Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two escapees in one day...

No, it wasn't any of the kids. Yesterday morning I let the dogs out on the front lawn. We have an electronic fence so they won't leave the property. A few minutes later I go back and Dutchess is GONZO. I can't see her anywhere. Now, I know anyone who knows us assumed it would be our world traveler, Duke. But just wait... I am home alone with the boys so a search and rescue mission is not about to happen. She has no tags on her because Duke rips them off. I had no choice but to leave her. I called the police so they knew who she belonged to if she was found. About an hour later I open the front door and she is standing in the middle of our street. I called her name and she came right home. I think she realized how good she has it. Being out in the freezing cold is not fun.

I don't know why the electric fence is not working. But I will find out. I decide that's it, no more dogs out front. Only in the back where there is a fence. I thought I was safe. That afternoon I let them out and in the time it took me to pee Duke was gone. He dug a whole and left. I swear at this point I was going to kill both of them. I can see Duke in the woods behind the house. Having a jolly good time. He sees me and takes off running 600 miles per hour to avoid capture. I was trying to lure him with carrots but he wasn't falling for it. The boys were napping so I go outside in the freezing cold and try and get the little shit head dog. I couldn't go far becasue I was not about to leave the kids. I fell twice on the ice, had to climb our 6 foot fence and he just kept running. Finally, he went into my neighbors yard and trapped himself in the corner. At this point I was throwing the carrots at him in hopes of slowing him down.

Frank comes home and what does he tell me??? Oh, I unplugged the dog fence and forgot to plug it back in. At that point I wished I had a few carrots to throw at him!

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