Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My day went something like this...

Up at 4:30 to feed Calleigh
Tried to go to sleep again.
Boys up at about 6:45am
Out of the house by 7:55am
SOmewhere in there I three boys went potty, got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed teeth. Calleigh also was fed again and dressed.
Drop Cormac off at school.
Now comes the 3 hours of time to kill with three kids.
Drive nearly back home for Calleigh to go to pediatrician.
Drive the 45 minutes back to pick up Cormac
Drive BACK home to drop off triplets so I can drive BACK 45 minutes to take Calleigh to her apppointment with the surgeon to have her butt irrigated.....
My Mom calls and says lets meet at Target and give the boys lunch and we can switch cars. Sounds like a plan.
We start eating and Colin starts coughing like crazy. Enough to make himself gag which led to puking all over the Target, himself while many people were just trying to eat lunch. (Insert crying hungry newborn here!)
My Mom takes him to the bathroom while I try and feed Calleigh. He has to be stripped down to his underwear because there is so much puke. It's even in his shoes.
He refuses to come out of the bathroom in just his underwear. But eventually caves. I buy him new clothes and get him dressed.

I now drive 45 minutes to the surgeon. Drive back home. Didn't get home until nearly 5pm.

At some point Calleigh ate 3 more times while on the road and needed multiple diaper changes. Can this all be taking place in one day?

SOme humor for the day? Calleigh has a colostomy bag until she has her second surgery. Not as bad as I thought. However, during the course of the day as she passes gas the bag fills with air. I have to let the air out and let me tell you the smell could knock you out! Well, today I do it in the car and out of the backseat I hear Ciaran "Mom, Calleigh is KILLING me with that smell!" He is too funny.

It's now near 6 we have no dinner in the house and I am very tired. Everyone is waking from naps and I am not sure what the evening holds for us.

By the way, we had an awesome weekend and I will share some really cute pics later.

COrmac only has 5 days left at Summit SPeech School. We are so sad. I am looking forward to not commuting there every day. Luckily, when he starts preschool in the fall he will be receiving support services from Summit so we will still be part of the Summit Family. Hopefully, forever!


Melanie said...

I need another cup of coffee after reading that post! You are superwoman, really.

Renae said...

Bring on the adult beverages!! Holy smokes! You have SO many stories for your kiddos when they are older!