Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, April 2, 2012

New things

This weekend the boys started Lacrosse.  They have never even seen the sport before.  I signed them up because it's very popular here and some of their friends from school were playing.  The first practice took place indoors in a "bubble".  You know, they are outside but they put those HUGE white bubbles up so technically you are inside.  Our swimming lessons were also in a bubble.  If it starts there is lightening you have to leave it.  Anyway, all that to say the acoustics are CRAPPY.  It is HUGE and there were about 60-70 five to seven year olds along with their parents.

I was worried about Cormac being able to understand the coach from across the giant bubble.  I remembered from Basketball he got frustrated the first week because he couldn't hear so well with the acoustics in the gym.  I brought his FM with us and asked one of the coaches if they could wear it to help him hear better.  His response "Of course, we are all about giving these kids the best experience they can get"  I love him....

Without ever having to remind the coach I spoke with he handed off the transmitter to each coach as he was working with Cormac (they were broken up into three different skill areas and were rotating through the stations)  Cormac never missed a beat and said he loved it.  It's all about our kids just being one of the kids.  He LOVED lacrosse and thought it was great.  He said he had no problem hearing anything. :)  I could tell instantly he could hear.  He was doing everything just as they said it.  If he couldn't hear he would have followed the other kids and been a second or two behind the other kids. 

For those with younger kids who are going to be playing sports I highly recommend using an FM system in these situations.  Cormac played soccer last year (outdoors) and will play baseball this year and he doesn't need the FM when he is outside.  He hears the coaches perfectly fine.  The indoor acoustics make it a little harder.

Just my two cents on the benefit of the FM outside of school.

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