Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not such a "Splashing" Success

Swimming lessons were not so great! They love the water (pool or ocean) but they were not into swimming lessons. Cormac was beyond excited when we arrived. He pulled his clothes off and ripped his implants off because he knows they can't go in the water. He went right with the teacher and she took him around the pool. She brought him back and he sat on the step and decided he wanted to get out. He proceeds to get out of the pool, pull his bathing suit off and tossed in on the ground and tell me "I don't want to be wet. Where's my hat and coat? I want to go home". At which point the teacher says "well, he really does have beautiful language, you would never know he's deaf!" A minute later he asked for him implants but not before putting on his green shamrock hat. So there he was standing there in a swimmy diaper with his green shamrock hat on all teary eyed.

I was wondering if Cormac not being able to hear was upsetting to him. He rarely goes without his implants. I mean, the kids sleeps in them. The only time he is without them is in the bath. Last summer he didnt seem to mind when he couldn't hear but I am wondering if things are different now. He's a different kid. He relies on his hearing and LOVES to hear. I guess we will have to see. Or I will have to somehow rig up something so he can wear his implant in the water. I know, not a smart idea but I would like to make him as comfortable as possible. I don't want him to dislike the water because of his implants.

Colin was next and at first refused to go near the water. I dipped his feet and he went in with the teacher. Did a lap just like Cormac. I heard him say on the other side of the pool. "Ok, I want to go by Mommy now." She brought him back he got out and he was done.

Ciaran took the most coaxing to get in the water but he seemed to enjoy it the most once he was in the pool. He did one lap, came back and he was done.

None of them cried. They just didn't want to do it. The instructor said she didn't think they were old enough for lessons. NOw, I know many kids who go much younger but I guess she is all business. No playing. They are there to learn to swim and not play around. My guys would have been more than happy to just play in the water. Oh well, I will try again in a few months. She was kind enough to not charge us anything for our trial and said bring them back when they are older.

Now I have to find another activity for us to attend this winter. I can' stand being in the house all the time. Maybe gymnastics???


Melanie said...

We did lessons with my daughter when she was a baby! I don't think they are too young. Maybe the teacher was just too strict? They aren't trying out for the Olympics yet, right?!

Tanna's Triplets said...

Awww, I would have loved to see a pic of Cormac with his green shamrock hat!! Sorry the swimming didn't workout maybe the gymnastics would be a good choice. We are going to put the trips in gymnastics this summer.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh how I love swimming so much. Don't you just find it so relaxing. Everyone should learn how to swim. If not you might want to consider taking swimming classes.