Triplet Princes and a Princess

Triplet Princes and a Princess

Our journey to hearing with Cormac while living our life with triplet boys and a baby girl.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Learning and Hearing and fun in one.

Well, I survived another day. Today was much improved. No puking. Still alot of coughing and gagging but no puking.

Someone posted this on Cicircle and I just wanted to share it. Thought it was pretty cool. Build a Bear has hearing aids you can add to your bear! You have to order them online but it's totally worth it. They look like cochlear implants to me so it would work for either. I am so psyched we might have to head to build a bear this week!

We have been trying to do something productive each evening after dinner. If I keep them busy it really is much easier. Left to their own just never know! Anyway, we geared the last two nights toward listening games but most of our life is like that!

Last night we decorated hats. (yes, after my hellish day I actually did a project with the boys) Ciaran and Cormac had safari hats and Colin picked a yellow contruction hard hat. They were from Micheal's Crafts and we only like a dollar or so. I bought a bunch of foam stickers and let them decorate them. For Cormac I would say "can you put a purple elephant next to the yellow giraffe?" and so on. I let him do a lot without instruction but added in some listening skills. He also would tell me "I am going to put the purple heart above/next to/under the green rhinocerous." It was fun and learning built into one.

Here are the final products!

Today we made our own I Spy containers. I saw them at the store last week and they wanted like $30 a container. I wasn't spending $90 on I Spy so back to Micheal's we went. I found these great clear plastic containers. I also found lots of little things to put in them. They were all small plastic buttons. You can buy a bag for a dollar. I picked lots of different themes. Sports (baseballs, footballs, basketballs and soccer balls), things that live in the ocean, fruit, crayons, vehicles, shapes. There are more but I don't have the list in front of me. I let them each pick a few from each category and put them in their container. Then we filled the rest with rice. VOILE! Our very own I Spy containers. I am praying the glue holds the lids on or it will there will be rice everywhere! I plan to use them in the car for a game. It's a great listening game. "I spy something that lives in the ocean" Then they look and have to tell you what it is. You get the idea. You can change it up "I spy something red".

Here's how they turned out. Nothing fancy but they loved them. We are heading to the beach for the weekend tomorrow afternoon. We will be bringing them along for the ride.

Here's a close up of the buttons inside.


Melanie said...

LOVE this idea. Let me know how it goes.

Annie said...

Great projects. I love the homemade I Spy toys! Thinking all the ways I could use those in therapy... basic vocab... categories... specific sounds, like /p/ words or /s/ words... so many possibilities. Thanks!