Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our interesting weekend and benefits of bilateral implants

A VERY SCARY DIP IN THE LAKE. That's what happened to Cormac this morning. Clothes, sneakers, implants and all. Man, have we been testing these implants lately. A dip in the toilet, the spray ground and now a quick fall into a lake. These suckers are awesome! They just keep on working.

Now to the details of the fall into the lake that aged me about 10 years as I watched it from afar. I was sitting on a bench feeding Calleigh. Frank was walking with the boys. They were near the lake but have NEVER gone so close as to fall in but today it was really muddy and slippery. Cormac threw a rock in the lake his feet came out from under him and splash......Frank was standing right there and before I could even yell out his name Frank had pulled him from the water. (it's only about 2 feet near the edge where he fell) I nearly had a heart attack. Cormac looked so scared it was sad. He was soaking wet and covered in green lake gook. I think he was in shock. I know I was. His head didn't really go all the way under thank god. He does not know how to swim yet (he's only 3). Trust me, he will never go near the edge again. He was terrified.

Sunday we headed to the Sprayground. What a blast they had jumping in the sprinklers. Normally, we would be at the beach every weekend but with Calleigh just home we are hanging close. We are going next weekend. After the Sprayground we went to the playground. We had a wonderful morning and early afternoon. It might sound strange but having Calleigh with us just seems so normal. I thought for sure there would be a huge adjustment period but that doesn't seem to be the case. She is such a good girl. You barely know she is there except for when she needs to eat. She is already just one of us. I will say we do get quite the looks from others when we are walking with three three year olds and a newborn. To have four kids 3 and under I guess seems insane to someone who isn't living it. While there are moments that are insane for the most part it's just pretty awesome.

We let Cormac leave one of his implants on while on the SPrayground. You'll notice his ear bandit covering it. The ear band gives it some protection from the water. He is a little too young to understand not to soak his head so I figure it will help to protect it. He loves wearing the ear bandit and loves being able to hear while in the water.

One of Cormac's implants came off while playing in the playground. I didnt' have the extra tape with me and didn't want to go back to the car to get it. We let him just wear one for about a 1/2 hour. Let me tell you... WHAT A DIFFERENCE TWO IMPLANTS MAKES. Especially in a noisy situation. Cormac rarely only wears one implant so we don't see it often. Normally, with both implants I talk to him just like I would talk to Ciaran and COlin. He responds just like them. Well, he was having the hardest time locating my voice. With two implants he never has this issue. He turns instantly to where the sound is coming from. With one it took him some time to find me. ALl I could think about is what if it was a horn on a car and it took him that long to realize where the noise came from? Would it be too late? I am so
happy he has two. It really does make a difference.

Here's some video of my talking to Cormac while he is on the swing. He is wearing two implants in the video. He is not lip reading and I was not standing too close to him. He sings "You are me sunshine" at the end. FOr some reason the last line he says "don't please take my sunshine away" instead of "please don't take my sunshine" That's why it sound a little strange! So, if you're watching, I would love to hear what you think of Cormac's speech. He is 3 years old and today is his two year hearing anniversary! We will have cake later to celebrate.


Melanie said...

Whoa. I have no idea how you keep track of three little boys...I can barely keep up with my two! Glad to hear his implants survived. I would love info about the Ear Bandit- looks great. I think his speech is amazing. Happy Hearing Birthday, Cormac.

Annie said...

He sounds wonderful!

Paula71 said...

I work at a child care facility and have had many children over my 17 years. I must say Cormac talks quite well. I understood him. My son is not and never was hearing impaired and his speech was not good at three no one could understand him. He is 12 and still in speech therapy. Cormac is doing FANTASTIC. Happy Hearing Birthday Cormac.

Lucas'Mommy said...

I think he sounds great! I will be so pleased if Lucas is like that in a year and a half. You should be so proud!!!