Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Big Day

Tomorrow we are going to NYU for the mapping of the Neptunes.  We received the boxes on Friday and WOW are there a lot of things in the boxes.  Because they have so many cool options for colors there is so much.  Cormac chose light blue, bright green and a bright blue color.  Keep in mind he is bilateral so we have two of everything.

I remember thinking when he was little how much I wished he could hear in the water.  Not just the bathtub but anywhere.  It was for his own safety.  I was for his ability to fit in with everyone else while in the water.  The funny thing is it NEVER seemed to bother Cormac.  He was still young.  At the end of last summer was the first time I started to notice things were different for him.  He still didn't seem to mind but it was becoming harder.  Kids were talking to him and he didn't know.  His brothers were awesome for him.  They were quick to tell new friends he couldn't hear and tell them to make sure he was looking at them before they talked to him.  They would point out the helicopters and things so he didn't miss them.  Always his greatest supporters. 

To live on the beach we are always around the water.  I was usually pretty brave about allowing him to wear them around the water.  That said, I was always watching like a hawk for fear they would fall into the ocean.  Well, worry no more.

I also think of all the language opportunities available on the beach or anywhere around the water.  To think he won't really ever have to be without sound except when he is sleeping is just down right amazing to me.  I honestly always knew it would be in his lifetime but I never thought it would be available so quickly.  What makes me even happier is knowing children being implanted now will never experience no sound around water.  They will never know any different.  They will never hit an age when pool parties start and the kids get upset (I have been told this by Mom's of older kids) they can't hear their friends or have to keep taking their processors on and off.  I know now that Advanced Bionics has released a waterproof processor the other companies will be working hard to produce the same and all kids will have access to sound in the water.

We headed to the store today in search of noisy bath toys for him to play with and experience for the first time.  Not much was available but at the last moment we found a bathtub Ariel that sings and does all kinds of stuff in the water.  For those who know Cormac you know this is his dream come true.  He has always loved Ariel.  His excitement was off the charts.  I REALLY want to get these toys but not sure if I can get them in the morning.  If not, we can get them during the week and play with them another day.

We have a new aquatic center near the house and they have open swim every day of the week so we will be hitting the pool this week for sure!  I am planning on taking lots of video.

In Cormac's almost 6 years of life the only thing he told me he wanted to hear and couldn't hear was the faucet running over his head.  He said "Mom, I KNOW that makes a noise because I can feel it and I really want to know what it sounds like". Well, tomorrow is the day :)


Jennifer said...

You got me on this Jen. It's so beautifully written and so perfect. The Neptunes are going to be so so awesome for Cormac and all the kiddos. I'm so thrilled for you all. Your happiness has me beyond excited for March 22. Big hugs and happy splashing.

tammy said...

This is so exciting! I think this is such a huge step in the advancement of technology with CIs - it just goes to show you how far they'll be ahead 10 or 20 years from now! Amazing. I'm hoping the other two manufacturers aren't far behind, which I'm sure they won't be. As soon as I start running the bath (or go to a pool), the first thing Aiden does is whip off his CIs. I can't wait for the day that he doesn't have to worry about it. Have so much fun testing out the Neptunes! So exciting!!!

Stacey said...

Video? :)