a few days. Colin is still wearing a pull up but he doesn't go the bathroom in it. He just refuses to put on underwear. Not that big a deal. He can wear a pullup. We only need diapers at night. But I expected that. They are so cute in their little underwear!

I can't believe it went so smoothly. Now, it's a royal pain when we are out because they have to use the potty in stores, restaurants. You name it and we have gone the bathroom there! It's a production with three of them especially trying to get them to not touch anything. I think I need to buy stock in Purell. Actually, I need to invent something where I can just spray down their whole bodies when they are done!

Now, I know all the peeing and pooping is exciting BUT I HAVE GREAT NEWS that does not involve the children. Any children for that matter!

My baby clothing business, myliltees
is officially being sold in a baby boutique! I went on my first sales call on Friday and on Monday morning the store called me to tell me they wanted to sell our clothing line. Nadine and I could not be happier. We have worked hard on this business. (Nadine especially) I am so excited. We are now marketing to more boutiques but for my first sales call to be a success, well, it was a confidence booster to say the least. We hope to have it in 100's of stores throughout the country. If you know anyone who would be interested in wholesaling please pass the website along. We are starting locally but are hoping family and friends will get us information on their favorite baby boutique in their neck of the woods. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I wanted to have a celebratory drink but that will have to wait until after the baby arrives. By the way, we know when THE BIG DAY is...... June 25th is my C-section. That is only three weeks from Thursday.

We are still doing the commute to New Providence every morning. It's like a part time job! The benefits are so worth it but it's exhausting and we are going through some serious gas commuting both ways! Cormac's last day of school is Tuesday the 23rd of June and then he doesn't go back until after 4th of July. After the 4th of July he will only have about 4 weeks left at Summit Speech School. This makes me sad. He really loves it there and is doing great. I wish he could continue at Summit on a part time basis just to cover his therapy but they only enroll for 5 days a week. What's my dream for Cormac? I would love to see him in mainstream preschool two days a week and at Summit for three mornings a week. A girl can dream, right? He will get great support from Summit Speech School throughout his education and we are lucky to have them and grateful our school district is willing to work with them to come up with what is best for Cormac.


Eileen said...

That is fabulous news, on all fronts. Hope the business is a huge success!!!

Renae said...

Congratulations on ALL the great news!!! Potty trained 3 year old triplet boys is amazing!!! Good work!!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! What cute boys you have! I can imagine how great it must be have your boys potty trained, but I'm sure going out and about is a treat with public potties! We're not there yet....

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, it's Meridith (Jessica's mom). I always meant to check out your blog. It is beautiful. Glad to hear about your news on the business and home front. I can only dream right now about potty training as Jess is not too successful. She is doing well at Summit, and I agree it is a wonderful school. Take care and looking forward to seeing pictures of the new baby in the future.