Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A week of appointments

This week has been hectic. Lots of doctors appointments last week as well. Yesterday, we headed in NYC for Cormac's two year evaluation. I thought we were having a speech eval but that was rescheduled becuase he needed a map and to go in the booth.

I picked Cormac up from school and along with Calleigh we headed into "my city" as Cormac calls NYC. It was going right into nap time and I wasn't sure how long my little man would survive. But he held up for hours. First they mapped him and he was having a few strange reactions to the mapping. By the time we left he seemed fine but this morning again he was flinching a little on the lowest setting. At school he did great and didn't complain so I think he is ok. Hopefully, we can bump him up to the next two maps in the next few weeks and get him even greater access to sound. I can't imagine it being any better but hey, I'll try anything. He did great for his map and was able to tell them when he heard the sounds. He would say "hey, what's that sound?" Or "I heard that sound". So, I guess he was a pretty cooperative patient.

Next we headed into the booth for some testing. Well, a lot of testing. We are wrapping up the Advanced Bionics study we were lucky to take part in. He could hear sounds that I wasn't even sure I HEARD! As far as I can tell from the testing he was able to complete each task and didn't seem to miss one word. (even when they introduced noise into the situation.) They did each ear alone and then both together. He was tuckered out by the end but never let it get to him. I was holding Calleigh through the entire process. It was a long day and got even longer when we tried to get home.

Getting out of NYC is a challenge any day but add in rush hour and thunderstorms, well, it's damn near impossible. It took us over 2 hours to get home and we only live about 15 miles outside the lincoln tunnel. I had to pull over on the side of the road to feed Calleigh. Not one of our greatest days. We finally got home around 6pm from 8am that morning.

I'll update more on Cormac's results when I have the audiogram in front of me but he hears at very low decibals.

Calleigh went for her follow up with the NICU today. She is doing great and doesn't need to return. She was 8pounds 3 oz. Since she has been home she has gained a pound and 3 oz. They are pleased. And best news of all.... SHE IS OFF THE APNEA MONITOR!!!!! What a relief.

I had to bring all four kids to her appoinment. Not the easiest of things to accomplish. The stroller with the boys must weigh over 150 with them in it. BUT they can't be given free range quite yet. I had Calleigh in the sling. It couldn't be any hotter or muggier. I bribed with tootsie pops but that can only take you so far after almost an hour and a half! However, rubber gloves blown up to look like turkeys were a huge hit. Why I didn't think of it sooner is beyond me. Three three year old boys just equal noise. Lots of noise. Even if they are being well behaved just them all talking at once is loud.

Tomorrow we are supposed to head to another appt for Calleigh at the pediatrician. I think I am rescheduling because it was only for a weight check and she was weighed today. I need a rest from appts. We had three last week and now three this week. How many can I handle?

We are heading back to the beach for the weekend. It's so relaxing at the beach. Calleigh is too young to go to the beach but Maggie gladly watches her while we head up with the boys.

WOuldn't want to leave you without some pics.

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Ericka said...

Oh I love how only one of your triplets has the curls! So cute!

Ericka said...

Oh and I wanted to say that 2 of my children are hoh due to connexin 26 also.