Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It is Catholic Schools Week at school.  Lots of fun things to enjoy.  Tomorrow is red, white and denim day.  The kids don't have to wear their uniforms.  The boys will be wearing some red and white Valentine outfits.  It's also a half day!  I love half days.

2.  Tomorrow is also the Neptune seminar in NYC!  I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces I love and meeting some new people.  It's a huge turnout from what I hear...80 people!!  Cormac is going along with me.  He is very excited and I know will be a great help to me with me duties.

3.  Yesterday, Ciaran and Cormac's teacher of the deaf took Colin with them for a little while.  To say he was excited in an understatement.  He thought it was so "cool".  She doesn't pull them out of class often but he always wants to go with them.  She called me after school to tell me she could not be more impressed with the three of them.  She said they are all very advanced for their age and are sweet loving

4.  Today was GORGEOUS.  Over 60 degrees and sunny.  We hightailed it home from school to make sure we could spend optimal time at the beach playground.  The boys rode their skateboards or scooters.  We buildt some sand castles.  We made a few new friends.  A great, great afternoon.

5.  Calleigh is being evaluated for her transition out of early intervention.  When they met her in September when we moved she was at about 11 months across the board and her actual age was was close to 26 months.  In 5 short months I am thrilled to say she has made HUGE advances.  While she is still delayed in her gross motor skills she is now at about 18-24 months. She had just barely started walking when they met her and now she is running! Cognitively she is AHEAD of her actual age.  WOO HOO!  She is still speech delayed but I have not gotten the official report. 

6.  I am in a little denial my babies are approaching SIX years old in April.  I love the little people they are but am sad they are not the babies they were.  Each day I am amazed at how quickly they have grown.

7.  Fun.  I have been really trying to focus on having the most fun I can have with the kids.  The days fly by and I really want my boys to grow up with the memory of time we spent together as a family.  I have always told them "Family First".  They truly live this motto and it warms my heart.

8.  I know I have sung their praises before but I have to say not a day goes by I am not forever grateful for Summit Speech School.  They have changed our lives forever in ways I cannot even put into words.  One thing for parents is to find a great support system and Summit has been in integral part of our support.  Our new teacher of the deaf continues with this amazingness.

9.  Many things have fascinated me watching the boys and Calleigh grow up but watching Cormac fully reading just blows me away.  He can just read anything now.  I can honestly cry just listening to him.  I was told learning to read can be very difficult for deaf/hard of hearing children.  I am happy he does not struggle with his reading.  It has posed some problems...Frank and I can't spell in front of him any longer because he know what we are spelling!  And I have lots of activity books and I like to use them as a listening activity.  Color the biggest flower yellow, cirlce the smallest get the idea.  Well, now that he can read the instructions it is no longer a listening activity!

10.  My reservations are made for the AG Bell Conference in Arizona in June!!!!  I am beyond excited.  Frank and I will be attending together.  We have not been away together I think since our honeymoon without any kids!!  We have our babysitting in place and are set to go and meet some people who I feel like I have known forever but will be meeting in person for the first time!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE

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Jennifer said...

It was so great meeting you and Cormac in person. He's so delightful and charming. Thanks so much for sticking around and talking with me. It was really helpful for me. I'm so excited about the Neptune. Cormac is going to have an amazing summer. Hope to see you soon. x!