Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How many things can you do in a morning??

Play Doh
Letter of the Week
Practicing Cutting Lines
Candy Land
Hi HI Cherrio
Listening Game (we all play but it's for Cormac)
The Shapes Game and Song

Can you guess what this list is???????

It's what we did this mornnig It's what we did this mornnig before 11:30am! Trying to amuse the boys for hours when we can't go out is becoming more challenging. The always say "what's next?" If it wasn't an ice storm I would have let them out to play in the snow but the weather was so crappy we couldn't leave the house.

Normally, we go out every day. We haven't been out of the house since Saturday due to different circumstances. Can you say stir crazy??? Oh and when all else fails. See the video below for our latest entertainment.

I, however, have left the house. I had an OB appointment on Monday. All looks well with the newest addition. The nicest part of the appt? The doctor keeps telling me I am skinny. Her words NOT mine. Makes an almost 5 month pregnant woman feel pretty darn good! That said, I don't feel skinny and my belly is really starting to show. SHe just can't believe after carrying triplets my belly didnt start showing sooner. I think I am only up 5 pounds at almost 5 months so it sounds good to me! The big news??? We find out Monday if it's a boy or a girl.

Colin thinks we should name the baby Target. Hmmmm.... Do you think we go there too often? Frank was off for Tuesday and Wednesday. Slight mishap in the almost finished basement. Yep, I said ALMOST finished. All the sheet rock is up. We are ready for spackle and then it floor and we can start using the room! I will be so happy when this happens. The upstairs play room will become the new babies room. The existing family room will remain a little family room/office. We will have such a huge space for the boys. I know the more space you have the more crap you aquire but I'm OK with that situation.

We spent two whole days home with the boys as a family with no interruptions. It was such nice family time. Frank and I did nothing but play with the boys the entire time they were awake. Lots of hide and seek. Lots of rough housing. Lots of fun. Today Frank went back to work and it was sad when the boys woke up. They dais "what happened to Daddy?" I told them he went to work and they said they wanted him to come home.

Colin has a new toy. He found a tiny garbage can that was in their room when they were babies. We never used it but it matched their room. It has a little bucket inside as the line and the foot pedal. He has been carrying it around for 2 days filled with his favorite toys. Very strange! Who know a mini trash can could entertain a child for so long. Cormac seems to be making more big leaps in his speech. I noticed yesterday he is talking in some 6 or 7 word sentences and we are not losing any of the filler words. All the "a's", "The", "ands" are included. He said "I want to eat strawberries and bananas". That's quite a sentence.

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