Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesay

1.  We have been off from school since Tuesday of last week.  It has been great.  I wish they were home more.  Less than two months and we are off for the summer.

2.  The past weekend was so much fun.  We spent it celebrating the boys and Easter.  I have some great Easter pictures to post.

3.  The anniversary of my Dad's passing happens to be the same day as the boys' birthday.  He passed away on their third birthday.  Three years has passed so quickly.  It seems like yesterday.  I still think about him every day.  The boys still talk about him every day.  I hope they continue to remember him so fondly.  He would be so proud of the little men they are growing into.

4.  We are heading to the Museum of Natural History on Thursday.  I am so excited.  The kids have never been their before and I haven't been there in many years.  They can't wait to see the dinosaur.

5.  We had a quadruple dentist appointment today.  Sounds unpleasant but the boys LOVE the dentist.  Cormac asked the dentist "Do you know when I grow up I want to be dentist?" She was very happy and told him a funny story of when she was in dental school and she went to the Bronx Zoo and had to give a Lion a root canal.  Colin and Ciaran were very excited to ear this because they really want him to be the animal dentist on our family ranch. (you know, the place we are all going to live...)

6.  Calleigh has something called a "twin tooth".  Yep, she continues to mystify us.  Basically, she has two eye teeth fused together.  So, an extra tooth.  Doesn't mean anything long term and we don't know if her adult teeth will be fused.  Calleigh doesn't not like the dentist and was not as cooperative as the boys.

7.  We are still waiting to go back for our follow up appointment with Calleigh for her hearing test.  Her audiogram (which I just got a copy of) makes me very concerned.  I am still trying to process all  of this information.  How on Earth could this be happening...again??  I mean what are the odds?? 

8.  I have two new favorite shows.  Missing and Touched.  I am so glad I started watching both of them.

9.  I was thinking of taking the kids to the Please Touch Museum in Philly on Wednesday.  I heard it's a great place to go but not sure how much we can squeeze in this week.

10.  Lacrosse has started and baseball is soon to start.  The boys loved lacrosse and I know they will love baseball.

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