Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The thoughts of 4 year olds

I post lots of things the boys say on Facebook but this blog is my record of them so sorry to my FB friends if you are reading them twice!

Colin by far lately has been the king of the quotes to be remembered.

"I want to give this candy to Dad so he knows I appreciate him. Mom, you know I appreciate you."

"Wait, Mom, I have to kiss you on your heart so it will be there forever".

Colin sitting on the toilet and I say "What are you doing? #1 or #2? He says "what's that?" I say "#1 is pee pee and #2 is poop" He says "then what's a #16?

Cormac told me "When I marry Rachel (a girl in his class) she will have to change her name to "Lawrence" Colin says "Mom, since I am marrying you, you won't have to change your name".

Ciaran: Mom, I don't like Cormac's implants. Me: Why, you should love them because he can hear you and talk to you because of his implants. Ciaran: I MEANT I don't like his implants when they turn off because he won't listen to me!"

Colin and Cormac were discussing going to different places. Colin says" Mom, we need to take a plane to get to California and China but not Philadelphia, right?" I say yes. Cormac says "Mom, China is where Panda Bears live. How come we don't go there often?" It's funny how they have no concept of how far away a place it.

Ciaran's latest is he thinks both his brothers are stinkers. He calls them that all day long. But the funniest was when he looked out the window and saw rabbits eating flowers and says "Mom, those stinkin rabbits are eating all our flowers"

We ate at my mother in laws and she made homemade chicken stew. It's the best stew. I make it all the time for the boys and it's Ciaran's favorite meal. However, she adds some seasoning to hers I don't add because I know how picky they can be. Well, we hand Ciaran his bowl of stew and he says "Hey, why did Grandma put fly wings in my stew? I am not eating fly wings" I think it was parsley. He was so mad! The next morning she makes scrambled eggs. I give him eggs and he says "Hey, you said we were having eggs. Why did you give me mashed potatoes?" I swear he is nuts. I make our scrambled eggs very well done. I told him Grandma is going to kick you out soon!

Me: Tonight you are sleeping over Meema's house" Ciaran: "But where are u gonna sleep?" Me: "At our house" Colin: "All by yourself?" Me: "No, Daddy will be with me" Colin: (in a very silly voice)"That sounds a little bit like a date to me. Hey, wait a minute...that sounds like a SLEEPOVER date" LOL!

Me: "Would you like to take Karate?" Ciaran:"what's Karate?" Before I can tell him he says in the wildest voice while doing crazy karate chops "wait,Hi ya ya ya" If that's Karate I wanna do it."

Ciaran: "Mom, what's diareaha?" Me: "Why do you want to know?" Ciaran: "Cause I am pretty sure I have it".

Cormac and Ciaran having a conversation while playing. "Cormac, can you give me some of your play doh?" "Sure, Ciaran." And he breaks off a very small piece. Ciaran: "awww, c'mon, I can't do anything with that little piece" Cormac picks up a rolling pin and says "Ciaran, take the rolling pin and keep rolling it and rolling and it will get bigger and bigger and bigger." Cormac knew he was trying to be slick which I found very amusing.

Colin: "Mom, if I died would you say "I want my boy back and don't want him to be an angel?" Seriously, he said it in a voice I will never forget.

Ciaran calls candy "tandy". He can say candy but always says "tandy". He also says "mapkins" instead of napkins.

They say such funny things all day long. I am never sure what they are going to come out with at any given moment.

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