Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little look back.

I was going through Cormac's binder of information looking for a report to give to his TOD. I came across a report from this first TOD from 13 months post activation (he would have been 2 years 5 months old)
It had samples of his language. Here is what he was saying:

Mommy has a red pocket too.
I have a red triangle.
There is dog food.
I want two doggies.
That one's square
Circle...right there.
I hear mama
Where the other red sock? (he used to skip "IS")
Mommy, I want drink juice...big boy cup.

His receptive language includes nouns, many action verbs, attribute words, names of many people and some prepositions (on, in, under, behind, on top of, around). In addition to understanding many words, Cormac incorporates these words into his expressive vocabulary as well. Cormac consistently responds to simple questions, yes/no questions and "who what and where" questions. Cormac follows directions involving attribute words. He can discern two familiar attribute words IE he can find the small red triangle among many different shapes with varying colors and sizes. Cormac can identify all the letters of the alphabet and all the sounds they make!

It said lots of other things but this is just an excerpt. I love looking back to see where he was and how far he has come!

Now, on to a few funnies I have heard. Some are duplicates from Facebook but I want to make sure they make it into the blogbook so I apologize for the repeats.

We were driving home from a birthday party of the boys BFF from up North, Kennedy. Very seriously Colin says "Mom, I don't know what I am going do. Two girls want to marry me" I say "who Kennedy and Reese?" He says "yes. I know what I will do. I am going to close my eyes and dream about it". I say "Ok." A few minutes later he says " I think I know what to do. Wait? Can I marry both of them?' I said "No, well at least not in NJ". He says "Ok, I am going to have to thiMy more". Ciaran chimes in "Mom, I will marry you" At the exact same time Colin and Cormac say "she's already married"

Ciaran stayed home sick from school. After 5 hours alone with me and Calleigh he says "Mom, I really like being home with you but I am getting Yonley for my brothers". I knew he misses them. Colin and Cormac on the other hand were just fine at school.

My mother in law was ripping up the old mail. Colin says "why are you doing that?" She says "because I don't want anyone to be able to see my personal information" Colin says "what, you don't want everyone to know you are on a diet?" I nearly spit my drink out on that one!

Colin: Dad, I could really use an after dinner mint. That bread sure was garlicky.

Cormac: Mom, your skin is very dry like mine. We both need dry skin therapy. (apparently, Cormac read the lotion bottle!)

That's all for now. Hope you are enjoying your New Year. We started our New Year with an ear infection for Ciaran...Boo

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