Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sitting on the dock of the bay...

We spent yesterday afternoon crabbing.   Richie and my Mom planned on coming down and take the boys since Richie has a friend whose house is on the bay.  We found out on Friday Trish, Dan and the kids were heading down to Lavalette so I told her to let the kids go crabbing while they went to Lavalette.  Frank and I decided to go with them crabbing. 

It was the most beautiful afternoon.  The sun was shining.  The sky was so perfect.  We tossed out some lines and the crabs started biting.  Lots of them were too small to keep but I caught a pretty big one.  We wound up only catching three big enough to keep so they got a reprieve and we through them back. 

It was the first time my kids had ever gone crabbing.  They loved it!   We will be crabbing again for sure.  Considering we can just go down the block from our house and crab anywhere we will have to get some crabbing supplies.

Crabbing cousins....better than crabby cousins, right??

                                                                          My catch

                                    Everyone waiting to see if the first line got a crab on it.

Just to make sure I have it on record.  Here are some recent funny quotes from the kids.

I was sitting in the truck with Colin, Cormac, Calleigh and my niece Devon.  Frank went into the Shoprite to pick up two things.  He was taking forever so I said to my niece "what is taking Uncle Frank so long?"  Before she could answer Colin says "maybe he asked someone to shave his back and his armpits".  Devon nearly fell off her seat laughing.  I have no idea what possessed him to say that.  It came out of nowhere. And really, what was he thinking???  Frank isn't even hairy!  And why was that his immediate answer??  I am still laughing so hard I am crying just thinking about it.

Cormac: Only one more sleep until A FULL DAY of school. I can't wait I am so excited. Colin: I am pretty sure I am going to totally love first grade. Ciaran: All we do at school is work, work, work. Yep, that pretty much somes up their personalities!

Calleigh has a few perfect sentences :"Where is the hot dog man? and I want the IPOD please" She has her priorities straight...

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