Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An Inspirational Holiday Party

Remember I just posted about leaving the house and counting six shoes, six sox, three coats etc? Well for the first time ever we left the house with only 5 shoes. When we got to the party Ciaran only had one shoe. Of course it would happen on a day when we were going to a party and meeting a ton of people. Oh well, my guess is it won't be the last time that happens. Anyway, on to the day. We went to Cormac's school today for their Christmas Party. Frank went with me and the boys. We had so much fun. We danced and sang and ate cookies and colored. This was really our first event at the school. All of the children are soooo amazing. You can't tell the difference between the hearing impaired/deaf children and the hearing children. The teachers at the school deserve so much for giving our children the knowledge to learn to listen and speak. They are exceptional people. This was the first time Frank had an opportunity to see the school. Most of Cormac's therapy is done at home but we go once a week for a group class. All of these children are such an inspiration. I hope Cormac remains friendly with his classmates so he will always know people who are like him. Now, on to the important information. Cormac is suddenly having a bit of a language EXPLOSION! Yesterday with Joan, his teacher of the deaf, he said sounds he had never said before. He said "duh, duh," he has never said a D before. He continued to say "La, La" and sing for her. He said Oen for Open. It was just marvelous. He is also starting to use "jargon" as Joan calls it. He realizes that words are different and he can't just say one syllable for them any longer. For example, he saw a strawberry. Now, he obviously can't say strawberry but he made a long noise that sounded like strawberry. He even said an "S" for snake. This is a very hard sound for a newly hearing child to make. He has also perfected the "f" noise. I think that has a lot to do with Colin. Colin loves to make the "f" noise and fly. In our house it is monkey see, monkey do! When they are all wrecking the joint, not so good. When they are teaching each other to talk, pretty awesome. I feel so lucky Cormac was born at a time when this technology exists. I strongly believe he was put on this earth because he is going to do AMAZINGLY great things in his life. I also believe I was chosen to have triplets because God knew Cormac needed built in language models on our house. They all play such an intricate role in each other's lives. I cannot imagine them not knowing each other. They have such a bond amongst them I can't describe it. Before Cormac could hear he seemed to be a little disconnected from his brothers. He missed out on the action because he wasn't aware things were going on around him. I think the greatest change I have seen is in the dynamic of the boys relationship. He is no longer on the outside looking in. He is right there in the middle of the the mayhem three 20 month old boys can cause. For this I will be ever greatful.

Here's a little video from the party.

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