Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A day at the Museum

Today we went to the Museum of Natural History.

 I think you could spend a week inside the museum and still not take it all in!  The boys were very excited even though the car ride was a little long and parking in the city is not ideal (especially when you drive a Suburban...we were turned away from a few parking garages) 

We talked about a lot of things this week leading up to the visit.  We discussed all the things we would see and what they were looking forward to seeing the most.  Cormac was very excited to see the Sea Life and Gem exhibits.  Ciaran was focused on the Dinosaurs and Colin was very excited to see the Gems. 

The museum did not disappoint.

Over the weekend we had lots to do.  We had T-ball on Saturday and we also went fishing for the first time with their new fishing poles.

Sunday morning we had Lacrosse...

After Lacrosse we went to the Christening of Giovanni.  He is too stinkin cute and we had such a beautiful day.  We were a little worried about having the four kids sit through church and also expect them to sit through a dinner at a restaurant.  We we so pleased with their behavior.  The boys sat by themselves at the "kid table" and were truly on their best behavior.  We wound up being at the restaurant for close to four hours and at the end the waiter complimented my on all four kids behavior.  He said he was surprised how good all the kids were for so long.  We were very proud of them.  Calleigh sat with us and was her usual charming self and mystified the other adults with her appetite.  We are so used to how much food she eats but I guess when people who don't know her see her eat they don't know where she puts it all :)

While at the restaurant we had a  Cool CI moment. I was watching Cormac sitting at the "kid table" at a christening. A kid (we had never met the kid before) about 12 or so is across from him playing a game in his IPOD. Cormac says "Hi, what game are you playing?" The boys says something and Cormac says "Excuse me, I didn't hear you so well. Can you say that again?" The boy says it again and Cormac says "Cool. Can I see it?" It was really loud in the restaurant. Can't wait until we get Clearvoice and see if it makes a difference but was so proud to see him ask for the boy to repeat himself!

The boys went back to school today after being home for 13 days!  I loved having them home and we sure did a lot of stuff.  I am sure they loved going back to school and we had no problems getting them up and out this morning.  I sure am looking forward to summer...we have less than 2 months before Summer break!

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Jui Shewale said...

This is one of those many many posts on your blog that I want to comment and appreciate so much but whenever I start commenting I feel at a loss of words!! You blog makes me happy.

Love the triplets and little princess!! And great pics!!

Also, I have added you to on my blog for following.. hope its ok :)